Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pictures from my phone

Because that's all I can do at this point.
I'm freakin DYING over here with major crotch bone pain. I swear it's gonna explode into like a MILLION pieces if I stand up ANY MORE.
I hate this point.
I hate the point where you start to feel like there's no end in site,
like you're stuck,
no sleep,
massive heartburn,
constant peeing...shall I continue?
I don't even have enough energy to THINK about what to blog about. I can barely keep up with my Penny let alone, my THREE other kids.
What was I thinking?
Oh yea...I wasn't.
So here are some pictures just to give you something to look at and that's just about ALL.
My SS and I went to the OWC (Officer Wives Club) annual "Welcome Aboard" Expo today. I had so much fun getting free stuff, tasting yummy treats and meeting new friends. Penny and Miah came with and they were actually pretty good for as long as we were there. It helped that every booth had a bowl of candy or SOME treat for the kids to taste.
When Kora and Jake came home from school, Miah grabbed his loot bag from the event and said, "HEY GUYS!! We went to the Christmas treating place today!!!"
Whatever that means.
He was excited!
By the end, Penny was wet, sticky, irritable and

I found this cutie bag there at one of the booths!
Great name huh Amy?
(this is my niece's name)
For dinner I made chicken strips, sweet potato fries and avocado dipping sauce.
OH and Penny's favorite part, which he had TWO bowls of...
I love how proud he is that he can use a fork :)
Earlier this week I invited my SS over for a VMA watching party so she could see all the ghetto goodness that Beyonce is.
She obliged to my offer and made a RETURN offer that she would bring the food since I was providing the entertainment!
THIS, my friends, is why EVERYONE loves Summer.
Let me introduce you to a...
Summer Lunch.
A Fresca.
Yummy salad (complete with meat and cilantro) with homemade ranch dressing.
Grapes on the vine.
And English muffins topped with crunchy peanut butter, a thick apply slice and brown sugar.
This lunch (as well as every other lunch she's made for me) put my PB and honey sandwich I offered her LAST week to TOTAL SHAME.
How embarrassing.
Don't you wish you had YOUR very own Summer?



Amanda said...

I think you are doing AWESOME to even have a blog post. period.

That lunch looks to die for.

and I think you should get an award for even making such a yummy sounding dinner for your kids at this point! When u have time do tell what is in that avocado dipping sauce...pretty please...I mean sometime when you are not dying and your baby is not about to fall out:)

Misty said...

I do wish I had a summer!!!!

Lindsay said...

i did have a summer... my own summer blog.. until it got fixed. (sigh)

Valinda said...

Uhm yeah I DO want a Summer but you won't share and you also don't want me talking to her cause you know she'd like me better. I'm glad Miah found the Christmas Treating place, I've been looking for a place like that.

David and Teresa said...

As always, how cute are those grandchildren of mine. I am also very happy that Summer is taking care of you during these last days of the pregnancy. Thank her for me since I will not be able to be there till Ocotber...Love you

Michael DeSa said...

Aw, maybe some bread would cheer you up? :) I'm making some for a ton of people...would you like some too?

dena said...

Katie...I want some, thanks!

Isaak has great taste...fruit salad's my fav too.

hang in there! little guy'll come soon!

Candace said...

I'm so glad Summer is taking such great care of you. You deserve it. And I really hope your crotch bone doesn't explode, because you're probalby going to need it once the baby is out...

Aymee said...

I will have her...someday she will be mine (evil laugh)HAHAHAHAhahaaha! Then you'll just have to move back to Virginia:)

Heather said...

Hang in there! You can do it!

Unknown said...

Dang! *I* wanna summer, too!!

Laura said...

OHHHH! that crotch bone ache is the WORST part of pregnancy. It is debilitating. just think--it's the last time. have you posted whether you're having a little tying job done after delivery or is austin going to get some snip snip work done?