Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Double Dose of Love on 9

So I numbered all my followers and made a super big extra long double wide list of them all. Then I used my handy dandy Random Number Picker to choose TWO numbers. The two numbers it told me were the shiniest, luckiest and fanciest TODAY were, 50 and 7.
Wanna know who's names I found by those numbers?
I'll tell you.
Dana M.
The Chamber's Family Blog
Congrats my two good buddies! You are the future recipients of some fabulous
Email me (on the sidebar) with your mailing address and it'll be on it's way!
Vicki, I'm also sending that swimmer we talked about finally. I was waiting to make ONE trip to the post office so once I get these addresses, it's on it's way too!
Do YOU wanna be eligible for next month's double dose of love on 9 drawing? All you have to do is click that fancy little "follow" button on the left hand sidebar. Then you get to be updated in your dashboard every time I write a new post.
It's easy AND fun.
Everyone is doing it.
72 ppl are.


Goodnight moon said...

Seriously!?!?! Your such a nerd!!!!! I guess everyone will be getting some good "Lowe Junk" since your trying to weed out stuff from your house for your upcoming move. Way to recycle!!!

Candace said...

hahahaha.... crazy girl.... ;)

Carolina said...

You're officially OUT OF CONTROL!
Wait...I've already said this to you before, I think.

Well...there it is again! If it wasn't for the fact that you're my friend...I don't know....

on and btw..I'm glad you're my friend (OOC or not)!