Thursday, March 26, 2009

Warning: This is scary.

So I woke up this morning, got the kids up and ready, made lunches, fed breakfasts, gave kisses and pushed the kids out the door and I only have ONE question:
Why didn't anyone TELL me I had mascara ALL over my face?
You KNOW Jake and Kora were laughin their HEADS off walkin to the bus stop.
What terds.
Here's me and the last image my kids had of my ugly mug
before school saying, "Have a nice day kids!!!"

And to prevent this from being the last image YOU see today as well...'s some sweet video of my Isaak making his monster noise, one of his many new talents. He also loves to clap and give high fives, but that's not in the video.
Oh and I'm sorry it gets cut off at the end, my battery died (yes Laura...again).


Marian said...

"Beauty and the Beast", Issak being the beauty, of course -- he's such a cutey. Jessica, luv, you could wear a burlap bag and don a green facial mask and you'd still be scary gorgeous. We miss the Lowe Lot gobs.

Love, Aunt M

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

marian!! i thought you were gonna get on to me for sleeping in my makeup. i usually take it off...i was just soooo tired last night.

honestly though, whenever i'm putting on makeup or taking it off or even THINK to touch my face i always hear your voice in my head reminding me of beauty tips on how to stay looking young and hot. i'm not kidding, i've never forgotten everything you've said to me!!! isn't that funny?!

Bonnie said...

Ah, I love his monster sounds! He's getting so big!

Goodnight moon said...

Whatever! You just want all of us to comment on how beautiful you are...which of course you are!!!! But I could smell your stinky breath through the computer!!! Or maybe that is just mine bouncing off my computer screen back into my face?!? Not sure?!?!

Anyways, Izey is such a little lion cub! Love it!!!

Valinda said...

Well maybe they thought you'd had a rough night? What a cute little monster! I love the moment of indecision as he decides if he's going to humor you or not. :)

Crystal Renee said...

I agree with the rest, you are still gorgeous with all that black schmuck on your face, lol. I bet the kids just thought it was nothing. And I love the monster sounds, TOO CUTE!!

Lindsay said...

your skin looks really good in that picture... did you photoshop it? hah.. and i think izey gets that growl from you.. i keep growling at lucas and he's beginning to catch on... i think he'll be a roarer too. it's so precious.

Amanda said...

Izey is so freaking cute:) L makes a monster noise almost just like that too!!!! So funny:) and P would not even notice if I looked like that:)

***** said...

You looked kinda whiskey tango there in a cute "My Name is Earl" kinda way. MA
My main man Iz sounds cool.

Candace said...

OMG!!! Somehow my updater thingy didn't show me this blog until now! ugh! Anyway... I LOVE THAT VIDEO!!! I need to do videos of Noah like that for Tony. Izey is so stinkin cute. I love how you motivate him! LOL :)

And I agree.. no amount of mascara on your face makes you any less gorgeous!

David and Teresa said...

I loved that growl. Do you take requests on your blog? I would like to make a request. Could I see more Jakob...I miss him and he is hardly ever on the blog anymore. I thought since I was Mutha you would do that for me.
Love you even though you had mascara on your face and a crusty in your eye...jk....*wink*

Unknown said...


Just kidding, you're pretty enough that a little mascara on your face is no biggie.

LOVE the growling. He's so precious!

Carolina said...

oh my goodness!! You know that comment you left up above to you aunt? Well...I always remember your very strict clinique skin regimen and your aversion to touching your face at all. Somehow I think you transferred your skin fears over to me...because I always remember you and how I shouldn't touch my face with my dirty fingers...LOL!!

I know it sounds wierd and stalkerish...but a girl is impressionable at 16 :)

Aaaaand poor Izey he looks scared, you probably threatened him if he didn't perform for the camera...LOL! I'm juuuust kidding, he is still the coolest baby around!

{Erica} said...

That picture totally looks like what I look like in the morning (on the nights I'm too tired to wash my face :D). On those days I feel bad for my husband and hope he stilll loves me when he recalls the last image he saw of me being McNasty :)