Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just some words

Here's Izey being a lovebug once again.

Nevermind.. Blogger is sucking once again tonight.

So I made some cookies last night. I couldn't think of anything to make for dinner for everyone that sounded good...except cookies. I hope Summer doesn't mind me feeding her daughter cookies for dinner (and breakfast...yikes!). It's almost as bad as the time when Amber watched MY babies and she fed Isaak about 8 bottles in the span of 16 hours (and most of those hours were in the middle of the night). He came home feeling happy and round. I think he gained 3 pounds from that overnight. He's such a gluten (but only because Amber makes him be one).

I wonder if the Sunflower will have after effects from the cookie feedings. They WERE besides clogging the toilet for a few days, she should feel quite cleansed!

I'm frustrated with boy clothes. I have in my mind how I want Isaak to dress and I can't find clothes like that anywhere (that aren't $700). Maybe this should be my new business once I learn how to sew. I want Isaak to wear cozy clothes, unique, mismatched, and fun. All I can find at stores are boring striped collared shirts and JEANS. ugh. What baby likes to wear jeans? I can't STAND wearing jeans and as soon as I get home from wherever I've been the JEANS are the first to be stripped from my body and quickly replaced with sweats or cozy pants. Why would Isaak want to wear jeans if I don't?

While at Target today I found the cutest items. 2 pairs of cozy pants (almost legging like but not quite) and a dArLiNg little striped black and white cardigan. I snatched them up for him quickly. They were in the clearance section...Suuuuper cheap. BUT, the GIRL clearance section. Yes, that's right. I just bought my rollie pollie son, GIRL clothes. As if he doesn't get enough looks when we go out from the baby legs he LIVES in. I don't care. I like that style. I like the looks. He's different and fun and carefree. I'd rather him be cozy and unique than wear JEANS. bleck (this is the sound Amber always makes and I'm stealing it from her because I like it). Maybe if you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of him in his new digs. In the meantime, I'm still googling for better boy options.


Chablis said...

Okay, I TOTALLY luv the baby legs on your baby boi! If it weren't so freaking cold here in Alaksa, that is all my boy would be wearing too! I am the EXACT same with jeans. I always thought I wouldn't mind wearing them if I were skinnier, but you're a tooth pick and still rip em' off as soon as you're in the door. I guess I'll always be that way! BTW-I AdOrE your house. It is that darling southern, cozy home with a huge porch. You're in my dream, dang you!

Goodnight moon said...

Bleck!?!?! Okay, so I am alittle confused? What is bleck?

And Izey looked like you weren't feeding him enough, thats why I "HAD" to feed him 8 bottles! Well, that and the fact that you gave him to me while he was cutting his teeth and was up every hour! Or maybe it was because I had a night light in his room and he is use to sleeping with a blanket over his head in the pitch black?

Okay, so now "our" new business is going to be making baby clothing! I love it!!!! Maybe we could go in my backyard and pick the cotton off the cotton tree's and make them 100% organic!

Amanda said...

I TOTALLY agree about babies in jeans. I strip mine off the minute I am home too....I NEVER put my baby in jeans. L lives in Gap jammies right now.....I have all kinds of cute outfits from Molly and I but he stays in the jammies to be comfy---even for church:) It's too much dang trouble to dress him up for 3 hours and go home by myself and have to have P be hungry, L is hungry and have to change him before I can even feed him and put him down! Molly and I have said so many times we wish we could open and own a boys only clothing store--we have became experts on comfy and cute clothes for boys and there is not much out there. Gymboree and Gap are my fav's I also love J &Jack but they are so pricy and rarely on sale enough.....I do gymbucks and only buy sale stuff other than that....and I only buy comfy:) I like these brands b/c they have lasted through 2-3 boys now and still hold up and look nice:) If you open a company can I be a consultant??! I hate all the boys clothes that only have footballs and sports themes!

Okay ---enough of that rant!

Glad you liked the cookies....I personally think they are a great breakfast...much healthier than doughnuts:)

This last time I did half white choc. chips and half the milk and they were divine:)

Valinda said...

Hey I want in on the baby clothes business! I'm making some for a friend who is having a boy in a month.

Not to douse your dreams but before you get all gung-ho you should check out this and this

It's all about a new law that starts soon (Feb. 10th) and in my opinion is totally far reaching.

molly said...

you should check out my blog. go under categories and click on baby/kid gear. Here is a site that came to mind that you might like.

jeans, bleck! I totally agree with you. my guys hardly ever wear jeans.

Jess said...

I know...boy clothes are so not cute! What's up with the clothing designers being prejudice against boys looking stylish?!? Speaking of jeans...I just looked down to see what I had! They must be comfy because they are maternity or something! Need pics of your stylin' girl...I mean BOY! :)

Carolina said... I checked out that shoprattled website and it totally reminded me of like "Units" for babies. Remember Units and the store at Town East Mall?? OMG...they were hideous and we lovved us some units in the 80's!!!

So..I'm not quite sure as to your style, but because I have a little nephew whom I need to spoil at all times, I just thought I'd share some websites with you.

You might hate them...but for whatever its worth:


Lindsay said...

i'm so glad people posted cute boy clothes... i'm in desperate need. well.. not really.. but i still wanna buy 'em.