Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not road RAGE...road RASH

Well here we are again. Another blog post dedicated to the drama that follows Miss Kora Olivia around wherever she goes. I promised on Facebook I'd tell the full story, so here it all it's glory and goo.
Let's take though, just a quick minute to rehash Kora's dramas from the past. For some reason I'm having a hard time locating the picture of her with her stitches. I know I put it on my blog but whatever. It got sucked into the blog abyss I guess.
SO remember how she was sleeping with me, fell off the bed, hit her head on the nightstand...
I was tired, picked her up but couldn't see anything and just told her to go back to sleep. I felt her all wet on the head but just thought it was sweat until I realized everything was starting to get wet...turn on the lights..BOOM. Major head trauma and bloody massacre scene in the bed.
RESULT: 2am ER visit and 4 stitches
Next there were several hand burnings touching stoves and irons.
RESULT: Hands wrapped for days, cleanings with screamings
Then the ever disgusting impetigo spout. *shiver*
RESULT: uhmm...just nasty, treated with cream

And who could forget my favorite. I'm on the phone with Austin who is hundreds of miles away from me at TBS. I JUST had seriously A week old and then I hear a blood curdling scream so I look out the window to see this lovely puddle of drama...

RESULT: Messy and frustrating trip to the ER with all kids by myself
Broken nose, multiple visits to the ENT doctor

Well as is that isn't enough, on Thursday Kora decided to RACE home from where the bus drops her off. She of course trips, falls and everyone behind her who was racing (because let's face it, she's ALWAYS the fastest) comes tumbling on top of her sending her face straight to the concrete. She came inside gagging and coughing her brains out because she was crying so hard. It really didn't look THAT bad at first. I told her to chill out and we put ice packs on it. We had gymnastics that night and she begged not to have to go but I made her because I paid for it. I'm so mean. I cleaned the sucker with peroxide as she screamed and contorted her body but I didn't have any neosporin and just planned to get it the next day.
She didn't want her picture taken so she closed her eyes. Because that makes her not be in the picture, right?

Isaak is precious and loves eating cheerios and fruit loops in his retro chair.

Kora told me I'm chubby like that bubble on her pizza.

Day 2 she wakes up with her eye swollen shut. We ice it and it opens up a little. The other eyelid is starting to puff and I worry because with my past history of trauma, I remember some medically related person telling me once that when the UN-affected side of an injury starts showing the same symptoms as the A-ffected side...that's not good. I buy Neo that day and slop it on. The swelling goes down on the good side by bedtime.

But the Neo leaves the wound really nasty and slimy bringing all the dirt to the surface. I take Qtips and clean it off. It looks good underneath.

Day 3. She wakes up swollen shut. The good side is major puffy.

It's Saturday so I call the Dr. to see if they'll take her. After many many calls I finally get through and YES, they will see her as the LAST appointment before they close at 12. I have to get there at 10:30 though...bleck. We ALL go. It's pouring rain and I wore red leather flats that get soaked. Everyone is soaked and Isaak hasn't had his morning nap yet. He sleeps for 20 minutes on my chest in the waiting room. Finally, we see the Dr at 12. She thinks the wound looks clean but is worried about the other side being swollen, confirming my suspicions that something more may be wrong. She writes us orders to go to the hospital for an Xray to rule out fracture. We all load back in the car (pouring rain) and then back out (pouring rain) at the hospital. Feet are wet and cold. It's freezing. Kora gets the Xray after registration and waiting. They tell us they'll call if it's bad but to go ahead and leave.
We go to eat and scratch our plans to do the workshop at Lowe's. I doubt I'll hear back from the Dr. assuming all is well. At the restaurant with the 4 wet kids we get a phone call. It's the Dr. She tells us, "Kora's Xray DOES show a fracture on the lower orbital bone (the bone where if you stick your finger in the bottom of your eye socket you'll feel). We need you to come BACK to the hospital for a CT Scan. We need to see how severe the fracture is to determine if she needs further care (aka surgery)." We load up in the car (raining) and out and the hospital (raining).
Holy smokes...I'm freakin out thinking that if she needs surgery I don't even know anyone in the ward's phone number. I need her to get a blessing and I need to put my kids somewhere and I need Isaak to take a nap and I'm wet and....
I call my sister Amy. She says, "Jessica, stop laughing (because that's how I deal with stress...I laugh at it) go and call that girl you hang out with who you're ALWAYS watching her kids and tell HER to come get YOURS." Amy thinks I'm telling the truth when I talk about how Amber leaves me with her kids all the time so she can go shopping. I'm really "tricking" (not lying MA and S's E). Amber only makes me watch her kids when she has doctor appointments.
She's totally legit.
I did take Amy's advice and called Amber. I told her the situation and guess what happened? In less than 5 minutes Super Amber was at the hospital to take my other THREE heathens. One of which was running a fever. She swooped in and saved the day. I think she was even wearing a cape too and she had a sidekick named Ashlea. She took them all home, gave them naps, washed their faces and bums and fed them burnt popcorn for me. She's awesome, really she is. I hope you guys don't believe all the trash I talk on my blog. It's mostly for shock factor. Amber is a good person, ALWAYS willing to help out and thankfully, she was on that day as well. (Is that a good enough redemption Amber?)
So me and Koko, wet, go back in the hospital and wait for them to call her for the scan. She does fantastic! After a little more waiting we hear the news. The fracture isn't bad enough to need any further action. She needs to take it easy, no running, no bouncing around, no acting wild ( these people KNOW Kora? That just isn't possible). She got a prescription for some antibiotic because they saw lots of fluid in her sinus cavities on the scan from the injury and they don't want it to get infected. She also got a nasal spray but I'm not really sure what that's for?
Back in the rain and to Amber's we go to get our babies and we call it a day at about 4pm (only after snagging some cute dresses at Marshall's and Target! Hey I gotta do something to make me happy!)
Funny thing is...
My Isaak: He freaks when I hold him in the air, reaching for me. When I hold him away from my body to do the airplane or anything he does NOT like it. He's gonna be a cautious kid. Too roundy for drama.
My Jake: Too mature to act crazy, no time for that. He's gotta plan for straight A's so he can get into the Naval Academy, go on a mission and then be a Marine Officer. His 10 year plan is way too important for drama.
My Miah: Most cautious kid you'll ever meet. If the bath water is too warm he freaks. If you don't wait for him to get out of the car as you go into the house he freaks. If you try to get him to jump off ANYTHING, he freaks. Too worried for drama.
My ONLY girl is the drama magnet.
And I don't see that EVER changing.


Candace said...

Wow, we both had crazy, drama filled weekends.... glad Kora's eye isn't too horribly mangled. She's beautiful, even all road rashed up!

Valinda said...

She knows she shouldn't ride on motorcycles, right? I wouldn't want to hear how that adventure would go! Jr once told me I was fat and cute like a VW bug, is that better or worse than being chubby like pizza bubble?

Anonymous said...

oh no poor kora her poor little face...i can't believe she actually fractured it...give her hugs for us!!!

Sara said...

wow and I thought I had craziness in my house..Glad she's not needing further action! I hope she can take it easy long enough to heal...Good Luck!

Dana said...

She is such a beautiful have to have one to take you on the crazy rides in life though...yeah for amber.. girlfriends do make the world better:-)

Froggylady said...

With three boys, your lucky it's just the girl who is so roudy! :)

Amber does rock doesn't she?

Bonnie said...

Poor Kora! I can't believe all those kids trampled her. Did you at least take one out! Bless her heart! I hope you got her lots of candy to make the pain go away!

Did you ever get your blessing?

David and Teresa said...

All I can say to that one is...VERY Entertaining!! AND thank you AMBER!!! for being the kind of friend you are to my Jessica. I love you to death and have never formally met you except through email that one night in Veejinia. AND to my Koko...please be careful

Amanda said...

OH MY WORD! Maybe it's good Kora is your only girl if girls are going to be this hard on you! LOL:)

And yes--I think you were very mean to make her go to gymnastic's!

Lindsay said...

JEEZ LOUISE!!! Kora, you are one crazy cookie. What day did all this happen on? i wonder if we were both stressed at the same time.... me in the ER with Lucas and you with Kora. Ew. Karma. Also... aren't you forgetting the surgery she had to have to correct her breathing? i guess that's not REAL drama.. but it IS kinda. Sorry kora... take it easy. love you.

Carolina said...

Ok..I know it might get annoying that I talk about past stuff or conversations we had and what not.
But...I DO remember when Kora was still rather "new" and you told me HOW incredibly different and "drama" Kora was from Jakob.

I see now all the drama come to life!! It's ironic that you're little girl is the total "drama" magnet! I love how you described your kids for us...very imformative!!

Carolina said...

P.S. I really AM glad she's OK!!!

Goodnight moon said...

So, I finally got onto blogger only after it was acting up all morning..grrrr!!!!

Anyways, thank you for clarifying me in your blog! You really do have a problem with the way that you "trick". Where in the world would you be if I wasn't here with you to help you out? Okay, so for everyone who is reading this.....JESSICA is the one who goes shopping and antiqueing when I watch HER kids! So, most likely whatever it is that she wrote on her blog, it was about her doing it to me! So, for all your family and friends.....I, Amber, do HELP Jessica out almost like everyday! Remember, they call me Sister Willis in her house! (And thank you for noticing that I had my cape on Saturday!)

As for Kora?!?! Yah, I see her totally re-hurting it at some point! Poor baby girl!

raschel said...

poor girl. when i saw the status on face book i looked up what an 'fractured orbital bone' was...and it scared me, so i quit looking and then checked your blog constantly for the story, even though you said you wouldn't post it until monday. get well soon kora!

Unknown said...


Sad times.

Glad she's ok. Addison brings the drama, too, so I can relate!

Tara said...

Holy Hell! All I can say, is that your family stops me in my tracks when I'm telling people that boys are wild and girls are more mild. (I mean, that's only every other family I know, except yours, but yours is enough to throw off statistics) The cool thought is, Kora has got some amazing spunk and is bound for great things! :)

Kris said...

Holy cow! You have the craziest stuff happen. Is this normal for other people? And I love the puddle of blood on the driveway.

Anonymous said...

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