Saturday, August 29, 2009

Say a Little Prayer for MEEEE!

Well, not REALLY me...but say a prayer for me for someone ELSE.
Does that make sense?
On Monday this sweet Pops will be undergoing a serious surgery.
If you don't mind, or if you have the time, or if you remember, please say a little prayer that all will go well on Monday and Pops will re-emerge from the surgery just as perfect as he was before...wedgies and all!
Whats that?
You don't recognize him?

Maybe this photo will help jog your memory.
Eeeeerily similar, am I right?

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!
We love you Pops of ours!


Bonnie said...

We'll be thinking of you Pops! Hope you have a quick recovery!

Sara said...

prayers for a speedy and full recovery coming your way!!!

Camilla said...

fuuunny pictures. he'll be on my prayer list.

Goodnight moon said...

They look like twins!

Pops, hope you have a safe and healthy surgery and recovery!

Candace said...


dena said...

i'm pretty sure pops is thrilled that you've shared this most wonderful of photos with us all! pops rocks!

Lindsay said...

okay.. we all love pops.. but i'm surprised you didn't even MENTION the handicapped child NEXT to pops. is that austin or kevin? poor kid.. he needs some direction, which is it? shorts or pants!?!? you can't do both!

kelly manz said...

OMG i love nacho libre!! seriously! thanks for the laugh! and Pops is definitely in our thoughts!

Kristin Collins Rasmussen said...

That. is. hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, all the cool kids in soccer would wear their shorts over their sweats. I was trying to be cool. We see how that turned out!

I know now why I love Nacho Libre so much. I've lived with him for 20yrs.


Unknown said...

That picture is AWESOME!! Hope his surgery went well and he's recovering nicely.