Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wet Sideburns = Wimpy Mom

I posted on my blog, a few weeks after Gus was born, that I was reading a few of the baby sleep books out there. I had decided to stick with what worked best with Isaak because it fit my lifestyle and it wasn't too hard for me.
Every two hours after being awake, lay baby down in bed.
Let him cry till he falls asleep (max cry time is usually 15-30 minutes).
Let him sleep for as long as he wants.
Then when he wakes up, feed him and start over.
Easy enough, right?
August has other plans.
This kid will cry
and cry
and CRY
No joke. He'll cry for hours if you let him
I don't know about YOU, but I can't stand that.
It hurts my heart.
Especially when I go into his room to get him and his sweet little fuzzy sideburns are SOAKED with tears.
It's like he KNOWS he's the last child and he KNOWS I'll give in to cuddle with him and let him sleep in my bed or on my chest or in my arms or next to me on the couch.
I just canNOT handle those little wet sideburns.
August wins.

On a happier note,
my sweet friend Priscilla took me to a really cool thrift store today where they give you FREE bread!!
I got FREE cinnamon bagels, donuts, english muffins and bread.
It was awesome.
I also got a few perfect treasures!
1. A pair of matching carafes.
Perfect for milk or juice
(ahem, Michele, who pours who juice out of a BOWL).

2. A set of square teacups and saucers.
Perfect for a mad hatter themed gathering!

Lovely day!

BTW, have you entered to WIN a cute beach tote?
Well, you should.


Kathy said...

I want those teacups and saucers! Poor cute baby...who would ever want to put him down. You can send him to me and I will hold him forever.

Crystal Burch said...

Cute stuff but I just have to say that I thought I may cry with his little sad face and wet sideburns!! I am not a perfect mother I know and I give in to my babies like no other! But, I have just always felt like babies cry for a reason. Even if my baby is just crying because he needs to be held, that's enough reason for me! There's research to say whatever someone wants it to say and you should do whatever works for you and baby A. They are little for such a short time that I just snuggle mine to pieces! Tylen slept with me, on me, etc... for 2 1/2 years and he is sleeping in his own bed and perfectly happy and healthy. You're an awesome mom and y'all will find what works for you. He's a doll!!

nat said...

ohhh i love the cups and saucers!!!!

Val said...

I can suggest the book "The Baby Whisperer Solves all your problems". Why? Minimal crying, babywise schedule, works. Lots of love, no mommy guilt and empowerment.

Valinda said...

Ugh! Fred was the same way. She would scream and cry and carry on for hours if you let her! I too had to cave in cause we lived in a condo and the neighbors would have reported me to CPS I'm sure! I think Kora needs an Alice dress to go with those tea cups they are awesome!

***** said...

jealous, jealous, jealous of that treasre find. you got those for Honey right?

Candace said...

Wow, I've never read one of those baby sleep books. I just always let the baby sleep when they wanted to sleep and they set their own schedule. I can't imagine doing that. I don't think I could handle the crying much longer than 5 minutes. I'd have to leave the house.

On the other note, your treasures you found are adorable! Wish I could find a great thrift store, but I rarely see things I like in the ones around here.

p.s. hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!! :)

Erica said...

I'm with you on the whole knowing that they are the last baby thing. They TOTALLY know. It's strange. Plus, I think we're a little weak too, when it's the last one. Why not, it's the LAST ONE! They're only a baby for a few more seconds, right? And, he's still so young. Mine didn't put themselves to sleep until 7-8 months, then it was a piece of cake from there on out. I think if you wait until the 9-12+ month age it is really hard to teach them 'cause they are getting smarter. All in good time...until then, enjoy the sleeping on the chest and in your bed! It's wonderful!

Merry Christmas!! And beautiful teacups, btw!

andi said...

LOVE the teacups! (Are those going to be in a giveaway?? :)

Yeah, the crying sucks. I swear, baby sleep books make you crazy. I like the one that we use but I make myself nuts if he's not fitting right into the schedule or doing the things that she says. So for naps, I don't let him cry. I can't take it either. I bounce him on my shoulder til he's almost asleep, then put him down (yes, on his tummy. I'm a bad mom...but I also need some sanity) and then pat his tooshie til he's close to out. Do what works for you. He's still little- and no one likes wet sideburns or sheets when you go in there...

I like your crafty photos, too.

Amanda said...

okay..that made me really TOO SAD:(

Jill said...

Where is this thrift shop? I LOVE these tea cups!

Shay said...

WHAT?!?! Next time you are out here in gotta call me. I would LOVE to go to the HEM with you. Plus, I need the company all the way out here in no mans land! :)

Paige said...

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about letting kids "cry it out." I think every kid is different and some just don't get it. When I finally tried to let my first babe cry it out, he cried for THREE hours till I finally went to get him = torture. He ended up being SUCH a bad sleeper (creating way too much stress on his parents) that one night he literally cried ALL NIGHT. Every time I took my earplugs out to check, he was still crying! But after that he slept fine. Go figure. Kids are crazy.

Froggylady said...

Sounds like Gus is just like Madelyn! Not sure how she knew she would be my last baby (most likely) but I guess she did. She would scream and scream and one day during a really long drive and bad weather coming (so no pulling over) she screamed for 2 hours...fell asleep for 10 minutes and woke up refreshed and screaming for another 30 minutes until I could get her out and hold her.

I LOVE those tea cups!

Unknown said...

Awe!! What a pitiful picture! I'm glad you gave in!

I also love the carafes!

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