Monday, January 4, 2010

12 Week of Give-Uh-Ways

This week's featured vendor fell into my lap at JUST the perfect time.

No, for real.

She found me on Facebook through the suggested friends section and even though neither of us know each other from Timbuktu, our friendship was meant to beeee!

She's super dreamy.

Lauren, from this week's featured vendor,

is my kinda girl.

She's girlie, she's from TEXAS, she started her own business (we all know I like that!),

AND it's super duper cute (and princessy too)!!

She has a yummy blog that will take you through her first year of business if you go HERE.

I love people like this.

So inspiring.

Lauren is a doll and is donating...

of the winner's choice.

These tutus are soooo precious!

I wanna wear one to the Marine Corps Ball.

It's like a tulle store exploded into a colorful puff!

Lauren can do amazing things and the way she mixes colors and fabrics makes these tutus better than any other I've seen online before. They are TOP quality.
She makes tutus for all girl sizes, 0-12 YEARS.
SO don't think you cant get one if you don't have a baby!
Not only does she offer custom made tutus on her website, but also tank and tutu sets, character tutu dresses and even cutie patootie jon jon's for little boys!!
You HAVE to check out her site for the full effect of her greatness.

If you have a tiny princess in your life,






She'll never forget it!

So, to enter this contest,

Leave me a comment telling me:

If you were a tutu, what color(s) would you be and why?

Be creative.

For two extra entries, post this give-uh-way on YOUR blog and Facebook!

Be sure to come back and let me know you did!

Contest ends Thursday at 5pm EST

One random winner (hand drawn by Miah) will be announced Friday morning.


Michael DeSa said...

Hey! I wanna win! (although I don't want girls...) So, if I was a tutu, I would be a yellow one. Nice and sunny and (mostly) positive! That is, until my hubby deploys...

Froggylady said...

If I were a tutu I would be cranberry, full of depth and close enough to pink to work without looking like a big piece of bubble gum.

Madelyn needs this tutu. For reals.

Froggylady said...

Posted a link of fbook.

Valinda said...

Katie stole my answer. *pout* So I'm going to change it. I would be dark blue and yellow like the stars against a sky cause I am just that cool!

Goodnight moon said...

What color would I be?!?! Hmmmm, I would want to be a dreamscile.....because everyone loves a dreamscile!

Crystal Burch said...

I love it and love her work!!! So cute!!! Hmm...let's see...I'm thinking hot pink and bright yellow! It reminds me of lemonade for some reason and I just love pink and yellow!

s h a u n a said...


i would pick blue, green & purple like a peacock. cuz peacocks are gorgeous and those are my fave colors! then i could dress O up as a peacock and take her photo and and and!



Name Withheld. =) said...

I would be black cuz you don't see many black tutus well except for Desmond...

Candace said...

Hmmm... I would love to have another tutu around the house... so, if I were a tutu, I would beeeeeee red and white because those are the colors of peppermint and I LOVE peppermint.

Now I'm gonna go check out this super cool girl's site. :)

Jill said...

Grace would look so adorable in one of these tutus! So.......if I were a tutu I would be blue and white like the clouds. Ballerinas seem so light on their feet as if they are clouds!

Jill said...

Just posted the give-uh-way on my blog and on facebook! Woo hoo!

Krysten said...

Orange and yellow with a hint of bright blue! Since I live in WA where it is drab,gray and rainy most of the year those three colors remind me of those few and far between bright sunny days with a crystal clear blue sky.

I am heading over to my blog right now to post this!

Krysten said...

Oh and I posted it on Facebook as well!

Joanna said...

I would be an orange tutu! I am always bright and happy and a little different - not everyone's cup of tea (or rather, hot chocolate!) but if you like orange then I'm your favorite lol!!

The Nugen's said...

Ok, I think I really need to win this one because I really think I am having a girl so she needs this! I would be a purple tutu because I need a girly color but can't stand pink! Come on Miah...Parker Scout needs this one!!

PS. I will post on FB and blog tomorrow...too tired right now!

Jamie said...

I have 2 little divas, so I would love to win. And if I were a tutu, I would be a red, white and blue one :)

Denise Wiggins said...

oh my goodness if I win which one of my girlie girls would get it??? oooh maybe me?? LOL, if I were a tutu I would be purple, all different shades, light ss lavender to super dark as the side of the mountains at dusk...

posted a link on fb and threeg's blog. can't wait til FRIDAY...

Burns Family said...

I would definately have to say...The tutu that goes with the watermelon tank...Those colors are GORGEOUS together...and since I am having a girl this would be perfect ;)

Monica said...

Okay WOMAN, I have linked it on my blog and on my facebook. Now, work your magic!

Monica said...

And if I was a tutu, I would be FUSCHIA!!!! Because that's just who I am!

Kathy said...

I would be lavender and silver because it is pretty and fun!

Ryanne said...

Ok, um, if I were a tutu I would have to be a bright green and pink one cause I am a bit girlie and a bit tomboy and have one of each to keep me balanced! And really my Orissa would love a tutu!