Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback Friday

So I'm using this flashback to get all caught up on with the pictures I've had on my phone since before the baby and during the weeks I wasn't here to blog.
The night before my induction, Kora and I did our traditional date night one last time before things turned really crazy around the house with the new baby. We had to take advantage of our girl time alone! We got pedi's at our normal nail place (which I won't go to anymore because they file my toenails so thin that they keep breaking, dangit) and she also got a mani! French on both toes and hands...with flowers and diamonds as usual. Just before, we grabbed hot chocolate at Starbucks and sipped it as we got our foot massages...and we chatted about girl stuff!
Afterwards, we went to dinner. Kora has always been dying to go to Hooters to see what all the fuss is about (since her mawmaw works there and all *wink*) but she had told me she didn't want to go there for the first time with her brothers and her Dad because they would DEFINITELY embarrass her. FOR SURE. I agree. So we decided to make Hooters our girl night boys allowed!
It was great! I could tell she was nervous at first but she totally warmed up and loved the place! Especially since our server treated Kora like a queen and told her she looked like Dakota Fanning!
We had yummy fried pickles, curly fries and chicken strips!

The kids menu there was so funny. I kept teasing Kora about the "sexy girl" on the menu in the bikini and asked her what color she was gonna do the "sexy girl's" swimsuit.
She finally got tired of me calling her the "sexy girl" and decided to name her...
How fitting.

So little Gus arrived the next day and the following week was full of new baby photo ops!!
Dena sent him this precious cowboy outfit which he LOVES...can't you tell by his face?

I still can't get over how yummy he looks when he sleeps all sprawled out with his long leggies and arms up by his face

This is my favorite pose of his. He does this look when he's absolutely, positively READY for bed. His head falls back and that yummy neck just calls my name!

Miah is LOVING his baby brother and always wants to help out when he comes home from school.

Look at those long arms and fingers!!! He totally reminds me of Jake as a baby in SO many ways but I'm not surprised because this pregnancy was totally Jake's all over again. I knew they'd be a lot alike!
I call this one Klyde part TWO.

Valinda was a doll and sent him a BUTTLOAD of precious Texas related onesies so he would always remember his native country regardless of the armpit he was born in.

And being the last close to the 2nd to last kinda just have to learn to go with the flow. When Mom needs to put on her makeup, you just gotta hang out in the sink.
See that sneaky little rat in the background? Let's talk more about how HE'S been coping with the Gus man.

He whines ALLLLLL DAAAAAAAY LOOOOOONG and stands on my feet looking up at me to hold him. It's pretty hard and my back KILLS me most of the time because I end up carrying him around everywhere.
He gets into EVERYTHING.
He did this before, but now it's about 30 times WORSE.
Chocolate syrup...
A pitcher full of pads and a crotch water bottle...

Spitballs stuck to his face...

It wasn't long before we knew that Penny needed another haircut to tame this reckless side that was showing.

Plus a little love from Miss Gia who brought over a basketball hoop for him to play with.

And before we knew it, he was...
Still being naughty.
Oh well, nice try anyway. I'm sure it will take time before Penny gets back to normal.
Or maybe he won't.
Most recently, Gus had his first play date with his best pal Evan who is only 6 weeks older than him! He slept right through the whole thing. Evan isn't much of an entertainer, Gus was totally bored...and Asian, right? Holy moly.

Penny had fun that day though, he got elephantitis.
No but for real.
He's obsessed with sticking objects into his shirt and this time, it just happened to be the perfect object landing in the perfect spot to make us laugh!

Anywho. My little August is a dream. He definitely completes our family and it makes me smile to know that I am DONE with the birthing phase of my life and can start focusing on raising the kiddos ONLY. I love that. Who cares if he barely sleeps at night. Who cares if I have to listen to Penny cry and whine all day. Who cares if my house is a constant mess and I barely have time to brush my tangly stripper hair each day.
I love my big crazy family :)


Anonymous said...

I like the arm growing out of your chest.

The Nugen's said...

I love how your lover is just cutting his hair right there on the carpet! I think I would freak out if my hubby did that! Gus is so cute and he looks like he could be mine...with those Asian features!

Erica said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing the pics! Loved, loved, loved the ones of penny making messes....the chocolate syrup is my all time fave. You're doing a wonderful job and I love your attitude :)

andi said...

Rub some of your spunk off on me! Those are cute pics! (And I didn't know they had a kids' menu at Hooters. Well, you learn something new everyday.)

Dana said...

WOW.. you are one busy lady... love the sexy girl Madison.. made me giggle

Lindsay said...

don't judge me and my terrible onesies... PLEASE.... also... i love this last picture of August. He's a precious guy. and Kora doesn't look like Dakota Fanning.. she's WAY hotter than that washed up child star. and don't judge my naughty penny either... it's tough being copper.

Lindsay said...

oh yeah... and i LOVE that elephantitis picture... poor guy.. no wonder he's disruptive.. hellO! he has a tumor in his ball sack!!

Amanda said...

Gus is SO CUTE! You have to tell us how you decided on the name August. PLEASE:) And Penny....He is adorable and you know he just can't help making all those messes while you are taking care of Gus. That syrup...what a mess. I would have cried with all those hormones and lack of sleep. Did you get all the syrup out of that cute rug.

debbie Kelly said...

LOOK at that Gorgeous baby, he looks just like his Gorgeous dad, and when Miah is holding him- they look alike...mmmmm , must be something in the water!!! I L-O-V-E reading your blog, thanks for're hysterical!!!

Jill said...

I laugh every time I read your blog (well usually). Love these pics and reading your stories. And.....not only does Hooters have a kids menu, kids eat FREE on Sundays!

Froggylady said...

I love the fact that Kora named the sexy lady so that you would stop being innappropriate at Hooters.

Penny is just so darn cute! He's allowed to be bad sometimes. :)

Giaellis2 said...

You shoulda told Kora I worked at Hooters back in the day! Then she coulda named the sexy bikini girl after ME! LOL :) Ok, you have the most beautiful, adorable and AMAZING BIG CRAZY family I have EVER seen!! You handle it all so well and.................DRUG FREE! You are an inspiration to all! I'm glad I got to hold little Gus for an hour at church yesterday! He loves me (or loves to poop on me)! :)

***** said...

He is so precious and wonderful and smells like a big bag of baby goodness. Nice work on the first two weeks! You and Austin are incredible parents with a whloe lot'a love to go around for all those fifty kids and they know it. Anyone can tell that they know they are loved. Carry on. xoxo

Unknown said...

SO CUTE! You know, sometimes kids are mischievous by nature, so you might have to get used to it. See: Neal, Addison.

Staci said...

what a bitter sweet time. That last point you made about how you are done w/ the birthing process...makes you want to eat every moment of having a lil new born, and toddler b/c they grow so fast and when you crave a baby again they are all grown up..guess thats when grand babies come! YOur such a good mommmy and i look up to you!

Unknown said...

way to go with the flow. :) gorgeous family. luv that you took kora to hooters. the fried pickles look yummy for sure!

Crystal Renee said...

Ok. Just read this. I am laughing. Kora does favor her, but much prettier, agrred Lindsey. August is so cute.. aww. Poor Penny, but the tumor ball sack comment, LMAO! I can't help it.

I am glad you are getting back to normal.

Take care