Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Breath of Fresh Air

Blah. Let's get as far away as we can from all that drama. It makes me feel yucky.
This past Saturday we met our friends at the beach for some good times and boy were they had! The kids worked hard on digging holes. Here's another tangent for ya that just popped in my head. When I was little and we'd go visit my Grandma Willis I'd always get all my cousins together to dig a hole in her backyard. I told them if we kept digging we could dig straight to the devil. Isn't that weird. Why did I think that? And why only in her backyard?
The bigger kids and the fake dads (aka husbands) boogie boarded on the wild waves. Austin got raw nips which he's STILL complaining about. I told him he should try having a freakin BABY suck on those things for 6 weeks straight. Or even better, an industrial powered PUMP. If you wanna talk raw, I'll talk raw...Oh yea. I'll talk raw, cracked AND bleeding. "Nipples are raw" butt.
You don't know raw.
That's a passionate subject for me.
Another tangent.

Here's like 1/4 of the clan.
Just so you know, this is THE VERY FIRST picture EVER of my Summer Sister to make it onto my blog. I figured since she's ONLY my 4th best friend (maybe 5th, not sure) then why show her off all the time?
There's Isaak secret tent getaway.
Hey Lindsay and Amy...remember when Enos got in that tent and sat like Buddha?

Here are the two precious mermaids that washed ashore as we sat.
Aren't they lovely?

I'm so happy that Penny loves the beach. He went for hours just playing in the sand and water. He had sand in every little roll on his body and STILL didn't care.

Sometimes he tried to get too close to the hole the kids were digging so the Sunflower had to "remove him from the premises" like Gail did to me. He hated it just as much as I did. I think I made that same face.

At the end of the day Penny was ready to go. he looks blotchy red in this picture but he really didn't get a single ounce of sunburn on his bod. We all did pretty good with the sunscreen.

I would have had more pictures from my fun beach day with Candace BUUUUT...
It didn't exist. She stood me up.
But for some reason, I still like her. I'm going to give her another chance.
Also Bday pictures from Summer's luncheon are coming....
That is,
If Amber will ever get off lazy butt and SHARE those pictures.


Bonnie said...

Maybe you watched Ghostbusters and thought Grandma was the Gatekeeper? Does she look like Rick Moranis... or was he the Key Master? I think he was the Key Master. So maybe your grandma looked like Sigourney Weaver.

Anyway, I'm glad you had so much fun at the beach! Why aren't there any pictures of YOU at the beach! I wanna see the pregnant belly in a swimmer!

Oh and tell Summer, Happy Birthday! Maybe for her birthday she can invite me to her freakin' blog!

Candace said...

That is odd about thinking the devil lived under the ground in your grandma's backyard... hmm... is the the grandma that you were really close to?

And sorry for standing you up. It wasn't me, it was my phone. Did you get my self-loathing texts last night?

Candace said...
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Lindsay said...

grandma was certainly a gatekeeper. she always had things in order. Gosh i miss her. and wow.. the beach looks so fun.. i can't wait to live near one myself. :) i love penny's fun sand time. he might be a geologist when he grows up. and could the mermaids BE more lovely? i don't think so.

Froggylady said...

Interesting that the gate to hell was in grandma's backyard.

dena said...

i can't get over HOW much kora and isaak are like girl and boy version of the same kid (at least at this point).

looks like you had a great time!!!

Amanda said...

I guess I have to call him Penny now instead of Izey? I love his white hat and sand covered body and I am very proud of you for not letting him get sunburned:) LOL!

David and Teresa said...

Looks like lots of fun. Where is my Jakob? No pictures of Jakob? Dad

***** said...

THAT is the phot you schoose to be my first showing. NICE. Can't wait for the fashion show so I can get it all out about me and that photo. Let's make a date and get it over with.

Jessica said...

I'm so jealous you guys live near the beach!!!

Such cute kids.

Unknown said...

So cute! Did I miss where you said why you call him Penny? I don't remember and it puzzles me.

David and Teresa said...

I love those babies and the pics. where is my Jakob? hmmmm...

David and Teresa said...

That little Sunflower is adorable.
I love her face.
Kora has cleavage?
Uh oh....AUSTIN!!!! better watch out.