Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Junkety Junk in yo big Mamma's Trunk

1. Can I just say that I love being famous?

2. Big...I mean HUGE changes going on around here. Don't miss out on visiting my privates for the update. Like my sidebar says, If you wanna see 'em, just ask! Comment with your email or email it to me at

3. Ever since I learned about blurbing your blog I've been meaning to do it. WELL, when I finally try it I find out that blogger doesn't work with blurb anymore. I was totally bummed. BUT THEN, a cool girl named Misty informs me of another great site that DOES work with blogger and to me, it's WAY easier! It's Blog2Print from Shared Book and I already ordered my first year of blogging! If you're wanting to slurp your blog into a book, go try it out!

4. Today while I was painting, Miah kept telling me that he loves to "pank" and that he's a good "panker". He said if I get tired of "panking", then he'll "pank" for me. It kinda sounds raunchy huh?

5. Bad bad mom I was. Miah got in trouble today for getting into Daddy's cologne (and making me smell him which got me all hot and bothered...but anyway...) and he lied about it. I sent him to his room and told him to stay there while I thought of a punishment. I went downstairs to paint and TWO HOURS LATER...I realized that Miah was being really quiet upstairs. I thought he was watching a movie so I didn't worry until he yelled down, "Can I come out of my room yet?" HOLY crap! I forgot I sent him there. Ugh...knife in the stinkin heart. I apologized quickly but he didn't seem ultra forgiving like he usually is. Sorry My Lowe.

6. So on MOnday I helped Amber get a few things put away around her house and it was nice. She has a buttload of crap and it frustrates the HECK outta me so I can only imagine how she must feel. You know those people whose houses you visit and when you walk in you're totally nervous about where you lay your stuff down because if you're not careful you may not be able to find it when you're ready to go? Yeah...Amber's place. I think it's gonna take MONTHS before she's ready to host a luncheon. Seriously...I worry for the girl.

7. Just so you know, if I blog about you, I love you :) No matter how sarcastic, loving, rude or nice I am in my blogging...if you're in rock!

8. That being said...I think my friend Natalie is a rockstar! She's being such a trooper with everything going on in her life right now and I can't even imagine being as tough as she is. I've been friends with her since 2nd grade which is amazing! We've had our ups and downs but through it all, we've stayed friends. We miss you and your fun kiddos Natalia!

9. I wish my house was warmer. My hands are ice.

10. Thanks to some suggestions from Molly and Carolina, I ordered Izey some cool new digs yesterday. Can't wait for them to come in!


Jess said...

Aw...poor little Miah! He needs a treat! Pics of Izey's digs....are they girly...hehe!

Candace said...

I love the site that turns your blog into a book. That's the most awesome thing I've seen all day!

Carolina said...

I love it..."pank" me!!! That is preciously naughty...j/k!!

OMG!!!!! I was mentioned in the blog...does that mean I rock too?? (oh and btw..are you really coming to Utah?)

Laura said...

i'm troubled that smelling miah regardless of what he was wearing got you all hot and i need to call cps? plus, just tell him "didn't you hear me calling you? i told you to come out a long time ago..." then he won't hold it against you. LIE TILL THE END, dangit. because when you tell your children the truth it makes me feel guilty...

Unknown said...

Miah seems like the sweetest child EVER.

By the way, I would be SO SCARED to be your friend in real life for fear of what you'd write about me on your blog! Before you know it the whole world would know mah bidness!

Adam & Brandi said...

Brace yourself, this could be a long one. About I tried doing it back in Dec. and I kept getting an error. I e-mailed their techincal support people and they e-mailed me back and said that they were working on the problem and were hoping to have it fixed early 2009. WHAT!?!? I wanted it in my hands On Jan 1, 2009! But I excepted it. My SIL called me about an hour ago and said that she uploaded hers today. I called my husband and he is in the last few stages in getting ours slurped. So as of today, works using blogger. And to be honest I am a little scared to use any other because I have seen what blurb does and it's amazing, wonderful quality, and you get it in the mail quickly. And it's extremely cheap...atleast I think it is. But I am really happy for you and I know that your posterity will enjoy it.
Oh and that makes me happy that you LOVE being popular, now I won't feel as bad when I tell all my friends about you. hehe

Anonymous said...

thanks for #8 u made my day!!!!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the best info. ever on a better blurb thing I have heard all day!

Bonnie said...

1. Somebody needs a big piece of humble pie :-D

2. Ugh, if I have to hear about your wonderful decor in your wonderful house one more time I'm gonna puke! I'm totally homeless and you just keep rubbin' it in!

3. Sooo, I'm not too terribly excited about the whole blurb thing, but then again my blog would just be a short story... not a novel like yours. But I'm happy if you're happy.

4. Ah, man! I totally miss Miah and the way he said Kyuper. I love his impediment and that big beautiful head!

5. You are a bad mom, but at least you left him in his room and not the durango. So there's an upside!

6. Amber's house is crazy full! I can't believe all the furniture that they have accrued in less than 7 years! It really is ridiculous, and I can see a trend. You're house is very quickly catching up! But it has taken you ten years, maybe I'll get there next year. I'll just keep my fingers crossed on that one.

7. I'm guessing that you don't love me since you don't blog about me anymore... ah, how quickly one forgets :-( Amber, Amber, Amber.... blah, blah, blah!

8. Uhm, I don't know Natalie but I hope she continues to do well...

9. Oh, my gosh! Did you not get that freakin' heat/circulation thing worked out!? What the crap woman! You need to be buggin' the crap out of your realtor or the property manager! You cannot let those babies freeze!

10. Yea for Izey! New digs are always nice... and rare for a fourth child. I'm sure he looks yummy!

Lindsay said...

this is all i have to say about this post... "your as COLD AS ICE...." (that song). it applies to many things in your post.

Goodnight moon said...

Boy, it sounds like Bonnie is being a little jealous?!?!

Okay, but seriously, my house isn't that bad is it?!? It's just not decorated yet, which means all my little trinkets and what nots are just all over the place....oh, by the way, thanks for dropping my camel bone trinket again, but at least it didn't break again....(thanks Bonnie). Okay, so when are you coming over next week to help me? I'm on a dead line you know!!!!

raschel said...

what a good boy Miah is, minus the lying. why is your house ice? do you not turn the heater on?

Larman Family said...

Ok so I am addicted and I can't get enough can you add me to your privates-
Oh, and I want to know where you found cute baby boy clothes- I have been searching hi and low and am always so frustrated!

tiffanyg said...

Hey Jessica, At least I know that my house isn't the only one thats all ways so cold! Haha I just don't get it. Can you send me an invite to your Take care.

Anonymous said...

addicted and can't get enough either. can you add me to your privates? yes yes where did you get your cute boy clothes? (did i just totally copy the larman family comment)?