Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Secret Agenda

Yesterday Kora cut her horse's hair. She said it was slanted and it needed to be straight.
Do you like it?

Isaak witnessed the event.
And then later that day he conjured up a secret plan.
He cuddled up close to his Gus and pretended to be loving on him. He knew I was watching.
But really,
he was looking for something he stashed under the couch for a moment like this.

And then he nonchalantly revealed his weapon of choice.

You see that? Serrated shears.

Come to find out Penny thinks that Gus' hair is "slanted" as well.
He planned on fixing that.

Thankfully Mommy was close by documenting the entire crime and saved the little Gus man from his first unintentional haircut.
But this guy still looks pretty sneaky.
Be on the lookout for more of his secret plans to be featured on future blog posts.
(Ignore the couch covered in sheets. It was leftover from Friday night movie night, we aren't just THAT white trash.)

I love my Jake.
He's so handsome and he rarely gets any blog time because he's always quietly doing his own thing. Well, I caught him. There he is :)

More Random:
Have you ever in your entire life seen a bigger head than this one? I mean seriously, that thing is freakin HUGE. Look at his forehead!! It's like the same size as the rest of his face. I thought MY forehead was bit. No, he's got me beat by like DOUBLE.

Good night Irene that sucker is big!!!!
But isn't he precious with it? He owns it.

So I journeyed to Barnes and Noble today with my Lover (who was on his 96).
It was nice to have a day date with him...
and three little boys who had to tag along.
Speaking of Barnes and Noble,
does yours have a deployment for kids section?
Mine does :)

I went there to get another sleeping baby book. I borrowed On Becoming Baby Wise from the library and read the entire thing in ONE day.
Yes people,
I do know how.
I tried it out for a few days and it's killing me. I thought I was tough but this is like boot camp for babies and it makes a mutha's heart ache. Especially a mutha who wants to completely and TOTALLY spoil her last born.
Now I see why Lindsay is the way she is.
No, kidding.
But for real, she is.
(BTW, she has a super cute New Moon shirt she made for the Twilight premiere. If you want one you better click on her link...HURRY...GO NOW!!)
I decided to get the next step UP to sweetness but still with a little boot campy toughness.
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
I'm hoping to integrate the things I like from both books into my OWN sleeping plan.

The goal is to have THIS effect on Gus when 'I' want it.
Not just when he happens to do it.
Isn't he yummy?
Mmm...makes me wanna go eat a cosmic brownie or something.
No really, those are gross but I like the name.
More like a swiss roll or a ding dong.

I better go.
Sometimes I shut my hall door (yes my hall has a door on it, it's genius) because I don't want the kids to wake the sleeping babies.
But sometimes, I use it for opposite effects.
And I PUT all the kids in the hall and THEN shut it.
So I don't have to hear THEM.
Right now they're all banging on it.
Gotta go feed the animals...


The Nugen's said...

I own both of those book and could not even read all of the Healthy Sleep Habits one. Too much theory for me. I just wanted someone to give me the basics on why and then tell me how which is what Baby Wise did. Worked like a charm for us, Paddy was sleeping 7 hours a night by the time he was 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I always pretend I'm going to be baby wiseish, and happily habbit my child-BUT they always win. I am not good at any of it. I love to get them when they cry and hold them and I must love it enough because my two and a half year old still wakes up at night 2-3 times a week. PS love that you took pictures of your boy with the weapon, now he's gonna thinks he's cute and funny with those things!

Crystal Burch said...

Ok, so I never comment in fear that you will go look at my blog that I do nothing with! So, my comment comes with a guarantee that my lack of blogging will not be the subject of one of your ridiculously funny blogs!

You win a mom of the year for not only catching the scissors crime before it happened but taking it one step further by getting pics and blogging. You rock! Feed the animals....LOL!!!

Amanda said...

some of your pic's aren't showing up for me:( I LOVED this post though. made me laugh, & smile:) And I NEED a laugh. And that's my book ya got...healthy sleep habits. LOVE IT. I do like ur going to....take what u like from it and run with ur own plan. That book really helped me though as a first time Mom with P:)

David and Teresa said...

ok you knew Mutha would comment on this one, didn't you? YOu are finally going to get to experience the "unintentional spoiling" of the last born. I promise It just happens and I really did not see it just did. Good luck with your other babies when they finally "call you on it." Love you Baby. But if this mother can survive the wrath of the older can too. It is just the way it is and you can use this line on them, if you choose. I used it on you older ones...It goes like this..."There are advantages of being the first born and there are disadvantages." Love you now go let my babies out of the hall and feed them. I hope you at least had the light on in the hall when you locked them in. LOL...I bet they miss their!!!


Val said...

This will help

remember to read it correctly, respond to your waking baby's cry with a feed. The first half of the book makes it sound like you should not respond if a nap is too short, it's a very confusing book. Once I got that part corrected, BW went a lot smoother.

Val said...

Valinda said...

LOL Good thing you were watching that could have been one heck of a blog post! My nephew also has an enormous forehead, maybe it's just how kids are coming out these days.

Froggylady said...

Gus shouldn't have been so bad and Penny wouldn't have tried to give him a haircut. Penny is just too sweet for words!

Good luck with the sleeping stuff. I heard great things about Babywise, but it just didn't work for us either.

What's Miah been up to?

Brooke H. said...

Gus' hair is too cute! I'm glad you were able to catch little Penny in the act! Love it!

Lindsay said...

actually i HAVE seen a bigger forehead... his name is lucas. i think it must be a george trait. ugh. hideous large foreheads.... at least they have cute faces, right?

Lindsay said...

ps. gus is perfect.

TanyatheMom said...

My little stinker has the nickname "Fathead" due to his outrageously large is OFF THE CHARTS and seems it always will be! I am sure we will soon see Gus's first "professional haircut".....can't wait! That little Penny is so sneaky, and I LOVE it!

Jess said...

I have BOTH of those books. I read Baby Wise and parts of HSHHC (that book is TOO thick for a sleep deprived mama!) and figured out what would work best for us. I didn't find BW to be too strict, but...I also read it when I was sleep deprived, so maybe my brain only picked up on the parts I needed. What I got from it helped me immensely and that is the eat, wake, sleep schedule. Harper still follows that on a 3 hour schedule....she does it on her own now, but when she was a newborn and wanting to sleep longer during the day, I was letting her and not realizing that she was awake more at night because she didn't eat enough/get the calories she needed during the day. So I was that mama that woke my baby every 2.5-3 hours to get more feedings in during the day to sustain her longer through the night. She didn't sleep longer than 6 hours though until 12 weeks, BUT she was also a near-term/low birthweight baby which delayed sleeping through the night. I think 12 lbs is the secret # for longer sleeping!

Rae said...

Healthy sleep habits happy child, saved me when braden never slept more than 10 minutes a day and then woke up ever hour at night. I never got the new born sleeps a lot thing, it was so frustrating.

Jill said...

I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday for OWC book club! It has been awhile but we used the Ferber method on both Grace and Zachary to get them to sleep through the night. Some people think it's cruel and it was hard at first (especially with Grace, being the first baby) but it works.

Staci said...

I agree w/ Lindz you Georges have cute babies for sure. Izzy makes my day..i love how sneaky he is and smart too! Gus is so precious and is making me really baby hungry...I might need some baby sleeping advice from you when LuLu comes!

dena said...

in regards to your books....

okay, i'm gonna say what you told me, um, 8ish months ago when you found out i was writing down when dane ate and how much.

i was going to paraphrase, but when back and snagged the comment, so i'd get it right. man, am i glad i did, because you were WAY more j. lowe than i remember. ;)

"haven't u had kids before? chunk that crap and just be a MOM. psycho."

i guess this makes you psycho too. love from one psycho to another!

Camilla said...

love HSHHC, way better than BW but i did the same thing...took the best of both worlds and tried to smoosh 'em together. good luck!

Crystal Renee said...

Ha ha Penny. That was cute. He was trying to be like Kora... all grown and stuff. He was doing a "favor" or maybe Baby A is just his new toy! Ha.

Jake's so passive. I love that in kids.

Laura said...

The naughtier penny gets, the more I like him. I like deviants. And he and my Aidan do have similarly large noggins.
That last picture of gus looks like one of those porcelain newborns you can order from those magazines for 5 installments of $19.95--maybe cuz he's posed so perfectly with that shiny newborn skin.

andi said...

Not that you need any more advice, but we are reading and using The Sleep Lady's Guide (by Kim West) and it's been really good so far. I love your kiddos- SO CUTE.

Marnie said...

Healthy Sleep Habits is my favorite book of all time!!! It helped me teach my colicky, barfing, sleep-deprived baby how to sleep. It also helped pull me out of the shadows of post-pardum depression since I was finally able to sleep more than 2 hours in a row after six months. Skip through the theory in the front and get to the good stuff in the back.

Unknown said...

Awesome. That kid is so mischievous! Good luck with the books!