Thursday, November 6, 2008

Warrior Day

Tomorrow is Austin's graduation which means TODAY was Warrior Day for all the Delta Company families! Yay! We had so much fun seeing and doing all the things Austin does on a daily basis. Since Amber is a loser and wouldn't watch Izey like my dream predicted she should, Austin babysat the whole time while me, the kids, Keith and my parents gallivanted around trying everything out.
The few, the proud, the stroller duty.

First we toured the helicopters and the kids got ready to parachute out of the sky. They sat in their seats patiently. They weren't even scared when I pushed them out.

As usual, Izey was suspicious of the new person attacking his face.

Jake flew the copter.

And Koko was the co-pilot.

Miah sat in the middle and touched buttons.

Even MawMaw went for a ride.

We toured the vehicles and stood by a big dirty wheel because Mom thought it was cool.

The we rode the AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicle) and it was awesome! You weren't supposed to ride it unless you were 10 or over so Jake was 10 today. Oops. They only had one seat in the front with the driver and JAKE was the one who got to be up there. I wish I had pics but I was in the back holdin on for dear life.

Here we are about to board. Pops was in a bad mood, can you tell?
I think he had a wedgie.
And mother looked frazzled.

Then we went to the range and shot big guns. Like an M16 or something. Kora was the photographer there before my batteries died and then I had nothing. Wait until PawPaw posts his pics of the day because he has some real good ones of my big fat butt for everyone to see. I can't wait to show you.

Even MawMaw shot big guns.

Here's PawPaw shooting big guns.

Koko got down and dirty.

And then she got serious and started war.

So Jake fired back.

And then HE got down and dirty.

All in all it was a grand day of fun times. Jake wore his cammies with his captain bars and even got saluted a few times! It was really cool and he felt sooo big! I can't wait for tomorrow!!! I'll post as soon as I can!


Goodnight moon said...

Good thing I didn't watch Izey, I wouldn't of been able to pull a Bonnie today and taken a long nap today! I was thinking about you when I was in my nice warm comfy bed with my comfy blanket and sweats on, and you were out in the cold wind acting like you were being a good marine wife.

The kids looked like they had a great time. I love Jake's cammies! And his Capt bars!

But seriously, Congrats to Austin for a job well done! He couldn't of done it without an amazing marine wife like yourself. I do have a few things to teach you yet, but you do a pretty good job on your own! It takes ALOT of hard work to be a good marine wife, and you definitely are a hard worker for your family! Hope thats not to much of a "heart to heart":)

Froggylady said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited for you guys to be done with TBS. It's an awesome feeling to be done with training and out in the "fleet". Congratulations to Austin for his hard work and Congratulations to you and the kids for so much patience.

Anonymous said...

how fun and exciting....congrats to austin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such an amazing time. I can't imagine the relief Austin (and you) must be feeling. Definitely can't wait to see pictures from tomorrow! Do something with that camera to make sure it doesn't poop out on you!

Valinda said...

Wow! Looks like tons of fun! Especially the big guns!! Can't wait for tomorrow it will finally be over yay for you!!

Laura said...

The helmets are awesome. Your mom is cracking me up--she looked a bit seasick in that one where Austin's dad looks like he's cussing you out. Congrats to all of you for surviving it all and what a fun day for the kids to see what it's all about.

Amanda said...

What a cool day!!!!! I bet the kids will remember it forever:)

Lindsay said...

first off... you and your friends are WAY too "mean" to each other... i might actually get my feelings hurt if i was involved in that. Also... what is it with daddy and taking pictures of his girls' fat butts? I'm not feelin' it. Glad you guys had fun... i've always wanted to shoot big guns... mawmaw, on the other hand, looks really nervous.

Tara said...

How cool Jess!!! That looks like heaven for kids! I remember going to fun events like that, but we never got to shoot guns. Your kids are adorable beyond anything! How do you ever get mad at those cute faces?

David and Teresa said...

For your information POOH, Mawmaw is not nervous and she loved shooting the gun. She is a real marine mawmaw. Hahhahah.