Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dancing with the Stars Overview

Okay yes. I will admit, this is one of my MOST favorite shows and given the fact that last night was the finale for this season, I HAVE to do an overview because I have SOO much to say.
First of all, most of you know I don't have cable. I get two channels on my silly little tv, one them being ABC, thank GOSH! So I've been able to cozy up in bed the last several weeks every Monday night and enjoy me some of this good dancin.
Last night I had planned to stay up to watch the finale, but holy smokes...TWO HOURS of this crap? Seriously, all we need to do is announce the winner. Who cares about the next dancer to join the team, Lady Gaga and her one legged tights and jacked up hair, the comedian who did nothing but make everyone feel extremely uncomfortable....WHO CARES. I wanna know who won and that's stinkin ALL.
Needless to say, I pooped out and went to bed so I didn't find out till this morning.
Before I begin I must preface...
LIL KIM should have been the winner.
What in the freakin TARNATION happened that night?
She should have been in the top three and taken the trophy.
But whatever.
I AM ECSTATIC that my little Shawn Johnson took the trophy!
Honestly, I didn't think she could pull it off. Not because she wasn't way, that girl can move. She makes me tired with all the bouncing she does. I was more worried she didn't have the votes, the sex appeal, the drama...all that crap that doesn't really matter anyway.
Boy was I wrong.
Maybe the audience FINALLY got tired of all that stuff and went for the good 'ole girl.
The sweet one.
YAY for Shawn and Mark.
You guys rock. I hope you fall in love too because you're really cute and I SWEAR I saw Mark grab her bootie Monday night..swear I did!
Even in front of her mom and dad!

Now let me take a moment to tell you WHY I felt it necessary for Shawn to win.
Why not Cheryl and Gilles you ask?
So Gilles seems like a really nice guy. He has a cute family, cute kids and he seems to be very genuine. He's a great dancer too! Based solely on dancing, I say GO GILLES!
My only tiff with this duo is stinkin CHERYL BURKE.
Could she be any more of a man stealer? Like EVERY dance she was thinkin, "I wonder how many times I can get away with rubbing my boobs up against Gilles, slingin my legs around his waist, stickin my crotch on his thigh and fake kissing him. Just HOW many times can I do this in front of his sweet little wife?" What a B. Show some freakin respect Cheryl. I know dancing involves touching but look at Shawn and Mark, they didn't get all dirty on the floor and they STILL looked great. It's just rude. Simply put. Have some couth. You make me sick.

Now Melissa and Tony...
Tony you're sweet but sometimes you look like your face is sunken in and it scares me a little. Other than that, I think you're great.
Okay first of all I'm confused at who the actual "STAR" is in this couple. Wasn't Tony in the spotlight long before Melissa?
Second, I feel like Melissa got to this point solely on pity. It's horrible what happened to her but didn't she CHOOSE to be on TV? Hello? You don't think producers invoke drama?
Don't get me wrong, this girl has got moves. She was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for cryin out loud and I'm all for my Texas friends. I just feel like she came outta no where and then BOOM. She wins DWTS? No. Which I'm glad. I think she deserved to be in the top three, but not win, not another show.

That being said, I enjoyed the season and all the great dancers. Especially sweet little Ty Murray that I wanna hug and carry in my pocket to squeeze whenever I get lonely. Is he not just a precious ball of love? Not the darndest cute, and has absolutely NO rhythm, but so sweet. Good job just moved up in my book!

Can't wait for next season!!!


Gabby said...

I know, I'm so excited for Ms. Shawn Johnson she's absolutely adorable and just their expression when they won. They were so humble, like they really couldn't believe it. There was only a 1% difference between her and Gilles in the votes and I was so glad she took it. Totally agree with the comment about Cheryl. She did it with Drew too and it made me sick. Just the way she hugs and hangs on them and kisses seems really innapropriate to me. But then I have to admit that for a second there last night after Mark and Shawn danced it looked like he wanted to kiss her and I would have totally loved it because they're just so darn cute together and he totally respects and admires her. Oh my gosh, am I rambling? Can you tell I love this show? Love love love it and really this was the best season ever. I had to watch because unlike other seasons I really had no idea who was going to take it. Way to go Shawn!

Froggylady said...

I so agree with you! I loved Shawn this season! I also really enjoyed Steve-O though and would have liked to see him make it further. Given his personality and what he's famous for I felt that he really took the dancing serious and tried hard. He didn't make a mockery of it like Adam Corolla and for that I liked him. I didn't even know Melissa until this show and I think Lil Kim should have been in the top 3 and not her.

Stephanie Kelly said...

Agreed to everything said!!! And Very excited that Americas Sweetheart won!!!

Carolina said...

Yay for Shawn Johnson! I have been watching her gymnastic performances on youtube..and just think she's amazing!!

Have you noticed that all the Olympic Gold medal winners always win DWTS? Think about it...Apolo Ohno, Kristi Yamaguchi, and now Shawn! It's that competitive force and drive that they carry deep within! Just an observation is all!

Aaaand Cheryl is the biggest hoochie...ughhh!

And I have always loved Jewel...and're right sooo precious!

hmm...what else...I wish lil Kim didn't look so michael jackson scary! I liked old hardcore, ghetto kim, with her real nose and boobs...but whateva!

Bonnie said...

Whatever, this show isn't really all it's cracked up to be. I'm more of a biggest loser type. It's ok, and I actually did watch the finale (which drug on forever). But I think it was the only thing that was on last night. By the way, my brother-in-law rode bulls with Ty Murray. He's from Stephenville, which is right by my town. I could put in a good word for you :-)

Lindsay said...

i'm with bonnie on this one.. i watched biggest loser instead. but i am glad that shawn one.. i like her.

Goodnight moon said...

Thank you for the TOTAL recap, since I too fell asleep. I was totally shocked that Shawn won, I thought that Gilles had it!

Your so G8!!!!!

Kim said...

Thank you SO much for that recap, I don't feel like I missed anything now for not watching!!

Dana said...

Ok.. I agree with all of your points.. I am glad to see america with for sweet... Your right about cheryl.. little to much if you ask me... also, what did you think about Kris????? AI...

Cranberryfries said...

I am so so sad that I missed this season. We dont have broadcast tv and this show I miss ever so much. (I have to hulu The Office and 30 Rock cause they're stinkin hilarious!)

Unknown said...

Dancing with the Has Beens. Blah.