Monday, July 27, 2009

GNO Summer 2009

Here's the usual group! We've changed slightly. Some of us have put on a TAD bit of extra weight. I was worried my GNO friends wouldn't recognize me if I wasn't pregnant so I went ahead and planned on having the belly for them like last year. Thankfully they recognized me.
Kempy and I met for pedicures before the gathering and she paid for my hot pink toes. Isn't she a doll?
L to R:
Kempy, Natalie, Me, Deanna, Laura, and Isela
(is that a baby in my butt?)

I'm really not THAT excited about showing my chubbiness. I'm in mid laughter because of all the previous yoga poses we were doing in preparation for this picture.

I can't tell you EVERYTHING we said and did. It's just too much for the natural man to handle. But I will give you a few snippets of our fun. goes:
Health care funds
Saggy boobs
Granola birth
Tummy tucks
Bladder lifts
Jumping jacks
Coughing and sneezing accidents
A four day muthas getaway
Kempy's floral puffy sleeve dress
Isela's farting issues
Child sized ice cream dips
Shooting Insulin
"Miami Days" friends
Elephant knees
Potty training boys vs. girls
Cute skull shoes
More kids or not?
Old school drama
January 2012
What you see in mirrors while birthing
An entire IV bag full of liquid for "cleaning out"
Throwing up in pint size basins
Not hugging cottage cheese babies
And much MUCH more!
Love you friends!


Bonnie said...

Sounds like a very entertaining night. Fun!

Lindsay said...

wait... Isela farts? wow. coulda fooled me. and who's getting a bladder lift!?! i think i'll need one after i'm done having kids. and why don't your arms swell up big and ugly when you are pregnant like mine do? i swear. it's so hideous.

Unknown said...

LOVE the pic of you and Deanna!

Jess said...

I've been so worried that you would post gory details about me. Phew! Our friendship is still on :)

***** said...

So, you're saying you asked lots of questions of everyone and shared the homebirth story with them... what a fun night!
Getting back to the roots is the best. You have pretty TX friends.

Carolina said...

love the picture of you and deanna...cute!

maybe one day i can be a part of this group...maybe yall will let me into your club..hehehe!!!

glad you had lotsa fun in tejas!!

Anonymous said...

J, you look great!! Glad you got to see your friends!

Marnie said...

Sorry to have missed it! Sounds like ya'll had a great time. I miss Texas!!

raschel said...

I'm gonna need you to elaborate on these topics. The drama is no fun unless you KNOW what it means! Also...any time i see "GNO" my first thought is that you're saying "gyno" (short for "gynecologist"). Do you like this one by the way? or are you planning on a home birth?

Unknown said...

You are SUCH a cute pregnant lady, Jessica!