Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

It's our family tradition to open one present from mom and dad on Christmas Eve which is usually Pjs to wear that night. This time I changed things up a bit and got all the kids robes. They LOVED this gift! Jake and Kora opened theirs on Christmas Eve but Miah had gone to bed early so he opened his on Christmas morning.

They've been wearing these robes every second possible since they got them!

The kids came downstairs to find a note from Santa waiting for them. He told the kids that since they don't have much room in their car and have to drive all the way back home to NC, he was giving them each one small present to open in TX. He told them he left one BIG present in NC at their house for when they get home + stocking stuff there too!

He ate the cookies they left for him, half of the pickle (something we leave for him every year because he probably gets tired of cookies and wants something else for a nice change), drank the milk and the reindeer ate their special oatmeal too! He even left a mess at the fireplace with the soot! Hopefully MawMaw didn't mind having Santa at her house again this year.

Here they are with their piles of presents from MawMaw and PawPaw.

The newly aquired BFF's play together.

Isaak tried to open his presents.

Here's a video of the terds opening their small Santa gift.


Goodnight moon said...

Ian enjoyed Miah's spiderman pj's and Batman robe because he has the same ones!!!

I LOVE Kora's haircut! It looks super cute on her!

And next time I see your kids, I'm going to ask them if a poor 2nd Lt's wife can borrow some money from them....that is....if they didn't spend it all today at Toys R Us?

Goodnight moon said...

Oh, yah and I loved how you called your kids turds! That's awesome!

And the pickle idea is super cute too!!!

Jess said...

Thanks...now I wanna pickle!