Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where oh Where has my Jessica gone?

A few of you have invited (or is it called challenged?) me to the blogging month dealio.
As much as I would love to commit, I cannot.
I'm not going to lie, days are hard around here.
I usually spend each day looking somewhat close to this...

No, that isn't Halloween makeup I have on. My eyes really ARE that dark due to lack of or ANY sleep at all. Any makeup you may see on my face when you blow this picture up (because let's face it, you know you're gonna blow it up to see and laugh at JUST how nasty and ugly I am...don't lie..."you ain't got to lie Craig!") is yesterday's makeup.
Whatever. That's reality and you know how I roll on my blog...
ALL reality.
ALL the time.
SO yesterday I FINALLY got out to go purchase my camera. I got a spiffy turquoise Canon Powershot. So far I love it. I went the Canon route this time because Coolpix has failed me twice thus far. But maybe it's because every time I get a camera I have one of these creatures grabbing for it to break it.

August is super dreamy still. I don't want him to grow up, but I do because I don't want to live like picture #1 forever. It's a catch 22 really. My last baby, I want to savor every BITE of him for eternity...
I wanna be done with this no sleep, miss my bed, crying Penny stage.
I thought about putting new post it's on my mirror to encourage me to get through these tough days that would read...
"Things won't be like this forever!"
"This time next year you'll be sleeping full nights."
"Only a few more weeks before you start working on your hot body for life."
But then I think reading them each day,
would make me sad all over again.
I don't wanna be sitting here next year, reading about how I wanted to rush through little Gus' life and then be missing him as a brand new lovie.

I GUESS Penny is doing better.
With the weather so nice I've been leaving the back door open for him to play on the screened porch and he loves it. It takes SOME of the whining away or at least mutes it (when I shut the door on him). No just kidding. But for real...I do. No. Kidding.

He's really the only thing right now that can seriously make me go into a hysterical laugh out loud laugh. (That and when My Lover does the mentally challenged wanna-be where he talks about the rainbow.)
I guess I can handle missing Gus being a tiny guy if he grows up and acts anything like my funny man Penny.
Penny makes loving fun.
Maybe that should be my bathroom post it note.
I smell like vomit. I gotta go.


Carolina said...

Yes, I AM RAD!! hehehe
So..that picture frightens me...thoroughly! Mission accomplished!

Oh..and I know "i aint gots to lie"
remember when I made you watch that movie with me?? HAHAHAHAHA! It makes me chuckle now.

COme here already with all yo bebe kids...puhlease??

Candace said...

hahahahahaha... I shouldn't laugh at you, but really, that's a scary/funny picture of you up there. ;)

Valinda said...

Yay! Yay! We are camera twins! That is my new camera too!

I definitely think "Penny makes loving fun" ought to go on you bathroom mirror.

Keep breathing and just remember tomorrow things will change and you'll never get today back, which can be both good and bad!

Jess said...

Oh I sooooooooo get where you're at right now. I remember calling friends asking, "please tell me it's not like this FOREVER!?!" They encouraged me that it would get better and they were right! It's just not fair that new baby = no sleep! I was a walking zombie for the first 12 weeks until she started sleeping longer. Next time I've already told Marc we HAVE to have a night nanny a few times a week. I don't do no sleep well.

AND...if you weren't making a dramatic face, you wouldn't look bad at all. You'd look like a mama to a new baby...but I'm a little jealous that your hair is down and not in a ponytail like mine 24-7!

Goodnight moon said...

I think your a lair! Every picture I have ever seen of baby A, he's sleeping!

Don't feel bad, I smell like BO and old sweaty breast milk. I need a shower, but when is there time? Maybe tomorrow?!?

dena said...

naw, do it chicklet, chant, "this too shall pass"!!! you can not rush through those other cute & irresistable (which he IS in that picture) days, months, and years. even put it up on your mirror in big ole letters, just remember to take it down BEFORE your memory recovers after you're back to the land of sleeping. you'll forget you even wanted to rush him.

and, uh, you KNOW you want my cupcake liners. but you can't have 'em!

Froggylady said...

Gus is just too yummy and Penny is adorable perched on his table not getting into any trouble at all. You, well you are new Mommy scary and that's OK. It's your right as a new mommy who is dedicated to her children and puts them ahead of herself. I know it's hard and we feel like we lose ourselves, but every GREAT mother looks that way. :)

Anonymous said...

What precious babies you have! I love that you can pot what you say is a bad picture and you still look pretty. Glad things are going well and LOVED your little nacho libre! My husband who never looks at blogs was happy that I convinced him to see that costume, he was very impressed and LOVED it too!! Have a happy day!

Amanda said...

i think ur amazing!

Marnie said...

You sure do make cute babies Jessica! Gus is dreamy and Penny is still precious, even if he is growing up and leaving hot dog peices all over your home....

Unknown said...

Dang your offspring are cuties! And I love how you put that picture of you up, you totally keep it real!