Friday, November 13, 2009


WARNING: Summer do NOT read this blog because it DOES talk about noodles and NOT the penne kind...more of the spaghetti kind.
Well, it's almost time.
Time for the long awaited snippage of noodles.
My Lover went in for his vasectomy consultation today and made the appointment for...
Dum Dum Dum...
I have waited for this day for some time now.
One of my uplifting pregnancy post it's put it best.
So why then am I feeling like this...

That's right. I've got a bad case of vasectomitis.
Don't ask me why. I'm not even sure myself.
Is it because it's so final?
Is it because I'm scared it might not work?
Is it because there are millions and millions of people TRYING to have babies and here I am trying to STOP it? How selfish am I?
I guess part of me feels like we're too young to be making such a HUGE, literally LIFE ALTERING decision. Like someone should tell us we can't do that.
I know I'm all old now, but inside I still feel like me and My Lover are those same 18 and 16 year old kids in love making crazy decisions.

Let's get the facts straight.
I do NOT want to EVER be pregnant again.
I do NOT think my sanity could handle any more kids, NOR my budget.
I do NOT EVER want to be on crappy birth control again.
(except for the 8 week period after snippage...don't worry people!)
And NO, I am NOT in a race to top the Duggars.
But something deeeep deeeeeep inside of me is making me feel all queasy and nauseous about taking matters into our own hands and stopping NATURE.
Should we be allowed to do this?
Whatever, it's going to happen. I just feel nervous about it.
In case you're not familiar with how it's done, here's the scoop.
Thanks to Michele R and the lovely video My Lover watched today, I found out that the surgery is pretty simple. So they make a tiny incision on each side of the sackage. Then, they take a crochet needle (not really, it's more of a real doctor tool but it looks like a crochet needle), probably the same one they used to break my water, and they pull out the "noodle" and snip snip on each side.
Doesn't that needle look so fancy and dramatic in all those feathers?

And then...
No more fish can swim up the noodle!

So the countdown begins.
I should find a ticker to put on my blog that counts down the days until Lover's surgery.
I wonder if they make those?
Wish us luck!


dena said...

so austin, how's it feel with all of us in on your noodle info?

Goodnight moon said...

I wish my hubby would have one done too!!!!! I'm so scared even though I got tied up....that I will still get pregnant. I think having my tubes tied was why it took me so long to get back to ME, after I had Evan. I was morning the loss of my babies that I will NEVER have:(

OMgosh...Ian just walked over to the computer and asked me what "those things are" (the pic of the "sac's")...and I said that they are testicles...and he said, "do you put them in your mouth"? LOL!!!!!

So, Jessica...Ian's question to you is, "do you put them in YOUR mouth"? I'll let you answer his question!!!!!

Valinda said...

I wish MY lover would take the plunge and just go do it. I'm the one who's going to get serious about no more babies at our house. I understand how you feel though. Is this really right? Right now? Right forever? If I were to ever be preggers ever again it could be really disastrous but there is still part of me that has to wonder. Unfortunately you have to be the ones to make this tough decision!

Crystal Renee said...

Lol @ Amber's comment. Oh my!

I think it's normal. BC can suck and mess women ALL up. And the "Lover" (or maybe you Jessica) are extremely fertile.. so whatever you guys think is best for YOUR family, is best.

Good Luck "Lover"

***** said...

Okay, I read this even though you warned me and I just want to re-state: it doesn't feel natural to say you are done having kids but you know it is right and good for your family. HF made us want to have babies on purpose- to multiply and replenish. Then He gave us agnecy so we can decide for ourselves how long we want to do that.
It's good you love the babies. Now just look forward to, and plan on being the BEST Nana EVER!

Amanda said...

I hear ya on all your emotions! Steve will be doing that in the next year or 2. So let us know how it all goes:)

Joanna said...

I also think what you're feeling is pretty normal! You will all be fine:)

So wanna know what we do? huh huh?! I have an IUD - best thing is, NO babies and NO PERIODS for 5 years!! Woo Hoo!!! And no PMS either. Loving it! My 5 years will be up in April and you better believe I'm getting it again ;) I couldn't care less if my hubby got the snip - he'd happily do it - but I'm all about the no periods lol!!!

Laura said...

I was really freaked out when I glanced down and saw all those feathers...
Marines are tough, right? so just have him do the surgery himself. And don't worry, if you EVER decide to catch the Duggars, the noodles can be reconnected. But you would need a perm and huge bangs first...

Lil Eskimo said...

so, i just read laura's comment on your last post. THAT'S the answer! to cure your Vasectomitis...if you ever feel the need for another bambino, get ya one of those freakish pretend babies! then you can make your own reality show...the Lowe 8 (kinda).

Lindsay said...

at least austin is willing... Enos is so OPPOSED to it.. i don't know what his deal is.

Anonymous said...

Jess is always all up on my noodle. I don't mind the procedure; all the fun and none of the consequences. I can finally live recklessly.


Kathy said...

I liked you and Austin before, but Austin's comment just cemented it for me. You guys are so funny.

David and Teresa said...

It's mutha...WoW! lots of interesting comments. Noodles, things in mouths, let me get it done or no no no you get it done...No real comments on this one. I am just remembering the days when I was in your spot, Baby. I like Summer's comment...yes, Heavenly Father makes us want to multiply and replenish but he gives us common sense to know what is good for our family also. I am sure you and Austin (and the whole world now because of the blogging world..teehee) knows what to do and will make the right choice and then you can live wrecklessly.

Love you and my Marine Son in Law

David and Teresa said...

Oh PS...I loved that picture of you and Austin of when you were babies yourselves. I remember those days. What do you have in your mouth? LOL!! I know, I know, braces....hahahahahahahaha.

You both have gotten older but I think you are both even cuter now than then. :)

Dana said...

The feelings you are feeling are so normal.. I went through the same thing.. My hubby had it done about three years ago.. he had a little healing period but nothing like having a baby..

andi said...

Love the picture of you guys as look what you've done :) A little snip sounds like no biggie after 4 kids, and one natural no less. But I do wish Austin luck and a speedy recovery...are you guys going to have the RS bring in some meals? You should.

Jill said...

First of all, it's going to be okay! You have 5 gorgeous kids and you have said that you are done having children. You know that. As mothers, we just know when our family is complete. So, don't worry and just be happy that Lover is willing to have the big V. But make sure he does the follow through. So many men get it done but don't follow through and then are surprised when their wife gets pregnant again. I made Dave go back in at least 3 or 4 times to make sure he was shooting blanks!

Unknown said...

I honestly cannot imagine shutting that door. Then again, you have THREE MORE KIDS THAN ME, so I can see why you can!

I will probably stick to my IUD forever since it's more reliable than vasectomies or tubal ligations, and there isn't the feeling of permanence! HA!

Good luck, Austin!

Tosha and Chris said...

The absolute BEST part of this that you actually colored on your face!!! Love it! :o)