Monday, April 27, 2009

Things that make you go ewww eww.

First off, I'm going to IGNORE sneaky Tara trying to be my 50th follower and skip to the NEXT follower who WOULD have been my 50th...Mica! Yay for you! You get a prize. Email me with your mailing address!
I've decided that you're all right. All you snotty brats out there who are annoyed that you've been following me for "AGES" as you put it (whatever that means) and you aren't gettin any credit for it. Fine then.
With the massive number of growing stalkers and the ever expanding number of veteran Lowe Family followers, I need to show you ALL some sort of gratitude. I tossed and turned all night trying to think of a way that I could thank everyone for visiting my blog.
I could send you ALL love letters. But then I might as well just write one long one on my blog for you all to read because you KNOW I'm gonna write the same thing to each of you.
I could send you all some Lowe Family Junk. But then my house would be spotless and what would my fake dad (the Lover) have to complain about each day when he comes home?
I could have a big party at my house and invite everyone and pay for plane tickets all over the world to come and party with us. But then I'd run out of chairs and toilets.
How bout, I just keep BLOGGING for you?!
That's perfect.
How bout, I continue to throw in my Wanna-Be's every now and then
Flashback Fridays
Annual Roadkill Contests (save those pictures for next April guys!)
A bloody threat here and there
Lowe Family Junk winners
Occasional shout outs
Lists of Junk
More ugly shirts
More surprise visits to stalkers across the globe
Deep thoughts not deep toots
and a few pictures of my family's adventures!
How's that?
Also, I'll do my extra super berrylicious BEST to check in on YOUR blogs from time to time and give you a shout.
Sound good?
Yessss....I'm liking this idea.
like I mentioned before...
I'll have a random drawing from my list of followers to win some Lowe Family Junk.
even better...
I'll DO the drawing once a MONTH which gives new followers AND old followers equal opportunity each time! Aww yea...I'm lovin that equal crap.
So how bout we call it...
The Double Dose of Love on NINE
Which means TWO winners chosen from my followers, on the 9th of each month.
You know how I'm always having a hard time with the number nine, right? This will be a good way to spice that number up and give us all something to look forward to. And as far as prizes go, it depends on the mood I'm in...
or maybe an ugly shirt?
So there. Does that make everyone happy? It better you losers. Now go feed your kids or something and stop spending all stinkin day sittin in front of the freakin computer.
I got business...


Tara said...

YAY! I love your solution! I didn't want you to send me anything anyways, remember. I would much prefere you send something to my sister. Send her something good and funny, ok?

*but I still like being number 50, you can't take it away from me!

Valinda said...

Okay, I think I can live with this arrangement.

Goodnight moon said...

You just LOVE all your attention your getting aren't you?!?! Do I get anything for spending all my days with you!?! I guess that's where I am the winner right? on a daily basis to get to see your face? I'm so lucky!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

oh ps...if you see any advertisement from that freak amber...aka "the willis family" do NOT click on her blog. it's not really her blog. it's a horrible virus that shuts down ur computer for eternity AND gives you the swine flu. no kidding.

Carolina said...

attention whore...hahaha! JK...I'm just bitter that NO ONE reads my blog..hahaha!

you're coming to Utah this week...yay!! You better call me or we're gonna have SERIOUS problems!!!

Just want to say that I LOVEEEE...your last line "i got business...." It made my day thus far :)

Goodnight moon said...

Actually, my blog is WAY better and always seems to be positive, unlike THIS BLOG!

You see, I am good enough for Jessica to call me and help her out with her kids all the time! But she doesn't want to give me a blog shout out? Jessica, I think I might be busy tomorrow night and I can't watch your kids and get them off to school on Wednesday morning so that you can fly to UT!

Thanks for the ad again!

Bonnie said...

See... was that hard? You've just made everyone happy and you got your 50+ followers. All is right with the world, with the exception of Amber, who must be having low numbers lately.

Froggylady said...

I guess this will do.

Lindsay said...

twill do, indeed sister.

Staci said...

Man im so far behind my blogging I leave town for a couple days and im backed up! I'm so excited for your crap give away I can't wait!