Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We ARE mobile

So my sweet baby boy is now mobile. He likes to grab everything on the floor and I felt I needed to document this stage for all to see. After all, he IS the most perfect baby in the entire world. Even if he smells like soy burps and spit up and makes Amber gag.

So I was thinking. Is there a way I can take all my videos from my blog and save them onto a disc or something? I've been deleting them from my camera as I post them here so I have no other way of retrieving them except from here. Suggestions? Ideas? Help me save my memories?

(ps...fun day today antique-ing and flea-marketing. Things have been added to the house that you can see on my privates!)


Valinda said...

That poor perfect baby! You tease him with Pepsi and then you don't deliver. Did he at least get some off the floor? Sorry, I'm no help about ur videos.

Staci said...

oh my gosh i want to squeez him...im so jealous that every baby i know crawls or got around before miles ever did. Oh and about the video thing doesn't the videos save onto your computer when you upload them from your camera? My videos always save into "my pictures" along w/ the pictures I upload from my camera. Does that make sense, just save the videos to your computer then upload it onto blogger... hmmm well hope it was helpful.

Bonnie said...

Poor Izey just wanted to get you to quit saying "come get my Pyepsee" You shouldn't be drinking that crap when you can get a Dr. Pepper!

Froggylady said...

Dude...your link is screwed up. It goes to some blogger post website because you said .blogpost instead of blogspot.

Unknown said...

Too cute! Love the spill in the end!

About your pictures: Download Picasa and use that to upload pictures and video off your camera. One click and they're on the web, but they are still always on your computer. Lovely!

David and Teresa said...

Dear Famous daughter....you made my heart hurt when you had my sweet baby Izey crawl like an army guy to get the pepsi and then you moved it further away. You just know he was thinking like Guy Smiley on Sesame Street..."Oh, I will never get it, I will never get it" I was surprised that he didn't bang his poor head on the floor like Guy always did on the piano and just give up. But not my Baby Izey...his dad is a Marine...he just puts his little elbows to the floor and tries again. Love you and my babies.
Mutha and Maw mutha

Carolina said...

his new clothes!!!
what are you doing to the poor boy??

he's so fuhreaking cute!!