Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's Give-Uh-Way. The embarrassing moments were HILarious. I laughed my butt off.

The Sasha ABC Wrap was a perfect way to kick start our 12 Weeks of Give-Uh-Ways!

Wanna know MY embarrassing secret?


I like the smell of skunk.


Each week for the next 11 weeks, I'll be featuring a NEW vendor with a NEW product to win. I'll post the featured product on Monday and the contest will run through the week ending on Thursday with the winner announced on Friday morning. This way I still have the entire week to blog about my everyday crap that you all love soooo much. Come know you do! *wink*


I won't forget to remind you about the ongoing contest so you can be sure to enter!

This week's vendor is:

Okay this sweet girl, named Serin, emailed me because she MAKES those ever so lovely baby leg warmers that you all KNOW I love sooooooo much. You can see them in almost every picture of my babies.

My last two babies practically LIVE in them and even my older kids love to wear them on their arms to stay warm.

Every little person needs a pair of these lovelies, boy OR girl!!!

Serin is donating a pair of your choice for FREEEE to the winner of this Give-Uh-Way.

What a precious right?

You can visit her blog and order your own pair or just check out how extremely crafty this woman is! I wish I knew how to make 'em! It'd sure save me a lot of mula.

Not only are Serin's ankle biters cozy and cute, but they are TOTALLY affordable.

And how genius is that name? I love it!

Okay now for the rules,

which are a little different so listen up!

Leave me a comment on this blog

telling me your favorite smell and you are entered to WIN.

For additional entries:

Post this contest and MY blog link on YOUR blog.

Post this contest and MY blog link on your Facebook.

And then come back and comment telling me you went above and beyond.

Butt kisser.

So that means you can have up to THREE entries to win!!


And once again, if you get NieNie to comment on my blog,

the Ankle Biters are yours.


But she has to say who sent her.

And she has to tell me that we would be BFF's if I lived in Utah.

And she has to come visit me.

Just kidding.

No, but for real.

She has to be my BFF.



Deanna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deanna said...

My favorite smell is a freshly cleaned baby. YUM!!!!

Kathy said...

My favorite smell is lilac.

Paige said...

Favorite smell? Campfire. Mmmm...

Bonnie said...

my favorite smell in the whole wide world is my husband's neck... just after a shower and shave. I love it, I just like to bury my face in his neck and love him. I'm a firm believer in pheromones :-)

nat said...

fresh washed bed sheets

Anonymous said...

FAV SMELL Chocolate!!! right now I'd be happy if I could smell at all even smelling a little poop would be nice cuz then I'd know my nose was workin again.

s h a u n a said...

this is awesome jessica! thank you for exposing us to all these goodies!

just found out we're having a little one in june so i neeeeeeed some of these - even if i don't win i'mma get them cuz they are sooo stinkin cute!

favorite smell: mom's chocolate chip cookies. yummmmmmmmmm!

honorable mention: fiance has this amazing scented oil he created at one of those kiosks @ the mall and it is scrumptious!

Val said...

Shauna! where are you, you disappeaered off of facebook? Or just blocked me (sniff)

dena said...

i like to smell anything i can eat...all those baked kinds of smells.

s h a u n a said...


I didn't delete anyone but myself! LOL!

Taking a break from facespace...focusing on family & work...but blogging when I can!

Hope all is well with you & your family!

Tara said...

Hey, I'm blogging again! I'm not going to enter this one, since I don't have any babies and I'm not even going to attempt gifts this year. Plus my fav smell is kind of sad right now. I just wanted to say Hi, I love this give away scheme of yours, and I'm going to try and get some cute package together for a Jan giveaway. (go see my house, I'm still doing plates on the wall!)

Stephanie Kelly said...

Oh my HELLLL I LOVE THE SMELL OF SKUNK TOO! No for realz I really do. Living on a farm in Mo. where we would smelt them all the time I miss that NEVER smell them here in Utah :( And even if you said something else...I swear I would of put skunk! The best was when a skunk got trapped under our crawl space of our house and so it made our whole house smell like skunk...therefor we smelt like skunk going to school and everyone was calling Aymee skunk girl so she decided to wear a black shirt and made a white stripe down her back with construction paper, to school!

Stephanie Kelly said...

I put a plug of your blog on Facebook....I better win those ankle bitters!!!!

Stephanie Kelly said...

I put another plug on my totally awesome BLOG!!! (Oh, by the way I will be emailing you my crap to giveaway TODAY...:)

Goodnight moon said...

I LOVE the smell of Muppets poop! Its so sweet smelling. I think its because I BREAST FEED him?!?

Oh, I also like to smell my own farts....especially when they are rotten smelling!

When did you post this turd? You've been over here all morning!

Staci said...

You are all set on my blog and my FB! And now my favorite smell. I have a lot, but I love love the smell of rain! and recently i think its b/c im preg. the smell of new carpet...they got some at my work and i want to put my desk in that hall way oh gosh it makes me so happy! I want these legs not that i need them i have so many as it is but a baby could never have too many baby legs!

Katie said...

My favorite smell is DEFINITELY homemade chocolate chip cookies baking. Yummmm!!!

Valinda said...

This week my favorite smell is Twilight Woods from Bath and Body works. I need these for my cutie nephew!

Bone Junior said...

My favorite smell is one I like to call "Manliness, AKA My Future Baby Daddy": diesel fuel, sweat, sawdust, and a little dirt rubbed in for good may-sure.

Froggylady said...

Sweet baby head is my favorite smell. Right next to sweaty toddler head and manly husband after shower.

Froggylady said...

Pimped you on the Facebook.

The Nugen's said...

My favorite smell is freshly ground coffee beans. Yummmm.

Posted on Facebook and blog. :)

Monica said...

My fav smell is that Johnson and Johnson's Lavender baby lotion on a baby! Mmmmm Relaxing!

Monica said...

Okay, you are on my blog! :)

Crystal Burch said...

Skunk?? Really?? I wish I liked it b/c it makes me want to puke! I don't have an original but have to agree with two above. My husband after he just shaved and put on aftershave...mmmm! Gets me everytime! And a clean lotioned up sweet! P.S. Willis-I agree that breast-fed babies' poo does not stink! I wouldn't go so far to say that I like it..but I agree it doesn't stink! Breast is the best for that reason too! lol!

Unknown said...

I have to ditto that just about any baked good does me in...but probably chocolate chip cookies the most. I'd love to win these! But even if I don't, I hope to be by soon to pick some up for my daughter and neice.

C said...

My favorite smell is clean laundry!!! Mmmmm..... Laundry detergent is good too... and clean linen scented candles...

Jason said...

My fav is pumpkin pie.

KrystalandAdam said...

I LOVE the way coconut sunscreen smells! Mmmmmm reminds me of the beach and ocean and being on vacation :)

S Palfreyman said...

Right now my fav is Cinnamon. Puts me in the right mood ;)

Unknown said...

My favorite smell... Hmmm.. that's hard. Pancakes, my kids' hair, Jerad, bacon and onions cooking up... I'm noticing a theme... food or people.


Unknown said...

I also posted about it on FB!

andi said...

How did I miss this entry?? (Could have been my poo water plumbing line disaster. Oh, TMI, you say?)

Put my name in, sistah!

andi said...

Oh yeah, the sewer poo was NOT my attempt at telling you my favorite smell. SO sorry.

Yeah, I think that would be snow or right after it rains. Or freshly shampooed baby hair.