Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Junk like a Jalopy

1. I spend a lot of time on my phone. Remember my anniversary present that I didn't think was up to par because I wanted that ring so badly? Well, I guess I take that back. I LOVE my phone. Sometimes when I'm in the bathtub on my phone I start thinking of it falling in and how upset I would be that all my information is lost. I honestly don't know how I survived before my phone. I use it for everything. ALL the time. Sometimes I think my lover wishes he never got me the phone in the first place. The other day I was using my phone on the couch, all cozy in my sweats and my lover started feeling like the amount of attention I was giving the phone was unfair. He kept bugging me by putting his head in my lap. I decided to trick him and make him THINK I was on the phone when really, I was taking pictures of him being lonely in my lap. Silly lover. Phones are for girls.

2. So here's the fabulous tooth story. Kora came into my room on Sunday saying her tooth was loose. It was, slightly, but not really. She kept wiggling it and wiggling it saying she REALLY wanted to lose her first tooth. I took a look at it and knew it wasn't near ready to come out but I told her IF she wanted me to, I'd pull it out for her. I told her it would probably hurt and she would be able to hear meat tearing when I did it. I thought she'd re-nig on her desires, but no. She jumped in the bed and laid her head in my lap and said, "okay I'm ready!" I grabbed that little tooth and pulled it all the way forward where it almost laid flat. You could hear the meat ripping and Koko made a little whimper. I let up. Then I pushed it all the way BACK and again, meat ripping from the front. She asked, "is it out?" Not yet my Koko, one more pull. Are you ready? I got some tissue paper, held on to that sucker and RIPPED it out! I got it! She jumped up and ran to the mirror...."OH MY GOSH!!" she said, "MY FIRST TOOTH!!" She made sure to note how she didn't even cry like Jakob when I had to pull HIS tooth that was barely hanging from a single strand of meat. This girl is tough.

3. Elton Izey.

4. Every Saturday I have these hot guys come to my house and wash my car for me. Inside AND out. Not only do they leave it smelling fresh like strawberries, sparkling and crumb free, they're also some good eye candy for me while they work.
A t-shirt with the sleeve cut off.
Hotness with a capital H.

Aye yi yi...look at those calves made of rocks.
Wet t-shirt penny!

5. On Saturday the whole family went to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some beach chairs and new towels. Isaak is a PAIN at most places. He hates being in the cart, hates being held, wiggles and squirms until you're holding him like a log and the people passing you think you're a bad mom. I let him down to crawl on the dirty nasty floor near the kids because I needed to concentrate on some purchases, plus my back was killing me fighting with him. About 2 minutes he was gone. Where is PENNY?!?! I screamed!! We all scattered to find him and just around the corner, he was there picking out hand towels.

6. So my dad sent me a webcam in the mail and got me all set up on skype now. If you wanna find me you can. I'm jesslynlowe. But I'm not gonna answer if I look nasty....which should be the case most days until, ohh....the end of the year. SO don't bother trying to find me.
7. I'm planning a celebration for my tiny guy. Penny is turning 1 cent on Saturday! I had originally planned to just do a family dinner because Pops, Kim and Evan will be in town visiting us. But then I thought it would be fun-ER if I had my Summer Sister and Stinky Amber (and Candace if she would be in town) and THEIR families over to meet my FIL and his family. More people = more food and I'm all about the food right now. It won't be much, just lots of GOOOOD comfort food, friends, a cake and a big boy Penny. Oh and maybe I'll rent a jumpy for the kids to play outside so they aren't in my house being loud and messy. And maybe I'll do a LITTLE decorating, with pennies of course. And maybe a small craft? Cute penny party favors? Place settings with Penny's face on the penny?
I'm kidding.
Think simple Jessica.
8. I'm getting really excited about our new house on base! I can't wait to be there and be so close to everything. It's gonna be soooo nice. PLEASE pray for us that this house we are in will rent soon! If we can get renters in it before the end of August we won't have to fulfill our lease which ends in November. It would be such a weight off our shoulders to not have to worry about paying TWO rents for 3 months. PLEASE pray for us!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
9. After my nasty girl post I got a phone call from my FIL (who never leaves comments but loves to call and TELL me his comment over the phone). He was mad at me for not using the correct terminology in reference to the feeling you get when you have to poo. I called it "poo contractions" because I thought it would describe the feeling to a T. he informed me that since I AM a Lowe, the CORRECT word is "poop attack" or PA. He said he can't be running around telling people he has "poo contractions". It's PA Jess...get it right. Forgive me Pops. For I have sinned.
10. I wish I could win the lottery.
Pray for that too while you're praying for my house to lease.


Kathy said...

Okay, I love the tooth story. Kafra has had two loose teeth and I had to pin her down and yank them out when I could see the big one coming in behind.

I love cute Penny making mischief in the store. He is just practicing now so he can have some fine-tuned skills when he has a younger sibling to help him in his cute mischievous ways.

Candace said...

I love the picture of the lover in your lap. Poor guy. He just wants a little attention. :)

And Kora is a rockstar! Holy crap, I can remember willing my teeth around with my tongue when they were about to fall out and scared to death that it would hurt even a little! She's fearless! I think you should definitely keep her in gymnastics, she'll for sure be an olympian one day.

And is this an official invite to Penny's party? Because if so, we are there! Make sure, though, I don't want to get my hopes all up like last time and then you guys change your minds and decide you don't really want me there. ;)

Candace said...

ummm.. that's supposed to say "wiggling" my teeth around....

Goodnight moon said...

So, its offical...I guess I should change my name on my birth certificate to "stinky Amber". My mom will love that!

I can't wait to meet your FIL and family! Party on!!!! Can't wait for some good yummy in my tummy food! **Candace, you better be there!**

And my lover gets upset at me too when I spend too much time on my Iphone. But it is so awesome to know that you have the internet at your finger tips while your laying in bed. He gets really jealous and then turns into my fake dad.

David and Teresa said...

My Kora is so tough. Way to go Kora. Jessica did you get a microphone for your computer? Hope you did so I can make another video call to you and hear you this time. Love Dad

Unknown said...

Wow, Kora is really tough! I can't believe she let you do that!! I, too, am addicted to my iPhone. I'm getting the new one next month when my contract is up! :)

Laura said...

Turn on Webkinz for A while you play on your phone. And please send the car washers to my house. And Elton. He's getting alot of hair--it looks like a toupee in the elton one. And he looks just like Kora in that pic at BB&B.

Amanda said...

loving this post...sorry I am too tired to think of any great comment to any one specific thing on it!

Kim said...

I hate hearing about wiggly teeth, I hate seeing kids wiggle their teeth. I don't know what I am going to do when my kids start loosing their teeth

Lindsay said...

this post was MIIIIGHTY long. maybe you should rethink posting things this long.. i almost had to take a break and then come back. but i didn't.. because that would disappoint you. actually.. it was really interesting... so interesting in fact that enos was talking to me about something and i was preTENDING to listen but really i was reading your post. great.. i hope it wasn't anything TOO important.