Monday, February 1, 2010

12 Week of Give-Uh-Ways

Okay, now things are startin to SPICE up.
You're gonna really start loving me for all these great give-uh-ways.
Have I not pleased you yet with all the previous talent?
This week's featured vendor is, Valinda from...

I'm sure you'll remember me mentioning Valinda and her mad dress making skilz before. If not, you should read my blog more often, because I HAVE.
I met Valinda because she worked for the person who made my Princess dresses way back in the day of Princess Parties. When the owner, Sandra, moved on to different opportunities, she sold her business to Valinda and I continued to use her for my Princess dress needs.
With all the dresses I had her make, Valinda and I became pretty tight!
There are no words to describe her talent.
That is why I raided her blog and stole all these pictures.
You have to SEE her talent.
Her Snow White was actually my most FAVORITE costume of all.
I love that dress.
I dream about it. I crave it. I covet all who owns it.

Her newest design for the Frog Princess dress makes my heart go pitter patter.
If only I did the parties long enough to have that dress on my body.
Seriously, wearing any of these costumes makes a girl feel AMAZING.
You should try it.

And she doesn't stop there.
Ohhhh No.
She makes costumes for male entertainers as well.
not THAT kind of "male entertainer".
They don't need costumes.

She's even been the costume maker for big theatre productions.
This girl is like wonder woman!
Are these not fabulous?

And because she has three beautiful daughters,
those lucky girls get new fancy dresses for EVERY occasion.
Easter, 4th of July, Christmas, you NAME it.

Valinda was the creator of Kora's famous pink princess dress that everyone loved SOOOOOOOOO much.

If I haven't caught your attention and you're not BEGGING for me to give you her link, then you're nuts.

But for all you normal people out there,
you can visit Valinda's Once Upon a Costume blog HERE
and her family one HERE.
She does custom orders and will and CAN make anything you ask!
Try her.

Valinda is generous enough to donate TWO items to the 12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways which will be featured on two separate weeks.
This week, she's just giving you a sneak peak at what's to come.

Valinda is giving away this precious little butterfly jumper set to one lucky winner.
You get to customize the colors and size to your liking.
Kora has one just like it and LoVeS it.

To enter,

Leave me a comment telling me your word verification word,
Make up a fake definition for it.
Make me laugh.

For more entries,

Blog It
Facebook It
Comment on Valinda's Blog HERE.
Be sure and tell me what you did.

Contest ends Thursday 5pm EST
Winner hand drawn by Kora on Friday morning.


Kathy said...

aripro-profession tooting machine.

Billy won the tooting contest because he was aripro.

Kathy said...

I meant professional, not profession.

Also, facebooked, blogged, and commented.

LeAnna said...

fleurse - a combination of flair, couture, and finesse.

That jumper has a lot of fluerse!

LeAnna said...

Ok I posted on V's blog under my name I usually use on her blog - AnWanna

Paul, ShaRee & Kids said...

Squoto - the act of squeezing the last drops of ketchup from the bottle.

Valinda firmly squotod the bottle.

LeAnna said...

And I put it on one of my blogs. Haven't posted there recently, thanks for reminding me of it!

LeAnna said...

Ok I put it on my facebook & commented on the correct blog for V. I put my first comment on her personal blog...

Froggylady said...

consch - a seashell that steals all your money.

That consch totally talked me out of my cash with a story about starving kids pooping in the sand because they didn't have diapers.

Froggylady said...


Cecie said...

gelefa - a new manufacturer for gellatin, gelefa jigglers are yummy! :)

I, too, have bought MANY of Valinda's creations! They are simply amazing and I sing her praises everywhere we go! I am a children's event planner and when my Princesses make appearances at parties or promotional appearances for businesses, EVERYONE comments on the beautiful gowns my girls are wearing! I adore Valinda and having only a minor sewing ability myself, have mad respect for her skilz! :) I posted on her blog, on my FB status and her FB post!

Bonnie said...

T.O.R.M.I.N.T.I. Torminti

definition please? Sure, torminti- a person that gets pleasure from offering up super awesome prizes but forces participants to jump through ridiculous hoops to get the reward.

Could you use it in a sentence? Sure, torminti- Jessica lowe has turned into an evil power hungry torminti in her 12 week giveaway.


Camilla said...

I just want to say Valinda is amazing. A-Maz-ing. Please could I sew like that? Please?

Bonnie said...

Alright, so I actually participated in this one. I commented on V's blog, but not really because of the contest. I just really liked her Princess and the Frog dress. But, I want credit for it so I can get that jumper... I have a redheaded beauty that would look gorgeous in it.

Valinda said...

Just for clarification I only get 1/2 or 1/3 credit for the Once On This Island costumes. Steve designed them, and Sandra and I both made them and the Steve and Sandra distressed them.

Val said...

Spheli- one of the lesser known apostles who kept the schedule for the crew. This included public appearances and reception party alcohol distribution contracts.

***** said...

dismo- that very uncomfortable feeling you get after eating with friends but your not wanting to go use the restroom while they're in the middle of a great story or funny convo.

"they are going to totally know I have dismo if I get up and go to the bathroom right now AND they will know I am in their going number 2-embarassing!" she said to herslef after the delicious meal was finished.


Froggylady said...

commented on Valinda's blog...I seriously LOVE the princess and frog dress. Both versions. :)

The Nugen's said...


Yes, I really got that word. And if you want your Napoleon Dynamite definition it is a lion and a tiger hybrid...duh.

MY definition is a tiger who is addicted to licking his own balls.

Be sure and enter me in next weeks drawing even though I will be in the hospital birthing my baby...k? I think that calls for a freebie!

Unknown said...

Valinda you are AMAZING!!! I'd love to get you to do some costumes for us for Renn fest! I'll FB and Blog on blogger and multiply right now. :) even though i don't have a cute LITTLE girl anymore, my neighbor has one.

Beki said...

cycous - 5/8 of my family. Not quite psycho but certainly more than cuckoo. :)

Ok, the only little girls I know have MORE than enough dresses, I just had to show my support. Also on my FB now.

Dana said...

Delte... the food that gets stuck between your teeth

I had to use my high pressure water pick to get the delte out.

Annie Fred said...

sheguil - fancy word for a girl seagull

That sheguil wants my food!

Lovie Bear said...

kingl - cute doggies

Awww look at those kingl!

Bethie said...

waysem - cute duckies

I LOVE waysem!

Kellee said...


Definition- the kind of typing you do to get out of an awkward situation.
example- Best Friend- So what did you think about him? Can't you totally see us together? We're meant to be I just know it!
You- Um... I really have to pee. BRB

Denise Wiggins said...

irchol- slang for what drunks SLURRRR out when well they are DRUNK, "I need more irchol paaalleaase"

Denise Wiggins said...

Commented on Valinda's blog... LOVE the second version of the Princess and the Frog dress...

Denise Wiggins said...

fbook'd yay

Denise Wiggins said...

blogged ya, at
THanks for all the amazing chances to win... your amazing. :)

Danielle said...

Opsti- When one has young children around and drops something on their toe, and wants to yell something slightly harsher then OOPS, but needs it the still be G rated

Goodnight moon said...

Okay, this is totally NOT fair! I commented you from my phone, and I guess it didn't publish...and mine was so good. It was comodst. My def for that one was; a man that has a comb-over that has to dust it off.

Okay, so my new one is, twime. Twime-to want to be a twin like ME;to be jealous of ME;to want to be like ME;to want to be ME.

You know, becauuse it always has to be about ME!

Sandra said...

This is my one official entry 'cause Lola wants one.

Oh, yes - my word verification:

unpanta: Larry "Pants on the Ground" Platt's new album.

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