Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Trip to the Doctor - in pictures :)

Today Penny had a special appointment with a special doctor that lives almost 2 hours away from my house. So I loaded up all the kids and divided up the chickens...

Between this lady.

And this lady.
(notice how hot and skinny I am normally *cough* Heather *cough* unlike I am right now with a baby growing in my belly as well as my RUMP. I'm just sayin.)

After all the drop-offs there was only me and this guy left.

And we were off to the GI doctor for good times!

When we got there, the doctor wasted no time. He slipped on some latex gloves and stuck one of these digits in Izey's bumhole. Aye yi yi...nothin like a finger in the rectum to say hello. Penny didn't cry though, he just got all red faced and started huffin and puffin as if he was entering PA (poop attack) mode. Poor guy. Kept lookin at me like, "you gonna let this guy do this?"
Dr. Butter Finger took out a sample of poo.
(yuck, didn't wanna google that one.)
He took it to be tested next door to make sure it didn't have any of this in it.

Okay that picture is gross, sorry.
Anywho, the test (which only took MAX 3 minutes...hello, why didn't they do this last time when I was collecting poo for three days?!?! Ugh) came back...

Yipee! No blood, all clear.
So the doctor heard the history of the formula crap, knew Penny's family history as far as Koko being allergic to milk and he diagnosed Penny as being VERY allergic to the protein in this junk.

He told me no more of that for the little man.
I wanted to know why all that crap happened back then so he told me HIS opinion which I greatly appreciated since no one had ever taken the time to EXPLAIN things to me.
So Penny's tummy can't handle the protein in milk.
When he was on milk based formula for so long, it tore his stomach up.
When we switched to soy to solve the problem it only made things worse because his stomach was so yucky at that point that the soy was too harsh for the stomach to digest AND heal from the milk.
So it didn't. It just made Penny MORE sick, plus constipated.
Hence, the ER visit.
Then we switched to the gold formula (Nutramigen).
This was like medicine for his belly.
Finally allowing the belly to heal while still nourishing him. Mmmm.
We also did the original stool samples at that time which came back with blood in it.
Meaning that the stomach was still yucky inside and repairing itself.
Now the blood is gone and Penny is happy all the time.
So Dr. Butter Finger said, let's keep Penny on this yummy stuff.
And if I want, when Penny turns 2,

I can try to introduce THIS again very slowly. Because Kora has practically grown out of her milk allergy, he thinks Penny will too.

What about other dairy products I asked?

He says they should be fine! To try them slowly one at a time to see how he reacts to them.

And then, being the smart uneducated girl I am, I asked...
What about eggs?
Eggs? he says?
Yes...eggs? You know...they're dairy.
Uhmm. No.
Dr. Butter Finger had to remind me that eggs come from chickens and milk comes from cows. Not related.
Yes, he pointed that out to me in those exact words.
Thank you.
Thank you Dr. for reminding me of how stupid I am.
My face turned red and I wanted to take a nervous sip of something but I didn't have a drink or anything.

Well, how bout chicken legs? Is that okay for the Penny?
Why yes of course.
Let him have at it.
Who doesn't love the Lover's chicken legs all yummy and crispy and juicy?
(see that one I already ate? Mmm)

And as we were discussing food, Isaak, who had been crawling all over the floor because heaven forbid he TRY to walk...comes up to me with a mouthful of who knows what.
I scoop it out and it's a ball of foil he found on the ground.
So I hold it up and show Dr. Butter Finger.
Well how about foil Dr.? Do you think foil would be good for him?
Uhmm, probably not he says with a grin.
The trip was successful.
I got all my questions answered and Penny got taken advantage of.
He was wasted on the way home.
Wouldn't you be?

Yay for healthy Pennies!


Bonnie said...

Hey, Emmalyn drinks that yummy Rice Milk. Our poor poor allergy-ridden children. Well, hopefully from now on he'll grow big and strong!

But in the future, please try to protect the poor baby from intruding fingers.

andi said...

Oh my gosh, this is the first time my comment has come in BEFORE number 20! So glad to hear he's doing better- my friend at work just went through the SAME thing with her daughter, and now she drinks the nectar of rice, too :) It's pretty tasty, though! Except I don't know if she got the pokey finger...

David and Teresa said...

I knew that boy was OK. He just has to get use to this world a little at a time. You rock boy! Paw Paw

Kris said...

Man you have a cute kid. Harrison was making good progress walking, then totally reverted back to crawling. I'm glad you found a good doctor who took the time to explain it to you. Who knew milk didn't come from chickens? I bet if you squeezed hard enough...

dena said...

i'm laughing. eggs....... i'm laughing again. love it! nervous sip. i can so see you squirming with a little nervous laugh. not at all like my BIG laugh right now. and, foil, good save. get him with the humor.

so glad isaak is better and able to get back at all the food...especially eggs!!

Valinda said...

Yay for productive doctor visits! Bunnies lay eggs for Easter so how should you know cows don't too? LOL

Dana said...

i am so glad you got your answers.. and that penny is great... he is such a good lookin boy...btw.thanks for the great piece of bling.. I love it and so did the girls... they thought it was sassy..:-)

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...


Do chickens even have teets to squeeze?


Awwww YEa. lovin the bling bling i sent ya!! glad to hear it!

Candace said...

I'm so glad to hear that Penny is all shiny and... healthy! Nothing could sound better. And also glad to know that he should outgrow it. I always wonder about allergies with babies like that, because I've never known an adult with like... a dairy or even peanut allergy. Anyway... poor penny's hiney. I hope it's not all sore from being probed.

Candace said...

And I love how penny always has his blue blanket. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :)

Local Girl said...

I do not dislike fat people at all, despite what Bonnie tells you! She's a turd. You two talk way to much!Or should I say text?! Which is it really? Seriously though. I make many exceptions to fat people, not many just a few, especially cute little babies exceptions like your little Isaak, my little Deveraux and since you are growing a baby I can't really call you fat during your baby making stage either. So, I would like to blame all of this on Summer, that girl is so skinny she gives everyone a complex. Darn you Summer Kehr!!

Michelle Peyronet said...

Eggs? Really??? You didn't seriously ask about eggs being dairy did you???? Thanks for the SUPER funny visual story to start my morning right!
Love you cuz!!

Michelle Peyronet said...

yikes....I'm not Porter anymore....I wonder what I do to change that....

Goodnight moon said...

Wow...where did you find that pic of the two of us? Cute!

And I really loved the egg part too:) Especially when you were telling it to me on the first, I didn't get that eggs weren't dairy either. Thats why we are such great friends....both unedUMcated together:)

Anonymous said...

poor little penny! He looks exhausted after his appointment!

Honestly, I thought eggs were dairy. We can be dumb together!

Froggylady said...

Yay for answers and healthy babies!!

Glad Penny's not allergic to fingers in his bum, but maybe he shouldn't get that all the time the poor thing!

Lindsay said...

okay...when enos read the part about eggs being dairy to me i laughed so hard tears were peaking out of my eyes and the laugh sounded like an old man who had just taken a big gulp of whiskey- dry and wheezey.... AWESOME. the funny part is...i SWEAR they taught us wrong in elementary school because i get those brain farts and think eggs are dairy sometimes too.... odd.

***** said...

I appreciate the breakdown of your day into kindergarten style with all the pictures & diagrams because sometimes I can't remember exactly how blood looks.
all that dairy aggs and cheese talk is makin' me hungry. I think I'll go eat, A Lot. Maybe I'll gain 100 lbs and then all you crazies will stop looking at my buns and comparing them with your own. Specially since we all wear the same size on a regular, non-prego day.

Kris said...

Jess, ask the doctor about chickens and teets next time you go.

Laura said...

Being violated really knocks you out...

Too bad you have to drive that far to get your questions answered.

Sara said...

HaHa...Brynlee is allergic to eggs and I have had the same question from very thoughtful people "What about dairy?" and also "What about chickens-you know since they lay the egg" I usually want to laugh at them but I know they are only asking to be safe.

Unknown said...

Awe, poor Izzey. Glad he's a healthy little guy!