Monday, September 14, 2009

Junkety PODUNK....which is where I live.

1. SOOOOOoOOOoo. I got a new bag. Okay here's the deal. I wasn't PLANNING on getting a new diaper bag because I mean my Fleurville one is only A YEAR old and it's stinkin cute as can be. It's perfectly suited to last another year or so.
I went to a boutique and I saw this Kalencom bag and I fell in LooOOoOoVE with it.
I didn't partake of it...
I went home, thought about it.
And then couldn't get it outta my mind. It was in my dreams. My thoughts. There was only one there, it was gonna be gone, I had to buy it, for my baby A...he NEEDS it, I NEED IT....
And then there I was this morning bright and early as they opened.
My name is Jessica and I'm obsessed with this bag.
May I?
And now we're lovers...this bag and I.

2. This one is for Raschel since she's obsessed with country crock butter buttons.
I just bought my newest CC container and to my surprise...
It has an innie.
How unique.

I've never gotten a CC with an innie and I immediately thought, "my lovely friend Raschel would enjoy this almost as much as me."
SO there it is.

3. Here's the sass queen I didn't snap a shot of during her parade. I had to get a picture of the cute hat they made in her class. It's sooo Koko.

4. Since I'm a newly cable owning citizen, any thoughts on the VMA's?

Here are mine...


*Taylor Swift is a doll and I wanna hug her.

*Michael Jackson will always live on, that tribute at the beginning was




*Beyonce in her little "adult onesie" (Jake calls leotards that) was SMOKIN. She gets me all motivated to be skinny and hot and dance like a hoochie mamma ownin my ghetto bootie. I came home today and watched her performance like 3 more times and started crying even. WTC? Come on hormones. I seriously think she may be one of THE MOST classiest superstars around. She's awesome, I love everything about her and I don't really like famous ppl AT ALL.

*Lady Gaga is a freak of nature. The red lace mask? The feathers? The bloody face? The wheelchair and walking stick? The eskimo like face wreath? What is she? The only thing I liked about her was her blonde bouncy hair. Why can't my hair be like that all happy and fun? BUT, she does keep my attention so she's accomplishing her goal...I give her that.

*Uhmm...I used to LOVE Bedtime Stories the movie until I realized what a PERVERT Russel Brand is. He's is 100% DISGUSTING. I couldn't even listen to his commentary. I'll never look at him the same in Bedtime Stories. Yuck. Gross. I thought I was gross...but no...HE IS GROSS.

*The Greenday guy is SOOOOOOO incredibly ugly. Why am I attracted to him?

*And why was iCarly there? Oddness.


Kathy said...

I agree that Kanye West is so RUDE! Beyonce is classy, and way hot. I should be motivated to get my fat self in shape. Love the diaper bag. Very cute.

dena said...

YOU don't like famous people?! whatever. like i don't like hot cheetos.

dena said...

oh, and the bag, definitely CUTE. is it orange or red? LOVE the side buckle!

BUT, (on them, not you) i feel like the zipper pull belongs on your other bag. why is a fleur de lis on a bag made by Kalencom instead of a bag made by Fleurville? i'm sure there's a mind is simple...contradictions confuse me. :)

Jess said...

LOVE that diaper bag! I have an addiction to diaper bags...I want every cute one I see! So far I have 4 in my *collection!*

raschel said...

1. I love that you bought yourself a new bag. Or should I say baby "A" a new bag...I think every baby deserves their own updated bag, even though I'll probably be so poor I wont be able to afford another one.
2. A butter with an INNIE?!?! Thank you for taking a picture of this treasure. I've always hoped for one, and my picture taking friend FOUND one? I LOVE IT. (by the way, I tried leaving the button until the end w/ my last butter and it's just not NEAR as cute w/ it's sides all scraped out).
3. I can't wait until my kids make fun crafts and bring them home.
4. I did not want to admit that I watched the VMA's b/c I never do...and IF I watch it's one of MTV's 100 reruns. But, last night...I did. And I made Luke watch with me. He was so mad at kanye that he updated his facebook status (which makes him sound like a nerd but it NEVER happens so it made me laugh..and I got a good chuckle out of the status as well). Kanye is a jerk and even though I've liked some of his songs, I'm boycotting him from now on. What a JERK. Beyonce is awesome. You could tell from the SECOND he got on stage she was mortified...then she came out and did her dance in her adult onesie (ha, I love that jake!) and I wished I knew every single move to it and luckily, I recorded it bc i'll probably watch it 30 more times. I LOVE IT. And then, she's so classy at the end. I love her. I'm buying all her albums from now on b/c she's so awesome. Lady Ga-ga is a fuh-REAK. The russell guy...I saw him on the view the other day and was uncomfortable during DAYTIME TV, so I KNEW he'd be nasty on MTV. And, it wasn't even funny!!

Valinda said...

Okay so I didn't see the VMA's but I've seen it replayed a million times. I love you new bag it's fabulous and baby A will look amazing next to it.

Anonymous said...

-Butter: Don't you feel like you got ripped off with the butter? Way to look at the bright side of them makin a big O whole in your container!!
-Baby girl: Beautiful
-Baa VMAs: I think Brittany didn't show up because she didn't have any good ideas to how she could TOP everyones performances. It seemed lame that pink was doing acrobats, but for some reason I still think she is awesome and she looked so strong. Funny how we all watch it.

Unknown said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag!! Also, Kanye is a twerp.

Crystal Renee said...

Love that bag! Hotness for Baby A. And Kanye is a douche. He makes me sick. She's 17 and SOOOO deserved it. But I am happy Beyonce gave her back her chance to "actually accept" her very 1st VMA!

Candace said...

LOVE your bag! And Kanye is such an A**!!! However, I watched him on Jay Leno last night and I ALMOST felt sorry for him... but not really. Taylor is the sweetest thing and she's awesome, she deserved it! I watched her on The View today and she's so classy and so talented, it's hard to believe she's as young as she is. I wish I had watched the VMAs. I can't believe I missed so much! But I did watch what Kanye did on YouTube. It's like he thinks the world revolves around him and his opinions or something...

Camilla said...

Cute bag.

I didn't watch the VMAs either but I've seen the YouTubes. Kanye is a jerk for what he did but I was so glad to see Beyonce show some class later on. Did you see Serena on the tennis court? Sunday was just a bad day for some people. Poor character all around.

Laura said...

you know you want to wear an adult onesie all the time. get one that says "i {heart} country crock."
Koko needs to be a fashion designe--Have her make your onesies.

Lindsay said...

firstly... your materialism seems to be an addiction... i might need to take that bag from you... (and keep it for MYSELF). secondly... yeah.. i'm in love with the green day guy too and i don't know why... and thirdly... i don't think you've lost your sarcasm or crass... this entire POST is that!! and i like kora's hat.. it reminds me of Jamiroqui.

***** said...

Thank you for letting me indulge in all the goodness of the vma'! I feel in the loop now. YTB.

Adam & Brandi said...

About the VMA's... Lady GAG me's performance was quite disturbing, to say the least. She's one big WIERD-O! And I totally agree with you about what's his name, the host. HORRIBLE! GROSS! Needs to go back where he came from if he's going to act like that. Are you kidding me?! Loser. Anyway, LOVE the bag. Great taste.