Thursday, May 7, 2009

BN5 A gift for the girl?? I hope.

Okay honestly when people ask me what I HOPE I'm having I usually say I don't care. Either way I'll be happy, because really, I WILL. BUT, deep...deep within the depths of my soul I REALLY REALLY REALLY want you to be a girl. Because...

1. I haven't been able to do fun girl clothes in a LOOONG time

2. I wanna do fun girl hair again too with bows and bands!!

3. Kora LONGS for a sister and it'll make me sad if her prayers go unanswered AGAIN.

4. I bought you a swim suit today and it's definitely NOT unisex.

Wait, what's that? Yes, I DID buy you a girly swimmer today but only because it was SOOO precious and adorable and because I just KNOW you've got to be a girl...GOT TO. I mean let's face it. We've all heard that the female sperm swim faster and live longer than the males, right? Okay so if that's true, then you HAVE to be a girl given the fact that I do I put this lightly...OH..."surfing the crimson TIDE" when you were "placed". You had to of survived long enough to finish that up AND to wait for ovulation. SEEE, you're totally a hot little mamma! Best part about ur new swimmer? I gotta wait till NEXT Summer for you to wear it, dang...I got a size 12 months though so it should be fine!

Okay so I'm verging on 17 weeks now and I have YET to feel you kick me. Wtc?! Come on woman, get some movement going on in there and confirm to me that you're okay!! I'm stressin here!!

Names. Holy Moly.

I've never had such a hard time picking a name. All of our kids were pretty much a given, we knew from the beginning at least the first or middle name and it wasn't hard after that. You my friend are a much different story.

Your father is being a butt head and refuses to believe that you're a girl so for every GIRL name I tell him about, he responds..."It's a boy."

UGH Terd.

Don't act like that when you get here, okay? I wanna list some names I like and hopefully by writing them out I can get a better idea of what seems to "fit". Scout seems to be the chosen middle name, but of course it's not set in stone.

Virginia Scout Lowe - Okay this was my first choice a while back because I felt so prompted to name you after your wonderful great granny. THAT IS...until I started doubting myself and thinking about how persecuted you could be in school. Virgin. Vagina. VaJJ. It's just not good, but I SO love the old, so meaningful...ugh. We would even call you Scout as to refrain from causing problems with classmates.

Ruby Scout - Oh my gosh, aren't you so precious with this name? I can just SEE you now with you're little yummy face and batting eyes.'re irresistible!!!!

Violet Scout - Almost TOO Jennifer Garnerish but I still like it.

Lucy Scout - Austin HATES this name so it's a for SURE no go...but I can still talk about it if I want to, right?

Julia or Juliet Scout - Love em both but seriously...don't we have like a MILLION J's in our family?

Sara Scout - Okay this is the kicker because this is the name Kora calls you ALREADY. Holy crap. I don't wanna upset her and not choose this name but come on! This is MY baby! She can use this name for HER kid. I really love it, it's sooo precious but kinda normal. I dunno, I can't separate my likes and dislikes for the name because Kora has me all emotional over it. That's the bad part about having kids when you already HAVE kids old enough to get their feelings bashed if you don't choose the name they pick. Dang.

Okay and then there are like a MILLION others that I've played around with but don't wanna bore you. I'm definitely not limited to these but so far, they are the favorites. Any suggestions on very old vintage names? Something that will match Kora's name which is superbly old, sounds good with Scout AND Lowe, and makes you just wanna kiss all over it?

Alrighty baby girl, I'm out for now. Love you so. Can't wait to see you're little VaJJ on the sono screen to confirm my beliefs! Only 3-4 more weeks!!


Candace said...

Not that my opinion matters in your choosing, but I'll tell you anyway.... I'm not a fan at all of Virginia. I LOVE all the others, though. Sara Scout is so stinkin cute, so I can't blame Kora one little bit. I do love Ruby. I can't believe Austin doesn't like Lucy! Love that name! But of them all... I think Sara and Ruby sound the best with Scout.

Amanda said...

I like Sara & Lucy Scout:) My Mom votes for Julia b/c you could call her Jules and it goes with Kora:)

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting for us!!!! Good luck on your talk.

Deanna said...

Well, I'm obviously a fan of Sara since I named my girlie Tara. If it was so close to Tara, I'd actually consider it for #4.

Congrats! You are only 9 weeks behind me.

Valinda said...

Simply to be the big nerd commentor *To Kill a Mockingbird* is one of my favorite books and I always liked the name Scout for a girl. Good Luck with the first name.

Kim said...

when I heard scout I thought of To Kill a Mockingbird as well. I really think it is a great name :) I love all of the first names

***** said...


Jason said...

You probably weren't thinking of To Kill a Mockingbird when you came up with Scout, but it is really cute, and the character is one that your daughter could be proud to be named after. Her real name in the book is Jean Louise, both names fit the requirement of being old fashioned. Just thought I'd let you know. Congrats, and good luck.

andi said...

K, so I guess you're serious! Congrats! (Sneaky...). I like Ruby- I totally thought of that name if ours was a girl...apparently there will be no fun hairstyles or seriously cute girl clothes for me. Seriously are you due in 2009? Because you know what I already said about that and gender.... :)

Bonnie said...

i'm so happy for you! you finally came out of the nursery closet! so I think you only like virginia because that's where you met me... but it can be our little secret. anyhoo, I like gracey and everleigh scout lowe.... sooo pretty! i'm more of a unique name person. ella is pretty too.

i'm commenting on my phone (that's how cool you are) because I have no internet until friday! yuck! i'm goin crazy here!

Sara said...

Oh Congratulations!! hmm with names I was truly going to go with Sara because well that's my name..hehe Then I read Bonnie's comment and I love Ella Scout! I think that sounds most adorable! Then when is your due date, bc I really need to catch up the blogs....if July, the birthstone is Ruby, so that would be I was looking into the birthstones, I found this..."Some people even believed that the Ruby could fight off evil spirits."
Good Luck with choosing a name! and Congratulations once again!

on an afterthought......

oh did you say you was 17 weeks, that makes you about 4 months?? would your due date be in October? If so, my b-day is in October...hehe so hmm maybe I would have to go back to Sara...;)
ok so let's see....
Ella Scout
Sara Scout
Ruby Scout
I guess I didn't help too but I gave my 2 cents..hehe ;p

oohhh or how about Olivia Scout or Lily Scout or Zoey Scout....
Zoey means life
Lily means Blossoming Flower

sorry I get excited when it comes to babies!!

Ok my new favs are:
Olivia ~means Peace
Ella ~only says she
Sara ~means princess

OK I guess I wrote a long enough comment! Glad you had a great mother's day!

Sara said...

if you wanted to look into the name meanings this the website I was looking at....