Friday, January 15, 2010

Heart Strings by Maia - WINNER!

This was a much coveted prize.
Too bad I can only pick 1 winner.
Maybe since Maia is SO sweet and precious,
I can ask her to make one for each of my 108 followers.
And since she's SOOOO kind,
she won't say no.
If your name was announced,
email me with your mailing information (or your sister's),
and your baby cozy will be on it's WAY!
Thanks to all who entered!!
Stay tuned for Flashback Friday by noon
next week's vendor which you are going to LOVE!
It's another one of those Kelly girls!


The Nugen's said...

OK, is this Stephanie as in MY sister Stephanie!!! If so YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Way to start my FRIDAY!!! are my new favorite Lowe!

Stephanie said...

I can't open the video!

Lindsay said...

oh my HEAVENS.. i NEED Stephanie Toland's goods!!! (oh.. that sounded sexual didn't it? HAH) well it wasn't. but i do want what she's dishin' out. (again, with the sexual. oh i know you like it.)