Tuesday, December 9, 2008


1. So I'm stranded. I was forced by an un-named person to take my car in to get looked out before our trip so it wouldn't die on the way there or back. Now I'll be stuck at home until Saturday probably. That's okay though because as much as I hate it, it's good for me to be faced with domestic tasks that need to be accomplished before our trip. Luckily I have D here with me to keep me company.

2. Yesterday I finished ALL the kids outfits for the family picture and added THIS little number to Kora's outfit. LOVE IT!! It's so cute and so bling! My inspiration for the family picture is a GAP advertisement. You know how the GAP ads always have the models wearing like 200 layers of clothing and looking awesome even though you would never really WEAR that much clothing at one time? Well yea...we will be for the picture! I hope my vision is accomplished successfully.

3. Remember this little beauty? My dead toe that was ripped apart on my 30th birthday? Amber suggested I do an update on him. So here ya go...

2 months
Lookin good huh? Before long it'll be tall enough to have a lovely little pedicure on it! I can't wait!
4. So I've honestly always wondered about something. How many times can you paint a room before there's no more room left? Right? Anyone else wonder this? Because lets be honest...every layer of paint makes the room a TEENY tiny bit smaller, doesn't it?
5. So did you know that even tiny Marines get tired too? And they sleep in their dress blues.

6. You know how I've been saying I want to start being really crafty and make stuff for my new home, right? Well I saw this cute little "idea" at Target the other day. It's basically little cardboard canisters glued onto a wreath as a countdown. Wouldn't it be cute to re-make this with precious screw on canisters from the container store? And then maybe decorate the canisters with fun things like buttons (thanks for the idea Amber)? It could be a countdown for anything ya know? Like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, even daddy coming home. You could make several different holiday editions of this. I'm so excited about it. How fun for the kids to come downstairs in the morning and unscrew that days canister to find some fun treasure inside!!!

7. Remember my jeans that I was getting tailored for $1 a tear? Well I picked them up today assuming that maybe I saw that wrong and they would be more but when she gave me the jeans she said, "Two dollars please." I was like WHAT? Are you joking? That's nuts! She's a Greece woman (is that how you say that?) and she has this fabulous accent and when I walked in she immediately starting grabbing the kids' cheeks and kissing all over them. She even thought it was necessary to point out to me that they were "different". I had to explain that we stole Miah from a Mexican family who did us wrong several years back. Just kidding. No but really...I did. Anyway, I tell her that this is a GREAT deal in a repair and she says to me in her sly little accent which I love, "everything here is a great deal." And then she kinda winks at me giving me this look like she's hiding something. So as usual, when I drive away from this place I start making up scenarios about this woman and how I think she's like a Grecian drug trafficker who only charges like $1 for everything so after I pay and leave she changes the receipt to like $18 by just adding in a little 8 and then there's $17 dollars of her trafficking money that's now accounted for. WOW. That's awesome...I love it. Who knows if I'm right, but I'm gonna pretend I am and it's gonna make dropping off and picking up clothes from her ALL the more interesting!!

8. I had lunch today with my friend Summer at Chick-fil-A and while I was paying for me $10 meal for me and Miah (which is already outrageously expensive) the woman asks me if I want to buy a Chick-fil-A calendar. I politely say no but that's not enough. She goes on to "sell" me on the idea that it has over $30 worth of coupons and it's a great gift or stocking stuffer etc etc. I'm overwhelmed by all she's saying and I get anxious because I didn't anticipate her coming back at me with more pressure so I give in and say "YES OKAY!!" What the crap?! Why did I do that? As Summer politely pointed out to me, this just means I have to spend at least $30 of my money THERE. UGH. See how easily I can be influenced? It's the total Libra in me. We are in NO way responsible enough to make any type of decision on the spot because we have to weigh every option closely and carefully. Like the Dyson issue. So if you want me to do or say or buy ANYTHING all you have to do is add a little pressure to the issue and I'm yours. I'm SO weak!
9. I really need something chocolate RIGHT now but I'm stranded and I can't take Austin's truck because I don't know how to drive a standard. I'm a loser. I know. Maybe Austin will get it for me but really Summer is to blame for this and SHE needs to bring me a chocolate something.
10. So my friend Amber and I have been spending quite a lot of time on the phone together and I'm feeling like I'm getting brain cancer from having a cell phone permanently attached to my head at all times. She needs to just hurry and get here so we can hang OUT instead of further my cancer. Maybe that's why my hair is falling out so much. Just kidding, I'm really not that dumb. Okay maybe I am.
11. I have about 31 loads of laundry I have to fold in my room right now. We are running out of clothes and have begun the process of digging through the "clean pile" every morning for our attire. I hate folding clothes...HATE it. It never ends and the more kids you add to the mix, the bigger and grander your piles become!! There needs to be a solution to this madness. Why doesn't Mr. Dyson invent something that solves this problem? He said in his little pamphlet that he aims to make things BETTER. Well...make LAUNDRY better dude!! Invent a THIRD machine that sits next to the dryer that you throw your clothes in and it fold them for you. Then maybe a FOURTH machine next to that, that puts them AWAY for you.
12. No more to say but I couldn't stand to end on 11. bleh, that's nasty.


Amanda said...


Go learn to drive a stick right now girl! You have 4 kids for Pete's sake you can drive a stick! My Dad made me learn when I was 15. Get out there...DO IT. And then I want to hear about it! it's a DARE!

Goodnight moon said...

First off, you need to title your list....Jlo-junk...I like that way better!

1. Okay, I think that Summer did the right thing here. She totally prevented you from getting in a horrible car accident as your car stalled out while you were driving! Just remember to document for the lemon law!
2. I love Kora's new vest! Hopefully PETA doesn't think that its real! She'll get white paint thrown at her, and that would totally ruin the look of your family pics! Oh, if your kids are anything like mine...which they are...good luck with them telling you how HOT they are at the photo shoot! And you will get so mad at them, and yell and get all flustered and then break out in a horrible sweat yourself! Not good!!!
3. Thanks for the update on your toe! It looks alot better, BUT....you need to trim your nails girl! Are you trying to grow them out like my TB women I saw today? Cut them!!!!
4. Okay, SERIOUSLY....I was just wondering that same thing today, NO JOKE! I was thinking that what if you had painted your wall, and then you chipped the paint while you were trying to move...lets say your dresser?....what color would the chip in the paint be? I mean, is paint like wallpaper?
5. I love Izey's little Blue's outfit! But hopefully he doesn't get caught up in all those blankets in his crib!!! I think that I count 3 of them in there as well as a bobby pillow!
6. I am so glad that your finally becoming a crafty person! Or at least you are with your thoughts! I can't wait until we get crafty together and decorate the kids room. I got my Pottery Barn Kids catalog in the mail today....our inspiration!!!!
7. This is VERY possible since your in J'ville!!!!! Your probably on to something here!!!!
8. I WANT A NIKON D60!!! I WANT A NIKON D60!!!! I WANT A NIKON D60!!!! So go and buy me one Libra!!!
9. I bet that your fabulous husband will reward you with some chocolate since you turned your SUV in to get fixed!!!!
10. OMG! I can't believe that I got a WHOLE # just for me!!! I feel so special!!!! Dude, I only have 11 more days until I am there! Oh, but then your the turd that is leaving and won't be home until the end of the month! I'll have fun kidnapping "D" from your house, and playing Santa for you!
11. Okay, could you imagine how expensive your invention would cost to the average person! Us poor folk wouldn't even be able to afford a 3rd or 4th machine! I strongly believe in child labor and just make my kids do it! You should do the same since you have 12 more kids then I do!
12. Do you know what I think is nasty?!? When you walk through a strangers fart! Isn't that so gross! We call that "crop dusting". Its the worst though when you actually can taste their fart in your mouth! And don't act like you've never had this happen to you...everyone has!

Goodnight moon said...

Oh, and one more thing....if you ever did get cancer, I would shave my head and be bald with you! Thats what friends do right!

David and Teresa said...

I'm just glad you are moving on to different subjects now. You needed that car checked out before you drive for 20 hours with it. Love Dad

Valinda said...

Cute vest, I'm glad? your toe is looking better, you liar I don't see any pins in there;)You need a girl I want your boy! That outfit is so darling. My kids were peeking over my shoulder and LOVE your canister idea, thanks. I too as a Libra have tons of issues with those impulse buys, we should make a therapy group. If you get cancer from your cell phone I should get a brain scan too, it's practically glued to my head these days. You all ready know my opinion on laundry. And that's all

Aymee said...

Amen on the laundry idea. I just hope it happens soon, then again I am with Amber on this one, I wouldn't be able to afford it if there was such a thing:) Oh and please quit talking about Summer, it just makes me jealous....oh okay you don't have to stop, but it still makes me jealous. I'm so excited(and more jealousy) that you are going home to Texas for Christmas. I don't know if I told you how much I love Texas...well, I do! I also can't wait to see your family pictures; hopefully it will bring inspiration to me and motivation to get some taken of us before Travis knocks me up again. Later!

Froggylady said...

Amber, don't you mean J-Lowe junk?

I love the canister idea! A little countdown fun.

I promise I'm mailing you something. I'm just lazy and keep forgetting it when I go to the post office, I'm lame like that.

I hate folding laundry. I hate putting it away, it is the worse chore ever and whoever decided that our laundry needed to be put in special shapes to go into drawers should be shot. I'd much rather hang it to dry and pull it straight off the line and wear.

David and Teresa said...

Amber would you just get over there to NC and take care of my daughter. Gosh!!! if you want that camera young lady, DO IT!! Wasn't it a camera that you wanted me to get you? Your toe looks better baby. I wanted to comment on all your stuff but I can't figure out how to make the stuff you said stay up and let me refer back to it so I am tired and I am going to bed. Love you.

Amber DO IT!!

Camilla said...

Can I just say I love your lists (am I supposed to put a question mark there?). I am not feeling the blogging bug right now, hence the lack of posting though there is no lack of material. Isaak is so cute in his uniform, do you have to be a marine's son to have one of those?

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all since we are fairly new friends I just learned yesterday HOW Libra you are. I should have just waited for you to beg me to take you to the fix it guy. But you wouldn't have and then on Sunday night you would have called me from Oklahoma (wherever that is) and ask me to come pick you and your 700 children up off the side of the road.
Also, I would totally bring you chocolate if you didn't live in Texas AND isn't chocolate like 2 eggs and a cup o' sugar when it comes to things you can ask your neighbor for? I mean, who doesn't need a bit of chocolate every once in a while. I dare every single one of you who read this comment to go to your neighbor's with a measuring cup and ask them if you can just borrow some chocolate. Keep me posted. xoxo Summer

Amanda said...

Izey sleeping in his dress blues is SO ADORABLE!

Unknown said...

i agree--you need to learn how to drive stick! it's soooo easy. what i learned how to drive on. man...we live 2 blocks from a 7-11 so if i need my sugar rush...sweet! go bug ur neighbor for sure. :D can't wait to see your christmas picture and your version of GAP--love Kora's jacket! I hate hate laundry too,but at least yours is clean! I make my oldest 2 do their own. Need to start training the younger 2 as well. although they do put away after i fold. luv ur lil marine!!!!

Marnie said...

Hmmm...so many things to comment on today.
#1 and #9 You seriously need to learn how to drive a stick. It's amazing the shortage of people out there that never learned how. I took driver's ed driving a stick and can't tell you how many times I cried while trying to parallel park.
#2 Love the idea for your family pictures. Can't wait to see the finished product!
#3 Glad to see that you toe is recovering..at least it isn't sandel season.
#4 Issac is the sweetest sleeping Marine I have ever seen.

Lindsay said...

Okay.. i don't know who this amber character is but she's WAY too popular in both the post AND the comments. She better be amazing. Good list.. oh and way to end on 12... what a splendid number... it's in TWO days.... the 12th. hmmmm.

Bonnie said...

Ok so I am totally boycotting you and your blog since you never call me and haven't quite risked brain cancer for my company. hmmm.