Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday

As most of you already know, 8 years ago today, we experienced the shock of 9-11.
Today the base schools held a freedom walk for all the kids beginning at the time the first plane hit the World Trade Center.
All the children were encouraged to dress patriotically for the special day.
The bells rang at 5 different times of the morning to signify each major event that occurred that morning 8 years ago.
8:46 - Flight 11 hits the World Trade Center
9:03 - Flight 175 hits the World Trade Center
9:45 - Flight 77 hits the Pentagon
10:05 - Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania
10:28 - The World Trade Center collapses.
I'm so thankful that my children are able to know the importance of our military and all they do for this country.
I have so much respect for those who serve our country.
For those families who sacrifice...sometimes EVERYTHING.
Let us remember those who keep going 8 years after they lost their loved ones on this tragic day in history.
Here's what the parade looked like! Super colorful. Some parents walked with their kids as well!

I got this cute picture of my Koko and Miah before I dropped them off.
Miah was the big man on campus in his super cool flight suit and big time Colonel insignia that Jake let him borrow. Kora didn't have anything military so she wore red white and blue.

Jake sported his Charlies? Is that the right name for this uniform? Look at all those ribbons!! This is ONE seasoned Lieutenant.

Miah's class had them wear hats and necklaces! They rocked out their patriotism!


andi said...

That's awesome- it's nice that the schools there still recognize what today is and what happened- your kids are adorable.

Unknown said...

That really is wonderful! What a great way to remember this tragedy.

Karen Valinda said...

Your post brought me to tears, thank you! I grew up military and I love that things are celebrated and remembered and acknowledged on a base (my dad was Air Force).
We just received our first communication from my son-in-law since he deployed Wednesday afternoon, a comment on his wife's blog telling her he is safe in Kuwait and please call his mom to let her know. This is his second tour to Iraq. My grandson is 4mo old and he and his mommy will be staying with us while daddy is gone with the Army. Daddy drives the vehicle that goes looking for IED's... last tour he was injured 3 times. We are hoping he stays out of the hospital this time but as long as he stays safe we can deal with his impatience at not being out with the guys where he belongs.
I wish there were more parades like the one your children were in.

dana j. said...

makes my heart hurt. love it.

Valinda said...

That is so awesome. Your boys look so fabulous in all their gear. Where is Penny's R,W&B?

Anonymous said...

what a special day!

ps... Jake looks just like your hubs in that picture :)

Crystal Renee said...

They look fabulous! Please tell your lover THANKS FOR SERVING COUNTRY! And anyone else who reads this... THANKS A LOT! :)

Erica said...

Very, very sweet!!! Your darling kids look so awesome :)

Candace said...

That's so awesome that their schools did this today. I remember every minute of that day eight years ago and it's wonderful that it's not being forgotten as time passes. The kids look so cute in their little outfits! :)

Aymee said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love Miah...and the rest of the Lowe clan isn't so bad either;) Your kids are absolutely the coolest, cutest kids around. I have to say, I love the Sassy Kora post. I've read it twice and then had to read it to Travis because I think it's the cutest thing ever!

Cranberryfries said...

God Bless our troops. I love that idea to get the kids involved.

***** said...

your boys were the best looking boys there. I apprecitate the school's efforts in memorializing this sad day. I love this country!

Goodnight moon said...

And this is why I must get housing on base!!!! I want my kids to do things like that in their schools....but you know, here in our "different sunshine"....they don't do things like that.

Love the outfits the kids are wearing. I swear, Miah is so yummy looking!

Unknown said...

what a great idea--i love that they wore military type outfits too. our kids are asked to wear red/white/blue that day but i don't think they do anything for the day...i know they don't do a parade. so nice for the kids.

David and Teresa said...

Those are mawmaw's babies. How precious. Hug them all for me, please. Jakob looks so grownup.


PS. Oh yea, what a coool thing to do to help the kids remember and show their patriotism.