Saturday, January 9, 2010


As I mentioned yesterday, it was Elvis' 75th birthday.
Or would have been.
Being the Elvis freak that she is, Michele decided to host a little Elvis party with all her favorite friends. Luckily, that included ME!
We love throwing parties over here in Jville :)
Michele is so in love with (the young thin) Elvis, that she has THIS lovely picture "hoisted" (doesn't that sound dirty?) above the microwave in her kitchen.
He stares down on her while she's being domestic.
Since the hunka hunka burin love HIMSELF couldn't come to the party...
(and we know he WOULD if he were still alive cuz we all looked really HOT)
Michele bought a sexy cardboard cutout of him.
Here she is, the hostess herself in her hooker gold heels,
standing by the man of her dreams.
Might I add that Michele's husband is deployed and I worry how she will utilize that cardboard Elvis while he's away.

When the guests started pouring in, we quickly realized that many of us took it upon ourselves to spruce up the party by dressing for the occasion in our BeSt 50's attire.
At first glance this picture is just a bunch of cute girls in costume,
but if you look Clooooooooser, you can see that each outfit
describes it's wearer's personality
Let us examine:
Sweet and soft on the outside but if you take a deeper approach, she's got a TON of spice hidden up in there. Gold flashy shirt with a popped collar and pleather pants means, "don't mess with me". This girl will tell you HOW IT IS. She's not fake. She'll be straight up about her thoughts and feelings. She's got the whole Sandra Dee thing goin on. It's there...that flavor is there...just hidden.
Just a regular old plain Jane who likes to have fun. Not flashy, but not too drab.
More of a jive girl. Ready for the party and ready to get down. Girlie, but with a dollop of "testosterone" (as my mutha put it to me one day). She's like-able and silly and has a hard time being serious even if shes at a funeral. BUT, has a soft side that's rarely seen.
This girl is hot. She's flashy, blingy and model-esque. She loves glamour. She's girlie from head to toe. BUT, when surrounded by close friends or family, this girl breaks down her perfect shell and acts silly. She's got a sassy humor but doesn't throw it on the table to get attention. She keeps it low which makes her even more funny. She's the girl at the party that all the other girls stare down like they hate but really, they're just jealous. She attracts all the guys but her heart belongs to only one...ELVIS. I mean Dan, sorry.
This girl is a very down to earth kind of gal. She's boppy and fun and loves to go out. She very prissy and although she likes to party, she keeps her class at all times. She's a great friend and LOYAL. You can trust this girl with your LIFE and know she won't spill it. She likes to be included in everything and she's a fun person to have at any event weather it be a simple lunch or a night out on the town. She has a soft heart and she's not afraid to let it show. She will also do anything for anyone...well, as long as she likes you *wink*
And then HERE were the girls who flaked and didn't dress up.
Well, I give Jill credit because she has an Elvis shirt on.
Go Jilly!
Then there's Gia and Tracy.

The food spread was amazing.
My favorite.
Whoever brought the best food was going to win a prize.
We were supposed to each bring some Elvis inspired dish.
I brought, homemade jelly donuts.
Amber, biscuits with sausage gravy.
Tracy, cigar hot dogs and retro Pepsi.
Michele, strawberry pound cake and peanut butter banana fried sandwiches.
Jill, banana pudding.
Summer, big pickles and fried pickles with dip.
Gia, retro Pepsi, heath and butterfinger bars and prescription meds. HAH!!

Elvis played softly in the background while we chatted and laughed and ate.
Michele continued to move cardboard Elvis around the house every few minutes to make it seem like he was truly a part of the party, mingling with everyone.
(Don't my eyes looked crossed or something?)

I made sure to have my alone time with him when no one was looking.

Rowdy Gia's alone time was a little more seductive.
It looks like Elvis' hand is going for her bum.

This was the baggy Gia brought the prescription meds in.
SOO cute! She took med bottles from CVS and filled them with different pill shaped and colored candies. Then she included a card with the meds that told what each color candy pill was for. All tied to one of his songs. Go HERE to read what each one of them said. SOOO creative! Good job Gia (and Kelly M!!).

Summer and Amber didn't hesitate a minute to down some fake meds.
Silly girlies...

And guess who took the gold?
Yep! That's right.
Gia won the food contest!

Everyone had a blast, even little Evan who copped a feel with Michele when he THOUGHT no one was watching.

And one final pose with the King before we all kissed him goodbye!



Froggylady said...

It looks like ya'll had so much fun! Of course the pic on the prescription meds is quite the turnoff, but jailhouse rock elvis is sexay!

Candace said...

It does look like you guys had a great time!!! I love the outfits, the food, and that was very creative of Gia! Love it!

dena said...

Fun stuff!

Kim said...

Jessica, you look so SKINNY! You look really great

Unknown said...

you are looking great jessica!! love the crotch grabbers. you girls are hilarious!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Ahhh, that is the sweetest thing you have EVER said about me! Thanks!!!!! But it's true, all of us dressed our part, didn't we!

I can't wait to have the next party!!!! It will be HOT!

nat said...

that looks like it was so much fun...i can't believe nobody brought elvis' fav sandwich, peanut butter, banana (sometimes with bacon)...that would've been interesting to try....and oh my goodness jessica you are so freakin look amazing!!!!!

nat said...

oops, now i see y'all did do the peanut butter and banana, just without the bacon :)

David and Teresa said...

Dear Baby (aka a my testosterone dolloped daughter...LOL)
I love your blog. I love that you are over there in that other state loving your friends and having so much fun. I donot worry as much about you since I know you are surrounded by lovely ladies who love you and would do anything to help you. I love how all of you support each other when the marine husbands are away even if it is with cardboard men. oops..sorry...anyway love you and can I count this as meeting Amber? Since I got to see her picture and all? Will I ever get to? Ho hum....
Love you dearly,


Tara said...

You look HOT Jess! This is what real military wives are like, you get out there, make girlfriends who spice up life and support one another. Some assignments you only have a few, others, you have a mob. I'm so proud of how you have taken to this life, it rocks doesn't it? I miss it. Oh well, movin on.
So I have a few thoughts on the plates. I think making a square formation is probably the coolest way to do it, it's such a fun, conflicting play on shapes, forming circular objects in a shape with straight lines. That's actually how I saw the original idea. One thing to consider, when the plates are spaced apart, it can give the look of being a bit cluttered, like a million little decorations on the wall. But if you overlap, or keep the plates close together, it gives more of the effect of a single piece of art, vs lots of different items. You can make 3 dozen plates look like a giant, single, bold artwork. Just little tips. Not that I practice all of them, but thought I'd pass them along. :) have fun!!

Giaellis2 said...

That was so fun and I can't believe I NEVER even thought to dress up! At least I showered though since originally I was coming straight from yoga class, right? Kudos for a shower!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Crystal Burch said...

Sooo cute! Y'all seem like so much fun! Jessica--you look awesome and your bost baby body is still rocking! ;-) I hope I can rebound that fast!