Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekly Wanna-Be

(this wanna-be was inspired by the mutha)

Wait a minute...don't get TOO excited.

This isn't a REAL wanna-be but it's gonna have to work for this week's segment. I've been too busy with sick babies to even think about who's next in line. Well, I take that back. I have spent some good time in front of the bathroom mirror sitting in my sink as I surgify my face and act out friends and people I've come across. So I AM preparing. I'm just not...prepared.

So I have this friend. Let's just call her...ohhh...AMBER. Anyway, she's petrified of Mormons. It never fails that they are always trying to invite her to go caroling, to attend church, have missionaries over or slip a Book of Mormon in her diaper bag. Funny thing about this girl I like to call Amber, she always ends up becoming good friends with these weird Mormons. It's like they're everywhere. NOW, she's my friend...and if you haven't already figured it out...I'm Mormon (LDS as we're "supposed" to call ourselves, but whatever). I've promised her that I won't EVER force my Mormon tactics on her and since doing that it's like she can't get ENOUGH of wanting to be Mormon. OH how the tables have turned.

So she starts being all Mormon-y having a millions kids, not drinking or smoking, wanting to have her own version of FHE, wearing modest clothes, not cussing (at least not in front of me), shoot..I bet she's even sneaking glances of the talks from last general conference online. Anyway, so I tell her that hopefully my ward will feel sorry for me with my sick baby and all and I'll get like a million casseroles so I won't have to cook for weeks. Cuz that's what we Mormons do, right? We make food for each other when we're down. Then I remembered that my ward doesn't even know that I exist sooooo scratch that. Welllllll....guess who shows up at my door this evening with, not a casserole (I don't like those anyway) but with FOOD GALORE?!?

That's right...Amber, the Mormon Wanna-Be.

So here's a message to Sister Willis (we LDS address each other using sister this or brother that) from the Lowe family. It only took us about 50 takes to get this right and it's still pretty lame so for a translation of what they're supposed to be saying, look below.

"Thank You for the casserole Sister Willis!!"

You better watch out Amber. Maybe one day when you least expect it I'll perform a Nacho Libre dunk style baptism on yo butt! Awww YEAAA!

(ps...go to my privates for the latest additions to my house! can't see them and want to? just email me with who you are and how ya found me!)


Candace said...

I have to comment on this because you have been cracking me up for WEEKS now and you don't even know me! I'm Candace... a friend of Sister Willis... I've been meaning to say hi to you, as I read all your business all the time, but you know... we've never met, so I feel kinda like a peeping tom reading all about your family. You have entertained me so much, though, with these blogs of yours that I really felt like I should introduce myself and say hello to you! :) Hope you don't mind!

Misty said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Adam & Brandi said...

Don't you remember me, we go way back?! I'm that girl you... haha just kidding you have no idea who I am but lucky me, I know you! And boy am I glad that I do. Because now my husband, and sister-in-laws,know and love you too. It's a long story how I came across you. I was in the process of adopting and I of course put my story out there for the whole world to see on my blog and someone left me a comment to go and check out some therhouse.blog. So I did. I have been looking online TRYING to find blogs where families are adopting. I LOVE reading about adoption stories. I was having NO LUCK for months, I couldn't find ONE story. Until my friend recommened I visit this "r" blog. There I struck gold. She has every one and there dogs' adoption story on there. And even friends that I know. Small world. But I somehow stumbled across your blog on a weekly-wanna-be post and found myself reading for hours on your blog. My husband loves you too, and always says you really need to leave her comments. WHO does that? I am stalking you, not cool to leave a comment. hehe j/k So I thought today I would take his advice and leave a comment. So here it is. And I hope you are too wierded out but I have you on my blog feed. And when my sister-in-law is not having a good day I refer her to your blog and she see's a weekly-wanna-be and it just brightens her day. So thank you, in her behalf. But I really would like to see your home decor, because I love decorating and seeing other people's niche in doing the same. Sorry if this is long and creepy. But I consider you my "friend" hope ya don't mind. Take care.

David and Teresa said...

This is the mutha o' this blog queen and i just want to add that i think this brandi and adam set seem very sweet, Baby, and if you need convincing that they are genuine well, I am yo mama and I say let em in. Amber wanna-be-mormom...you are a precious friend to my baby and her family. If i was there i would make your family a casserole. Teehee
Mutha o' Sister Lowe

David and Teresa said...

well i didn't get to see the video of "thank you sister willis" because my computer was misbehaving but David let me look at his. While i was waiting, I went to see sweet unsick Izey bouncing and chanting DaDa....I love that baby. Well silly me...I love ALL those babies.
Mutha or you can call me Mawmutha

David and Teresa said...

Oh and by the way, Amber...my mother was called Sister Willis...well for a long time all the way up until she died. So see if you become Mormon (not that I am trying to make you one or even slip a Book Of Mormon in your diaper bag) then you would be named after my mom. Teehee

Valinda said...

Why do you get to be all cool with the blog stalkers who come out of hiding?! Ur kids are so funny trying to talk in sync, I was glad to see Izey in the back bouncing, is he feeling better?

Heidi said...

That was one FUNNY post...great job Sister Willis....still laughing!

Bonnie said...

Holy crap... comments! I was hoping to see what Amber would say to this, but alas she is a no show. Give her time though and she will come up with something especially witty and off-the-wall and of course, embarrassing... gotta lover her!

I miss those kids!

Unknown said...

What a sweet post! Your kids are too cute, too.

molly said...

invite me to your private blog.

Goodnight moon said...

OMG! I don't even know where to begin...I feel like I have so much weight on my shoulders to post this amazing comment in response to Sister Lowe's personal blog about me. Okay, so here it goes......

Okay, Sister Lowe forgot to mention that the best part of me coming over was the special chocolate milkshake from McDonalds that I brought her.

And to also clarify something....I'm not "petrified" of Mormons...its just the one's that I have met in my past, have been very forceful in trying to convert me...leaving the book of Mormon in my house (and or diaper bag), giving me the book of Mormon as a good bye gift, mailing me information about the closest Mormon church by my house when I moved to a different state...things like that! But I must say, and I've even told Sister Lowe this before....I can totally tell a Mormon from a distance....its nothing about the way that they look, its the way that they carry their faith, and I think that is the most amazing thing!!!! Every single Mormon that I have EVER come into contact with, has been the most friendly, kindiest, beautiful person and is ALWAYS willing to help others and open their homes to strangers. They are really just beautiful people both inside and out!!!

But lets get serious for a minute now, the reason that I am so nice to Sister Lowe...is because I have taken her in as my own personal "pitty party". I always feel so bad for her because she has the most drama induced situations, and it makes me want to just hug her! She seems to be warn out all the time by her 500 kids and I just want to help her! I can see that she really needs it too!!!! Good thing I am this amazing "Mormon" like friend that is so willing to help her out all the time! Even if its not a casserole....it still fed her clan.

Okay, but seriously....REALLY....Sister Lowe is a very special person to me...she is such an amazing mother and cares so deeply for her family. She makes me want to be a better person (not sure if I am or not...but she makes me want to be). She's my "call to girl". And I am so thankful that we got stationed together, its makes living here in "Trashville" so much easier! She's "THAT GIRL" that everyone wants to be friends with, and I am lucky to be able to call her my friend!!!!

So...in conclusion...thank you Sister Lowe for being my friend whom I can call upon for anything!
I'm not sure if this is a good enough response or what anyone was expecting...but that's all I have for you!

The reason why it took me so long to respond was because I was at the ER last night with my youngest daugther and didn't get home until after 1am and haven't had a chance to sit down until now.

So, there you go.....!!!!

Fe said...

Jess, I know this is going to sound a little creepy, but when I decide I like a blog, I love to go back and skim through past entries to get to know them a little better. I have a desk job so I have lots of time to read blogs and I just love yours! I'd love to be added to your private blog and my email address is wdmuttenfluffers@gmail.com :)