Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More modeling for A, and a brand new bag!

SO the first model is Miah with his pal Ian. They just recently started a gymnastics class together and the LOVE it! They're so cute in there all following the directions. At first they went bananas and I was about to go insane watching because I wanted to beat his butt so bad. He was running away from the teacher and trying to dodge her to get past her. UGH. I popped my head in for one second and yelled, "JEREMIAH!!! SIT DOWN!"
I scared the poop outta him because he didn't think I was still watching. Do you think he ran around anymore after that? No sir.
(ps...please don't compare THIS picture Amber took with her Nikon D60 to the ones below it that I took with my crap Nikon point and shoot. It's really quite embarrassing. Maybe I need a Nikon D60)
Got this totally awesome bag from the Mutha yesterday and I LOVE it. It matched my red leather flats perfectly! Thanks Mutha.

Last model of the day is Izey in more new digs for Austin to see. Lovin the hounds tooth and big blue eyes.

He wanted to show you his vintage Woodstock T too!

Let us not forget the outfit from the Pepsi mishap. Artoo Detoo and prison pants as MA calls them.

Oh my gosh...don't you love those cheeks and those cankles?

Love you Lover.


Candace said...

Izey is so cute. I love his new clothes!
And of course, Ian and Miah are so handsome!

Carolina said...

lovin' Izey's portfolio...good stuff!!!
And let's not even talk about how red is my favoritest (sp?)color and that bag is charming..haha!!
Miah is a handsome little brown boy..awwww...sooo cute!!

Goodnight moon said...

I know, you totally need a new camera...yours is soooo last year!

And of course Izey Ro always looks adorable in his outfits! He is such alittle rockstar!

Aymee said..., yo mutha knows how to pick em! I love the red bag, I wish I could get away with wearing red. So cute! Your kids are just adorable. Gymnastics, how fun, that will make him a better football player;)

Amanda said...

I must get L that R2-d2 shirt!

Froggylady said...

Izey is so emo. I love it!

andi said...

K, first of all, love your bag. Second, he looks SO much like Kora! With cute little cankles :)

Unknown said...

That last picture is KILLER! All 50 of your kids are TOO CUTE!

Lindsay said...

how did i never leave comments on these? Izey is ONLY the sweetest thing. I love those new shirts of his.. they are so cool.. i wanna get stuff like that for Lucas once he gets older (so he'll fit in it). his eyes are so blue in the picture where he's sitting on the floor looking up.. i love it.