Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Day

Well first and foremost I must congratulate Amber and Matt on the birth of their sweet new baby boy (with no name yet). He was born this morning weighing 7 lbs and 4 oz. He's lovely. I'd share a picture but I don't fee like that's my place so you'll have to wait until she gives me permission to do it on HER blog...or until she does it herself.
I feel like crap. For some reason I always felt like Amber and I were at the same point in our pregnancies (even though I knew we weren't). Now that she's had hers, I feel sad that I'm not having mine...for quite some time. I'm pregnant all alone. It's just depressing. I dunno why. Just leave me alone and let me whine.
So I journeyed OFF base (yes people, I FINALLY left the base) to grab some fun prizes to take to Amber tomorrow at the hospital. I always loved when people would visit me in the hospital bringing ME gifts instead of the baby. How selfish is that? So I thought I'd do the same for her. Mother's DO need love.
While at the mall carrying my almost 30 lb 14 month old (because I forgot the FREAKIN stroller...idiot), toting my 30 lb belly (Why? Why is it 30 lbs? Can anyone tell me why?) holding Miah's hand, sweating like a hog and trying to clasp two shopping bags with A finger...I pass a minivan with this bumper sticker...

Uhmm. Okay I'm already pissed off that I'm about to pass out from all that is hanging off of me and now this freakin minivan is gonna remind me of how INcapable I am to be a NORMAL mother? Yeah...nice, thanks. I only wish I had my red sharpie to add to it...
"But not all MOTHERS were born capable of DOING IT."
Don't you think if I COULD do it, I would? Yeah...I'd LOVE to. I'd LOVE to be a normal woman and boob my kids but since I CAN'T...I don't need a freakin reminder that I'm broken.
Stupid smarty pants.
I wanna kick people like this in the shins.
Sorry, that's a touchy one for me. You all know this.
Tonight we ate some deliciously YUMMY stir fry from PW which I will definitely make again and again (but with cashews next time!!!) Afterwards we, as a family, walked to the school for Open House. It was only for Kora and Miah's school, Jake's is next week.
We found that Kora has a pretty cool kid in his class.
With a name like this who WOULDN'T be rad?
(George is my maiden name if you didn't know)

Kora was so excited to show us her drawings, her desk, her stories and her computer station.
She's on the pelican team at school so she HAD to show us her Pelican drawing.

And then of course her self portrait that they'll do at the beginning of the year and then again at the end to compare. No, she's not growing a beard, those are freckles...that she doesn't have but wishes she did like Jake.

Miah became a totally different kid when we walked in his classroom. It was like he ruled the world. Seriously this kid has popular running through his veins. He's friends with everyone and allllll the kids love him. He plopped right down on the home center couch with Jake and pretended like he was watching TV.
What is that smile? Obviously he learned it from Jake.

Miah is on the Panda Team and this is his decorated Panda he did.
He's all about the bling bling!

And his self portrait.
Before school started I asked him if he wanted the teacher to call him Jeremiah or Miah and he decided on Miah...so there you have it.

We scrounged up 2 bucks from My Lover and bought a few bags of cotton candy from the PTA before we left so we could eat it on the walk home.
Fun night! Great Day! Babies were born!


Kathy said...

Forget about the breast fed sticker. On the bright side-your boobs won't sag as much as the breastfeeders! Cute kids! I love their art and their classrooms. Fun!

Misty said...

Jessica!!!!! I am "broken" too!!! It's ok---just think...someday theirs with be sagging "more" than ours!!! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

Ignore people. Everyone has an opinion. You are level headed and do what is right for your children. :)

Oh my, look at that Miah. How handsome is he??!

Erica said...

That sticker makes me MAD too!! I'm sorry. But just remember, formula fed babies are just as loved, just as smart, just as beautiful :)

Dana said...

Hey I feel you angry about the boobies..Mine are broken too..LOVE the kids at school. I can't believe Miah is already at school. WOW>>

Giaellis2 said...

Jess - the breast IS best!! That's why I will be yours and Amber's wet nurse! I can get my baby fix and hand them over once they start talking. Ok? DEAL! :)

Vagabond Mother said...

If babies are born to be breastfed, it seems their lives lose meaning after they quit the boob. That's sad.

I think YOU should do a self-portrait too, though it will be hard to beat Miah's.

Then, another one at the end of the year, you know, to see the difference.

Jess said...

OY! I hate that bumper sticker. Not because I don't think breastmilk is best, but because it brings me back to that dark place that consumed me so much by my inability to nurse Harper...and all the pain, struggles, tears, depression that came along with it.

Carolina said...

I don't know why...but reading your post just made me feel calm and happy!

I'm sorry that the stupid van made you feel like that! To me...they're even more stupid because they're Stealers fans..booo!!

Anywhoo...your kids are sooo cute and unique...love miah and his blingy eyes!

congrats to your friend Amber that I feel like I might know now..hehe!

Chernobyl said...

When I was in college, I saw this handwritten note taped inside someone's car window that said this
"Salvation ONLY through a Catholic"
And i just thought, which one? Sorry about the boob thing. After I had my thyroid out, I had #4 and breastfeeding was just a joke because my body just would NOt make enough milk. It's like my previous OBGYN said (actually he was close to yelling) "It makes me so mad when I hear people say formula is bad, as if it causes brain damage or something!"

Valinda said...

Well you know how I feel about thing #1 so we'll skip to open house night. How fun! I love how they have animal teams and got to draw/decorate their own and I'm so happy to see other people's kids give goofy smiles for pictures. I also agree with Janae I want to see your self portrait. Be creative, maybe more abstract art.

dena said...

happy mom + happy baby = success! enough said.

EVERY one of miah's smiles (even the one is his picture on the school wall) is the same. what a fun photo stage. :)

Bonnie said...

Man, I'm right there with Janae. The whole idea that babies were born to be breastfed is stupid, I guess we should just shuck 'em after a year because they've served their "purpose." Most babies are born upside down, it doesn't mean we should walk around carrying them that way. The marketing genius who thought of that should be unemployed.

Anyway, love the pictures of the kids! I miss them!

The Nugen's said...

Hey I am still preggo and have ALOT longer to go!!!

Kora's pelican is really good.

Giaellis2 said...

I can get prego, will just be more difficult with J in ASSghanistan. Let me see if the maintenance guy is busy......................

Unknown said...

1. congrats to amber!
2. i'm right there with you and can't breastfeed.
3. kora and miah are too cute! it's fun when they are still happy to be in school. :)

David and Teresa said...

DOn't let so many things bug you. It makes me sad that you are upset about the breastfeeding. Just ignore others and do what is best for you and your babies. It is not a big deal. I had a very hard time with you and Amy but somehow with Lindsay it just worked. I am so proud of Jakob, Kora and Miah. They are so big and so cute with the school thing. Tell them what I said and I cannnot wait to visit in October. Please rest and take care of you. Love you..Mutha

David and Teresa said...
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Unknown said...

Your kids are just too stinking cute!

And like I've said before, don't beat yourself up about nursing. It totally bums me out that you can be so hard on yourself about it. But I wish this topic didn't go SO far to anti-breastfeeding in the comments whenever it comes up.

I feel strongly about breastfeeding. I do. I think every woman should make her best effort. But that's not a judgment of women who aren't able to do it. I totally understand some women can't nurse, and don't think it has ANY bearing whatsoever on what kind of mother she is. You're a fabulous mom!