Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gia's almost 36th birthday party

First of all, don't get bored of this post and run.
I promise you scandal at the end of it.
Don't you dare go skippin to the bottom you tErd.
So Gia turned almost 36 like a million weeks ago
and I'm just not gettin around to postin it.
She picked her besties to go out for sushi and celebrate.

Oh. My. Yum.
I ate a ton.
Gia and I shared that entire plate with two rolls on it AND the Pad Thai.
Isn't the rainbow pretty?
Lindsay we're going here when you come.

Gia got some amazing gifts.
I was jealous.
My favs were:
Stripper shoes and chic dish gloves from Michele.
Every good housewife needs a pair of both.
I have mine.
Do you?

This magnificently beautiful necklace HANDMADE by Karen Holliday.
I loved it so much I went and ordered my OWN.
Yes, I'm a copy cat.
Those are my favorite colors together though, I couldn't resist.

The Jewess made a DIvine chocolate cake.

35 candles almost set off the smoke alarms.
Gia did you learn that blowing action from blower?

I thought the cake was so thick it tasted like chocolate gum.
I tried to blow a bubble with it.
That's hot.
Not really.

Hot guys kept lusting over Michele.
I had to document the drooling so I can show Dan and get him to hurry home and protect her.

I was so excited about the day.
But you couldn't tell.

Ok, for real.

On the way home, Gia made a unexpected U-turn to one of her most favorite stores.
I'll let you guess what kind of store it was...

Happy Birthday my Gia.
I'm gonna miss you :(


Bonnie said...

What? Gia's leaving? Where is she going... is it Pendleton?

By the way, I am super jealous that you can eat all that CRAP and STILL lose the ghetto booty. Soooooo dang irritating.

WV: Stopons- slang for super absorbent tampons. Pseud: Beaver Brawnie, Cooter plug, and Shampax.


Lindsay said...

i was THINKING, "we better go there while i'm there" so i'm glad you said it. :)

Valinda said...

A horse supply store? She rides horses? *blink - blink* I don't get it.

Camilla said...

I love that necklace too, where do you order it from? I bet those guys were checking ALL of you out. I'm with Bonnie on the jealousy. I told you you'd be back to ultra skinny in no time. Not fair. And finally...oh my. That's all I gotta say.

Giaellis2 said...

LOL! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww shucks Jess! Thanks for the post dedicated to MOI :) (that's French - lol) You forgot that I showed my panties to a fellow patron in return for the $5 he gave me! That's even MORE scandelous than the whip sign ;) Seriously, my party was a BLAST and I'm sooooo glad you were there to help me ease my way into 36 (SOON! AAAUUGGGHHHH) Also, since I can't comment on the Vlog (grrrrrrrrrr), I will here. HILARIOUS! My FAV part is when your tape unstuck and you jacked your hair all up! CLASSIC! I don't even watch that show, but you make it look like a trainwreck and I LOVE A GOOD TRAINWRECK! :) Love you LOTS girl! MUAH! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Gia is moving? Maybe she'll move near me and I can be her friend now and have tons of fun! I think I will miss Gia being a regular part of your blog.

Sarah Larsen said...

You are so entertaining and fun! I read your post at MMB today and thought- I have to check this girl out. (your blog that is.) I love your blog and I'm gonna go right ahead and follow you.

PS-you are seriously beautiful.
PPS- I am not a creepy person. :)

Ellis Family said...

Bonnie - nope, not Pendleton. Did that for 5 years! We're goin to Parris Island, that near you Shaunaaaaaaa? If so, we can be BESTIES!! Just know that I am slightly scandalous :) Sarah - are you talking to/about me or Jess? Cause I wanna pretend it's me, but I know it's Jess! I heart CREEPY people though! :)

Candace said...

Wow, I missed a super fun party!!!

Happy Birthday, Gia, I know everyone there is going to miss you and your spunkiness lots when you have to move away. :)

Ellis Family said...

Thanks Candace!! Hope to see ya again before I go! Come hang out with us "desperate housewives of Camp LeJeune" :)

Unknown said...

That looks like fun!! Made me want sushi...

Bonnie said...

Dang Gia... I have a feeling you and I could be seriously scandalous. But, I suppose it can wait. I hear we're all following Jess back to Texas. Seriously, can that girl get more spoiled than having ALL her friends follow her around.