Monday, March 30, 2009

BN5 First Doctor Visit

Hello there Baby Number 5. Today I went down to the Naval Hospital to meet you for the first time via sonogram. I didn't think I'd be emotional at ALL, really I didn't. I thought I had come to terms with the fact that I was INDEED pregnant. I guess not.

When I saw your sweet little self dancing around on the monitor my heart filled up with warmth. I tried hard to hold back my tears but I think one may have slipped out by accident. I always thought those moms who cried at first sonos were weird...I was one of them today.

I thought you'd be just a bean, just a nut, just a blob...but you weren't. You were a baby, with a heart and arms and legs and a profile. I couldn't stop smiling. I realized at that moment that we ARE having another baby. I saw you and you waved at me. You had the hiccups and we woke you up with all the prodding and poking.

I love you so much already. I don't care what everyone will say about me having a million kids...whatever...they're just jealous of all the love I have floating around my house in the form of sweet babies.

You are special to our family because you are the last. You complete us. The final child of the Lowe family, but not the final chapter. I can't wait to hold you and see your sweet face and hands and little gummy mouth. I feel like you're a girl with a special spirit. An old spirit. You've been in the premortal life all this time with all my family and you know them so well. They've told you all about your family and you're soo excited to be with us as we are YOU. Which is probably one of the reasons you surprised us by coming so soon.

How blessed are we that we have been trusted with FIVE sweet spirits to mother and father here on this earth. What a beautiful thought. How grateful I am for the opportunity.

I love you BN5. Until next time.


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