Monday, December 7, 2009

CaLLiNg ALL CrAfTeRs!!!!

So as I said before, I'm doing a BIG MOMMA giveaway on my bloggity schmog this week. Not sure what day exactly so you need to be checking back
No just kidding.
But for real, you should.
Well I'm SOO excited about my giveaway that I've decided to beef up my giveaway giving power since it's the holidays and all.
I'm calling ALLLLL crafters to help me make this season ROCK!
If you have a superb talent of making:
Or ANY other desirable craft.
(i know there are many more of you out there but my brain sucks these days)
I want it to be a part of my beefed up giveaway over the next couple of weeks and months.
This means MEGA advertisement for your dreamy product.
We're talkin links from my blog, all the way to Tin-Buck-Too and even on Facebook!!
Email me at the address on my sidebar and let me know that you wanna donate something for the beefy giveaway.
Speaking of crafty, look at this little yawner in his Wee Babai onesie.

Speaking of being crafty AGAIN.
We set up our midget tree this weekend. Why we don't buy a new one that's not a dwarf?
I dunno really. Money?
And we hung our stockings on the fire...
The wall.
How budget, right?
I'm embarrassed and my cheeks are red. Thank goodness you can't see me.

Afterwards we toasted the occasion with bubbly while Pandora sang sweet Christmas tunes in our ears.

Speaking of being crafty one more time.
I tried to get some chores done today while Izey played in his favorite hiding spot.
Behind the couch.
I could hear him running something along the wall, but I didn't care cause he was happy and I just thought it was probably a car or something.
Uhhm. No
It wasn't.

Lucky for me, it was a green marker.

ALLLLLL along the wall behind the couch.
Lovely Penny.

There was no way he could procrastinate the day of his repentance because the evidence was written all over him.

But with big blue eyes that pinch at the corners like his,
who could be mad?
I mean, it was washable so I punished him with kisses galore.

Hurry and email me! My inbox shoulds start spillin over with donations!!


Crystal Renee said...

Aww. Cute outfit on Gus. Izzy looks adorable. I would laugh when mine did that, as long as it was washable too. Ha. Love the stockings.

Staci said...

Heck yay! I want a give away esp from any one of those talented crafty ladies. You forgot to mention me on there though I'm really good at making babies!

Goodnight moon said...

So, does this mean my diaper cakes?!?! LOL!

I think I'm going to start calling Gus, Elvis!

Staci said...

oh and I forgot to mention how freakin cute and sneaky that lil izzy is! I'm gonna get Miles and aqua doodle to hang on his wall so he can write on it all day long!

Camilla said...

Um I wish I were crafty. I can make someone a cake buuuuut who knows what condition it would arrive in. Or cookies, I could bake and deco some cookies. Am I scraping the bottom of the barrell here?

Valinda said...

Uhm! Why the HECK isn't my name already on the list!?!?!

George is my little graffiti artist her designs are all over the house!

nat said...

at least the marker wasn't on the couch...and i love the peacock as the tree topper ;) cute idea

Stephanie Kelly said...

heck yes...I will make something for your give away! I will email you with ideas and crap.
-Lil' Rush (that is what I will call August)...looks so handsome in his Aquatic outfit :)
-That lil' stink Izzy... His work of art is spectacular...I think I will buy it!

Froggylady said...

Love the marker on Izzy's face and those pitiful little eyes. Too cute!

Gus is just too sweet in his little baby leggs!

Laura Jansson said...

I can't remember if I've ever left you a comment before, but I look at your blog all the time. It's so entertaining and leaves me wishing you and I were friends. :) I know your mom from waaaayyyy back when. I was a Sunbeam in her Primary class in TX. Anyway, my name is Laura, and now I'm all grown up with 2 kids of my own, but I link to your blog from hers. Just thought you'd like to know. I always feel guilty like I'm a stalker out there. Anyway... you're great, and I just love seeing your fun little family :) Oh, and sorry, I'm not crafy enough to donate anything, but maybe, just maybe I can win something, right?!?!?

dena said...

ready, set, GO! i'm ready to win!! ;)

Bonnie said...

I'm only commenting because I want to win. I am not gonna follow the masses and tell you how cool you are and how cute your kids are and how funny your blog is and how much I wish I were you that I have bought stripper hair and tae-bo videos. Nope, I'm just gonna say....."Pick me, Pick me!!!"

FordeFam said...

So much fun! :) Is it too late to offer something for your giveaways?

Lindsay said...

i love my trouble lovin' penny. he's the greatest. well... and that gus gus.. he's pretty fantastic too :)