Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank you's...because I suck at sending out cards lately.

I know most of you won't believe this. Well most of my newly acquired friends won't. I used to be like this ultra fabulous girl that would send out custom invites to parties, custom thank you's for everything, I'd throw amazing parties with fabulous detail. Something happened to me between Texas and Virginia. I suddenly lost all time and motivation to be perfect. Oh wait, I had a baby too so maybe that's it. I'm such a HUGE slacker when it comes to saying thank you now and I hate it because I still feel on my shoulders all the things I SHOULD be saying thank you for, but I haven't. Lemme dedicate his post to my most recent gifts and from now on....
I won't be sending thank yous all the time. No. I know you thought I was about to say I would get better but I don't think I will. There will be another addition added to my already crazy life in October so I won't 'get better. But I'll be sure to do posts like this instead. Sound good?
So 21st century isn't it?
Thank you for the awesome webcam you sent me. I was never a fan of webcams before. I always thought just the name "webcam" sounded dirty and scandalous. Ever since we saw you Sunday morning in your hat with the house background, I got happy :) I love seeing you there in my house talking to my kids. Thank you for being so thoughtful. And yes, I bought a microphone yesterday so we're all set!

Thank you sweet dear for always making rice krispy treats for every occasion, trip to the beach or pool. They are simply delicious and I'm sure you can tell all the kids love them as well because there is never ANY left once we hit them. You are the reason my thighs look...

...like this. Thank you. OH, and you are a wonderful lifesaver to me all the time when I need you to watch my kids. I'm so thankful to have you around.

Thank you my dear old friend for thinking of my poor traumatized face during my crazy product hysteria. You were thoughtful enough to send me some fabulous beauticontrol products to help my skin get back to normal and I am absolutely LOVING them. I will definitely be ordering the full size. Not to mention you ALWAYS send my kids bday presents without fail. WOW, you're amazing. I'll try calling you again before this week is over. You really are awesome :) Always have been (since the 2nd grade) always will be :)


My dear sweet SS. Thank you SO much for my beautiful hostess gift. It could not be MORE perfect. You know where my heart lies and you hit it right on the head with this lovely Brighton Texas charm bracelet. I wear it SOOO proudly almost every single day because it makes me feel closer to home when I am oh so far far away. This gift to me was better than the gifts I gave YOU on your birthday. THATS how awesome you are. I truly thank you for everything you do.

Dear new friend. Not only did you produce an amazing shirt design for our SS, you also threw in a little special something JUST for me. I fell in love with these headbands at anthropologie but wasn't gonna spend $30 bucks on one. Then you reproduced them on your blog and I fell in love again. THEN, you secretly slipped one for me in my package you sent. What a doll. I love it and I plan to wear it when I'm birthing this October with my freshly cut bangs. I'm sure it will make me feel lovely :)

Thank you lovely lady for making this yummy jam that I canNOT get enough of. It's so divine that I never want it to end. The garden grown strawberries that you made this with were soooo yummy and sooo sweet and this jam is exactly what I need every morning on my toast and bagels. You're so precious with your HOT bag and I just loved having you over at my house while you were here.

Thank you for the sexy girl salt and pepper shakers.
Oh wait.
I got this for YOU.
But it's still hot right?


Crystal Renee said...

TOO CUTE! I love the salt and pepper shakers... you always make me LAUGH!

Goodnight moon said...

WOW!!!! So, now I'm sweet Amber, and not "stinky" Amber.

Your most welcome!!!! Of course, you know that I always owe you for watching all my kids too!!!! Your such a dear sweet friend, and well....you can say that I love you! Okay, that was really weird to write on here...and kinda weird since your NOT emotional about that kind of stuff. But its the truth!

Remember, I'm watching your kids on Thursday!!!!! Okay, so I need all your bloggers to pressure her into this. She has an appt for Izey in Greenville, which is about 1 1/2 hr from here...(sometimes 2hrs) and she wants to take all her 500 kids with her to the appt. I have told her HECK NO, I will watch them, and I've even had it marked on my calander since she told me of the appt. So, put the pressure on Jessica, and tell her that it will make her life so much easier to be able to concentrate on Izey for his appt.

Goodnight moon said...

Oh...and....what happened to the salt n pepper shakers?!?! I thought "something" happened to them?!?! They look perky and perfect now:)

Staci said...

Man those rice crispy treats made my mouth water until I scrolled down..thanks jessica! I'm jealous steph made you a headband...she still hasn't made me one...so feel special. I might steal one! Dang no fair aunt debbie homemade jam :(..why do you get all the good stuff. And seriously not fair w/ the salt and pepper shakers those would go perfectly on my kitchen table :P

Laura said...

I'm too traumatized by the salt and pepper shakers to type...i'll try back later.
Stop taking naked pictures of me to post on your blog. (The jiggly thighs...not the s & p shakers).

nat said...

hahaha..the salt and pepper shakers are great!

andi said...

What in the? Leave it to you...

Candace said...

Where in the crap did you get those salt and pepper shakers??? And do they actually sit on the kitchen counter?

And Amber really does make great rice crispy treats. Leave your kids with her for the doctor's appointment!!! Why would you not take advantage of that?? That's what you guys are there for! I'm jealous, I wish I lived nearby so I could be in on all this you keep my kids for this.. I'll keep your kids for that. You've got a rockin situation set up there. Leave them. They'll be fine. If they climb on the roof, she'll help them down... AFTER she documents it with the camera for great blogging material.. :)

Lindsay said...

suh suh suh SEXY nips! i'm glad you picked them out while you were here. and i'm jealous of all the free things you get from people.

El Cid said...

"always good for a laugh" That should be your new motto. Now I feel like I ought to send you presents so I can get a special thank you too ... hmmm - Valinda

Stephanie Kelly said...

Ahhh you are welcome for the headband. You will look adorable wearing it while birthing your babe...even when you are sweating and squealing like a pig ;) And new bangs...your gunna look fierce!! Also, JEALOUS...I love that salt and pepper shaker...it would go perfect with the "naked, spread eagle, female mug" along with the "boner male mug" (yes, they fit together ;)....that my husband got me couple years ago!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that headband!! Gorgeous!

David and Teresa said...

Your welcome Jessica. It was so fun talking to your family today on the webcam. I do feel like you are so close to us this way. Make Lindsay get signed up with Skype so we can all talk. Love Dad

raschel said...

S&P shakers are SO funny. You're crazy!

Bonnie said...

I bet it's pretty hard to bless the food with those babies peeking over the rolls.

***** said...

I love THANK YOU CARDS on line.
* Thank you for thanking me for the braclet even though everytime I see the happiness from you whenyou are wearing it is thanks enough. It looks good on your Klyde wrists.
*The jam is amazing isn't it. Love my mama!
*The headband is perfectly perfect. Get bangs!
*webcam...dirty girl.
*I haven't said it but your skin is looking quite lovely lately-sweet natlie-I thank you too, now I don't have to look away from the lepracy
*I have not seen those shakers...I expect to use them on my comfort food Saturday!
*Amber's rice krispy treats rule!

Tatiana said...

Where did you get those awesome shakers? I need to get Brent some, too.