Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Little of Everything

I've talked about my little Sassy Koko's personality before.
About her exquisite sense of style.
About her silly personality.
You all know how she is.
So when I saw her run out of the house to the park in THIS fabulous ensemble,
I HAD to take a picture.
It describes her perfectly.
The Hannah Montana shirt because she's super sassy and hip.
The hand me down basketball shorts because she's got a little tomboy in her and she can ALWAYS hang with the boys.
The fancy church dress high heels because she adores all things bling and loves being a girl.
And the super rad pose?
that's just extra!

Don't be jealous of my amazing HD point and shoot camera that makes you FEEL like you're actually standing on my front porch looking at this little hot mamma.
Go ahead and blow that picture up and see how clear and sharp it is.
Do it.
You know you want to.
and one more thing...
So I KNOW there are people out there reading this bloggity schmog incognito.
But guess what?
I can still seeeee youuuuu.
That's right Caela and G-Unit in Sonoma, CA.
And don't think I forgot about YOOOUUU Mrs. Smith.
Yea that's right.
So since I know about you then you can just go ahead and click that handy schmnady little "follow" button over there and be my pal.


dena said...

if she and elijah went out and about they'd get some fun looks. it's about birthday time for chicklet.

and, how are you able to see specific names? if they're logged into google or yahoo? oh, tell.

Lindsay said...

you're gonna creep people out. i wanna do it. tell me how!!! and yes.. before you told me to blow up the picture.. i did. it was just to crisp to resist. i'm jealous.

raschel said...

i wanna know too!! And, I WASN'T going to blow it up, but I did and was amazed at how crisp and sharp the picture is for such a small camera. It is small, right? I love it. I think I found ANOTHER camera I want (i already have 3). hmm...Kora is adorable!

Unknown said...

That's fabulous! She's so cute!!!

Goodnight moon said...

I LOVE her pose....it kinda reminds me of her Mutha's poses! You need to keep your Diamond in check.....

***** said...

I reached out to touch her- that photo is so clear and pretty. Koko looks super sassy rad. That pose is asking for trouble in 8 years. Keep me posted.

Valinda said...

I don't have to be jealous, I have the same camera! I would like to reach out and tickle that silly little chika of yours! So what blog tracker do you use?

Micaela said...

HAHAHAHAHA! well aren't you two ladies tricky tricky??? If Linds had not confessed (she can't keep a secret worth crap - haha!), I would have been thoroughly CONFUSED! I AM a loyal follower :) You are fantastic, Jessica-who-I-have-never-met! Holler Mrs. Smith! :)

Dana said...

haha that is the perfect ensemble!

Chernobyl said...

Ew, that IS creepy.

andi said...

You're right- that is an awesome camera- and an even more awesome outfit :)

Crystal Renee said...

Too cute! Stylish Kora.

HOW'D YOU DO IT?!?! How did you know? Do tell...

Deanna said...

Is she your daughter or what? Do y'all practice those poses? Love the outfit.

Bonnie said...

No joke, Ashlyn was in that outfit yesterday... only her high heels were ruby red and she had tights on. I tried ot take a picture but she got embarrassed.

I do really love your camera, maybe you should take a picture 'East Coast Biggest Loser Style' and send it to me.

Marnie said...

Love the outfit! Shows me what I have to look forward to in a couple of years with my super sassy Ava! Lauren, thankfully, still lets me pick out her clothes every day, but my two-year old? That's another story!

Giaellis2 said...

That is hilarious! And the face she is making looks JUST like Penny!!!!