Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Visit to Candace!

Yesterday (since I'm always at LEAST a day or two behind) Amber and I went on a little journey. I have this new blog stalker who is a long time friend of Amber's that was turning one year older this week and we thought we needed to go visit her to bring some birthday cheer!
It was SO much fun. Candace is a HOOT and has the best little country accent. She has a gorgeous home (not to mention gigantic and perfectly decorated) and even a SOD farm! Ugh, you hear that Lover? Your dream...a SOD farm.
This is me with Candace.

Candace has recently started getting into photography and is already doing a fantastic job! She used Izey and her baby boy Noah as practice subjects while we were there. Lucky me! I just got new 9 month pictures without even asking! *wink*

These little guys are only 1 month apart and they played so well together.
I think they're new best buds.

Here's my crap photography. Why the heck am I posting it RIGHT next to good photography? Why that's because I'm not ashamed that I don't have one SINGLE ounce of photography talent. I own my crap skilz. Love it.

More crap pictures of the two boys that are SUPER mischievous.

Okay so if you're sick of looking at MY nasty pictures and wanna see more from our day at Candace's on HER blog with GOOD pictures...go HERE!!!
You're awesome!!!


Crystal Renee said...

It's crazy that you went there and she is your blog stalker. My long time friend Jackie and her are close and she has pictures of Jackie on her blog. I love her house too.. Argh! LOL! Cute pics.. and her photography skills are marvelous. Glad you guys had fun. Happy Birthday Candace

Candace said...

Okay.... ummmm... when is the point that I STOP being BLOG STALKER and make the grand transformation into just a regular friend? LOL ;)

And for the thousandth time.. loved having y'all here, can't wait to do it again!

And thanks also, to Crystal (above) who wished me a happy bday.... is she a blog stalker of yours or do you know her? That's so funny that she knows my friend Jackie!

Goodnight moon said...

Umm, yah your camera pretty much sucks! I should've thought to steal her pictures too....oh yah thats right, it only took her a year to post HER blog! I'm still going to steal them though:)

Aren't we just such great friends! See, everyone should be our friends, but then again....NOBODY that stalks my blog EVER leaves me comments!!!!!!

Carolina said...

Your Friend takes really great pics!!

Annnd...sheesh make her your friend already instead of just a "blog stalker"!!! LOL!!!

At least you have an actual camera and don't have to take pics on an old 2005 cell phone...LOL!!

Jess said...

How is it that your hair is always perfect! Bleh! Do you curl it to get the wave?

Unknown said...

How sweet! Love the pics!!