Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Introducing: Sasha's Inspirations

I had planned on posting this at the butt crack of dawn today BUT and entire array of black cloud events loomed in my path:
***A 7 week old with whooping cough, possibly pertussis.
***Having to the be at the Naval Hospital for an appt with only 16 minutes notice.
***Getting reprimanded by a field grade Naval Officer for speeding in the parking lot and almost running him over.
***Watching my 7 week have blood drawn from his arm and his nose swabbed almost up to his brain.
***Being told that the antibiotic they want to put him on hasn't been tested all that much on infants less than 2 months. Nice.
***Getting DRENCHED (like ring your clothes out wet) by the pouring rain as I ran with a stroller, 2 babies and my Miah to the VERY last row of the parking lot.
***Having to redo my hair and change clothes to meet a lunch date.
***Getting a call from Kora's school saying she's sick as I'm on my way to the lunch.
***Turning around to get Kora and having to leave me THREE kids in the car because the school doesn't allow strollers (don't judge me...I'm not in the mood.)
***Having the school tell me I have to show my ID which I left in the car because it's a new policy they just started Dec. 1st. Perfect timing.
***Running back to the parking lot to grab my ID and back to the school.
***Having the school take FOR EVER to call Kora from her class only for her to arrive at the office and say to me, "MOM, I'm not sick anymore!" in her most sarcastic tone.
***Finally getting to my lunch date only to see that BOTH babies have fallen asleep.
***Getting out the stroller and loading them up when they BOTH wake up and so I'm not wanting to take the stroller inside anymore.
***UNloading the babies to put the stroller away and then realizing I don't have enough hands to carry in both babies so I have to leave one in the car and come back for him.
***FINALLY sitting to eat as I'm dripping with sweat.
Michele, thanks for putting up with me today. I'm sorry I'm so high maintenance. I'll give you the chance to opt out of our friendship RIGHT NOW, no questions asked if you want.
Today begins my
12 WeeKs of Give-uh-ways!!!!!
(i'm copying Ellen because I love her so)
I'll feature one vendor each week and post a giveaway for their donation
My giveaway is late but I'm too excited to postpone it till tomorrow.
I'll just extend the time you have to enter to win!!
Corinna from Sasha's Inspirations,
has KINDLY donated this fabulous ABC Wrap to give away to one lucky blog follower!! This is the same type of wrap seen HERE on me. I LOVE mine to death and I've tried EVERY SINGLE type of baby carrier on earth.
Trust me.
This is a $65 value that you will get for Freeeeeeee (Bedtime Stories)!
If you have a little person in your life,
And if you don't, it will make a freakin AWESOME baby shower gift!
So EVERYONE needs to participate!
The fabric is perfect because it could go perfectly with a boy OR girl baby!!
It also comes with an instructional DVD.

Now for the Rules:
The first person who can get NieNie to comment on my blog wins.
No just kidding.
But for real,
if you devise that, I WILL give it to you.
End of story.
I'm just sayin.
OKAY, the REAL rules are:
Leave me a comment on this post telling me about an
embarrassing secret you have.
(because I'm weird like that)
Tell about this giveaway on YOUR blog
and give links to both MY giveaway post and Sasha's Inspirations.
(Don't have a blog? That's okay. Post it on your Facebook status but make sure I'm your friend so I can verify it. Same with private blogs, just be sure to invite me).
The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on the morning of Friday the 11th.
(unless I have another black cloud looming over me again)
Contest Ends:
At 5pm EST on Thursday the 10th
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For the Love of French said...

My body really likes yeast....

Sara said...

hmmm last week while eating at one of my favorite Japanese places...I was feeling a bit nauseous, seeing how being prego seems to make me vomit almost anything and everything anywhere..well, I was making my dash to the restroom to commence vomiting, and made it all the way to the turn I need to make to the restroom, only to project my vomit right onto the wall for anyone sitting at the bar and closest table to good friend who is also a waitress there, showed me crazy love while retelling everything I ate for lunch as she cleaned it off the wall!!! SO much fun!!!!!

Staci said...

Man you are insane! I love it though. I want this for my lil LuLu! My embarrassing thing is I enjoy sex in my dreams when I'm preg more then real life. Infact I really have great great sex dreams when I'm preg. and wish I had that much passion in real life. I don't know if that is embarrassing more then it's personal.

Valinda said...

Hmm, I'm not sure? I don't think I have that many secrets. I kind of blab too much to have secrets.

Anonymous said...

Since I was a kid I've always secretly wished I could be on Oprah to be reunited with my biological siblings that I've never met. Since she won't be doing her show anymore I guess it'll never happen.

FordeFam said...

Okay, so only my hubby knows this! Being preggo and numb to the feeling of needing to go potty, I totally wet my pants on my way to go to the bathroom during the "presentation scene" where Adam Sandler's tongue was swollen in the movie Bedtime Stories when we watched it the other night! I couldn't stop laughing... Yah, embarressing, even if it was only the hubs in the room! I was soooo glad we were previewing for the kids and they were asleep! How would I have explained that Mommy wet her pants? Hahaha!

FordeFam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FordeFam said...

Sorry, I posted it twice... I removed it though! It's an embaressing moment for goodness sake! ;)

nat said...

ok so i don't have a blog or facebook to post this on too, but i do have an embarrassing secret...for some odd reason i am so freakin constipated this pregnancy and had to give myself an enema not once but twice so is so lovely let me tell you...sorry if i grossed anyone out :)

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael DeSa said...

Umm, okie dokie. One Christmas, when I was in college, I was visiting family in Ohio and we have this tradition of drunk caroling. After a few too many drinks, we all went caroling at 2am. To get to our neighbor's house, you have to walk down a very steep hill. After we finished caroling, we were trying to walk back up the very snowy hill and slipped and rolled all the way back down. We were laughing so hard that we couldn't get back up and while laughing, I peed all over myself. When we finally got up, I had to make up an excuse that I fell in a huge puddle! Okay, that's all. :)
(posting the advertisement on facebook....check it, Jessica!)

Camilla said...

posted on facebook...

so my embarrassing secret...
i have pooed my pants many a time on long runs. what can i say? when you gotta go, you gotta go whether theres a porta potty or not.

Deanna said...

Is that Natalie up there? Did I just read that right that she's preggo?

Embarrassing secret? hmmm...I'll have to think about it and get back to you.

Bonnie said...

Whatever, dude, this is Guh-AY! You aready know all my embarrassing secrets AND there is no way that I'm gonna post your blog on my facebook ( I don't even post my own posts) for a baby wrap thingy when I'm INFERTILE!!! I hate you for having this giveaway, it's dumb, you're dumb, I'm no longer your friend. Could you make me feel any worse. You want me to humiliate myself just so you can remind me that I can't have anymore babies... I think not, loser.

The Nugen's said...

Do we get entered more than once if we post an embarassing comment, a facebook status, AND a blog post??

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

Melissa, I say SURE! If u leave ur embarrassing moment and do the post on ur blog? That's standard. If u add a post on your facebook too...I'll give you two entries!!

Sound good? Be sure to let me know if you did both!

Oh and some of u hookers aren't leaving a comment about something embarrassing. U MUST do this for an entry ppl!!!!

Alexandria Rammell said...

I got this off of Shawa's blog. I have a 5 month old that I am breast feeding. The reason I need this about embarrassing...I was feeding my son, forgot to put nursing pads in. I finished. We were at church, my husband looks at me kind of funny and says "why are you all wet". yep thats right. milk leaked through my shirt. Embarrassing! And I dont have one of these wrap but have been wanting one ever since I heard about them from a friend!

The Nugen's said...

Ok, Facebook and Blog are for the embarassing moment...When I was probably 13-14, I was at a friends slumber party and we were all getting ready for bed, so I changed into a shorts and tshirt pj set and had just laid down to watch The Exorcist. I was on my period and another friend yelled out, "why are you wearing such a huge blue pad?" It was mortifying at that age!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing this anonymously because I don't need the wrap but I am such an awesome person that I am indulging your deep dark need to know embarrassing secrets. And this one is horribly embarrassing...

After a night out with my friend we drove some "new guy friends" back to their hotel..OK, she drove I was too drunk on life (and vodka). We got there and were hanging out talking and after having too many sweet drinks and dancing, I had to go poo. I quietly excused myself to the bathroom in the suite and pooped as fast as I could. Then I tried to flush, but it wouldn't flush. I freaked out (still being a little tipsy) and grabbed a plastic garbage bag and fished out my poop and threw it in the trash can with a ton of paper towels because there was no way to sneak a turd out of the room in a plastic bag.

Looking back I think it was less a matter of the toilet not flushing and more about me just not holding the handle down long enough. I never did see those people again, and I have no clue what happened because we left about 5 minutes later.

andi said...

When I was a sophomore in college, I broke the window in our kitchen by mooning my roommate who was outside. The shattering glass lacerated my butt, for which I had to go to the emergency room at 2am and get 11 stitches. And explain how I cut my butt open. In February. At 2 am.

Kathy said...

I peed my pants at Blue Bunny while taking my son on a mommy/son date.

LucySig said...

would love to win this for my sister-inlaw. New to your blog, but have defintely became a follower.

***** said...

When I was in sixth grade, the super popular pretty girl in seventh grade (Merrilee) invited me to her birthday party sleep over. I was the youngest, dorkiest one there but it was fun.

So in the morning I woke up to all her cool friends standing over me laughing--because I was sucking my finger at age 11.

Worst part, I sucked my finger until I got braces on at age 13. Don't judge me. It was so comforting. That's why I am so self sufficient now. So suck it!

PS. Sasha wraps rule the baby world! The biggest reason I want another baby is so that I can use one. Maybe if I win I will get pregnant!?

***** said...

whats up with all the poo and pee embarrasing moments? own it.

PS. Aren't you gonna give us one we haven't heard Jessica?

Jason said...

Sorry no bodily functions.

It's slightly embarrassing to admit that I saw all three High School Musical movies on their premiere nights. Because I wanted to see the movies.

Goodnight moon said...

I must say, I am really enjoying all these embarrassing memories from everyone! It's really making me here is mine......

Well, you already know all of mine! How about a recent one....A fart slipped out of me while I was shopping in an antique store, and I blamed the horrible smell on my baby!

Crystal Burch said...

Lately my life is filled with many embarassing moments that apparently are beginning to be ordinary. As you know all too well, pregnancy and childbirth does this to a woman. Like most of the posts I too have had my moments of lack of control of my bodily functions. Actually, after the birth of my first son I literally peed my pants IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ZOO! Then saw a girl I went to high school with on the way to the car (bladder spasms). But, my embarrasment with this pregnancy is uncontrollable gas...yep...and it never ends. My husband was so nice at first that he would just ignore it. But, it's gotten to a disgusting point. Sometimes, as I just walk across the room it comes out loudly with every step! NOT GOOD when you are vulnerable and exposed in those little paper gowns you always mention (like I was yesterday). But, last night topped it off..I was just laying in bed next to my dear honey and after a few minutes he said, "Is that you? Something has been smelling like a fart since you sat down!" The bad part...I realized that I no longer even notice that I am passing gas! It's just like breathing for me! Another joy of pregnancy!!

Crystal Burch said...

By the way..what a freakin' day you had! Why won't they allow strollers at the school...that is beyond lame! Secondly, that is why I admire you...all of that and you found time to dooo you do it??

Shay said...

I'm stalking you...this is Shayna!!! :) Kristen told me about your blog today so I had to stalk you. Have I told you how freakin cute you are?!?!? Well, you are! I am in desperate need of this please pick and my baby need!! :)
Embarrasing moment...hhmmm....Okay!
Sitting in history class with a cute guy that is older than me. He is talking to me for the first time...yay! I'm so excited. Class is about to begin and I get the books out of my bag and as the book comes out of my bag, a tampon goes flying across the room...ya, a tampon. He also saw the thing fly across the room and I ever so nonchalantly have to go clear across the room and pick it up. Nice!! As I get back to my seat I am bright red and funny how quickly our discussion ended! Gotta love highschool!
So can we be friends now! :)

dena said...

this is going to be abbreviated. i've already tried twice and my computer said no.

jr high. tennis racket. running with eyes on ball. midsection connects with net. complete body connects with court. wouldn't have hit the ball anyway. oodles of people (including me) erupt in laughter.

dena said...

posted on facebook, blog, here. Max # of entries please!

Crystal Burch said...

Ok these are funny and Shayna just reminded me of my all time embarassing moment. (Before I was thinking current.) My freshman year of college I walked in class (a huge class) and sat next to this guy, Wes was his name and he was a big, cute, football player. Anyway, I was late and hurriedly sat in an open seat, next to him. As I leaned over to see the board the whole desk fell over and my head landed straight in his LAP! I was pinned..head in crotch, body in desk, layed over sideways PINNED! (Oh I'm laughing just remembering.) He, being the "cool guy" let me sit there dying of humility for a few seconds and said, "Dang, do I smell that good" before he sat me up!! The whole back of the class laughed the whole entire one more than me though!

Valinda said...

Okay I thought of an embarrassing moment you don't know. The last day of my freshman year I had my baby bro at school with me and the guy I had a huge crush on asked to hold him my baby bro promptly spit up all over the guy, all the way down to his shoes. I could have died! I crushed on that guy all 4 yrs of high school and whenever he saw my baby bro,which was fairly often, all the way through our senior year he would ask if he was about to get puked on!

Marnie said...

Ok so I really want the sling. Can I use it for a two-year old? Actually, I might have need for it in about a year (not annoucing anything just hoping) ...anyways embarrassing moment...last year I was just out of the shower when the baby needed a diaper change. I had only gotten partially dressed and was in my underware when I ran the dirty diaper into the kitchen to find a plastic bag to wrap it up in. Unknown to me, my three-year old answered the door and let one of our "family friends" in the house. Of course it was a male and of course I didn't notice until I walked across the living room into the kitchen and saw him standing inside the doorway. So paniced I'm thinking, "Is this kitchen towel large enough to cover my huge post-baby body?" "Will he notice if I dart back across the entry way into my bedroom?"
So I'm totally stuck in the kitchen hiding behind the fridge wanting to die. So instead I yell,"Um, you've caught me in my underware, can you come back later?" Totally lame embarrassing though...

Marnie said...

Also on my FaceBook Status for two points please. :)

Crystal Renee said...

So, ever though I would ABSOLUTELY love to win this and give as a present to my pregnant friend... buuuttt... I did email NieNie.. ha ha! And.. I mentioned your giveaway on my blog and I have some too :)

Anonymous said...
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