Monday, December 14, 2009

A Christmas Gathering of Girlies

Sooo a few weeks ago Amber got the bright idea to host a Christmas gathering with all her friends. Little did she know that by adding my name on the invite as the "co-host" I'd take the initiative and invite ALLLL MY friends. With a guest list of 15 girlies and about 10+ kids we kinda freaked!
Thank goodness Summer came to the rescue lending us her mad party skilz as well as some decor and extra tables.

She's magical :)

Amber went MAD crazy and did amazing things with her house making it look absolutely pristine!

She even went all Martha and made these adorable chocolate covered snowmen and pretzels. MMmMmmMM.
We had everyone bring a dish, and as they came in and complimented all the gloriousness of the decor, I stepped up and took credit where credit was due.

No. Just kidding.

I wish.

As the friends starting flowing in, the fun started gettin fiery!

We had our new lovely friend over named Shayna!

Don't mind Michele there holding my Gus. She likes to claim him as her own.

That is until her armpit goiter starts to throb.


Oh and is there a random unattended baby on the counter?

Why, yes.

Yes, there is a random unattended baby on the counter.

This is my dear Priscilla.

Part of this crazy military life I'm starting to understand is that friends come and friends go. Unfortunately, this sweet friend of mine is on the going end and by the end of this month I will no longer get to hang with her :(


This beauty, Stacy, is on the COMING end so she's all fresh and new to me!

This was our first meeting and I think she's pretty cool.

And who could forget my Jilly who likes to caress Gus' hair?

Not I.

I love sweet Jilly.
She makes good Brie.

Here are only FOUR pieces of the rowdiness that floated around the party as us girls gabbed.

My baby slept peacefully most of the time.

And Amber's hung around most of the time.

And me and Barbie...I mean Michele, took about 72 pictures before we decided that no matter what angle, no matter what background, no matter what camera,

I still looked fat

And she still had gargantuan head.

We enjoyed a White Elephant gift exchange and we all walked away with something useful.
Except me.
Gia, the dirty minded snot was the one who brought MY gift and having drawn #1, I was stuck with it.
Gia, you're a hooker.
These items may very well become a piece of Lowe Family Junk.
Look to win it later in the upcoming year!
Maybe for the annual road kill contest in April?!?!
Are you saving your pictures of roadkill?!?!?
Me, The Hooker, and Jilly.

Thankfully SOME people don't always have nast on the brain and I was able to walk away with these 8 beauties as well.
Thank you Amber :)
I feel a Pink, Blue and Gold themed Valentine lunch coming on!!!
And then me with the Master of Ceremonies!
Didn't she do a fabulous job?
She's such an officer wife.
Show off.
There is still time to win a pair of Serindipity's Ankle Biters!!
Go HERE to enter the contest!!


Tara said...

um, what's so dirty about your gift? If you really think it's that dirty, send it to the poor completely man-less girlfriend of yours, here in cali. yeahh...

Unknown said...

the house looks awesome amber! everything looked yummy and you girlies all look great! jess...can't help but notice your boobs are still BIG!!! ;)

Goodnight moon said...

Seriously....what is up with your commenters?!?! Where are they?!?!

Thanks Kimmy!!! I look like a fat pig in my pic...but I will be getting a makeover soon...very very soon!

Thanks for your help Jessica! I can't wait to drink out of those pretty glasses that are kept on the topself!

Valinda said...

My kid is still looking for roadkill for the contest, if she wins that massager better not come to my house!

Jill said...

Thanks for the invite girls. Everything looked great and was delicious! Fun times!

Laura said...

lucky. (in my napolean dynomite voice)

Ellis Family said...

That was a FUN party and thank you, BUT............what is sooooooooo dirty about my gift? The rules were fun and useful and isn't a massager and oil both of those? SHEESH! You need to get your mind out of the gutter! Your precious Pricilla brought his and hers lubricant for Pete's sake! I am offended and am telling the Bishop on you! Also, I am FAT in this pic so remove it! UGH!

Anonymous said...

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