Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankfully A Success!

Well, the day of thanks started out very nicely. Austin got up early to go play football with the church and I laid in bed hoping to catch an extra hour this morning. Unfortunately, Isaak woke up this morning feeling very thankful for his lungs and he wanted everyone to know about it so I was up! The first two hours of the morning I spent in my bed with my Isaak, just the two of us, laughing, hugging, kissing and cuddling. It isn't very often that I get to do that so I felt lucky this morning with no one else around to bother our time together. Austin got home right about the time of Isaak's 1st nap of the day and he came bearing gifts for everyone. Donuts and hot chocolate!!! YUMMM. Poor guy drove around for a few hours trying to find the football field and had no luck so he just came home.
While I got busy on the cooking, the blue-eyed brothers hugged. One who played video games all day long to celebrate his thankfulness for the computer...the other who wore his Cowboy Jersey because he may very well love football more than Austin (if that's even possible).

Here is the ham fresh from the oven...isn't it divine!? Hot and steamy, dripping with brown sugar glaze and butter.

The only problem I faced while cooking was having only ONE oven. Note to self...when buying my DREAM home, make sure it has DOUBLE ovens. I had foods waiting in line for their turn to get hot but luckily a few of them were able to be cooked together.

When it was time to eat, not a single mouth was left out. Even little Izey cuddled up in his warm brown blankie for his formula feast! we are. I did my best to set the table for perfection. It was definitely no Heidi table, but I tried and I think I pulled it off!
The menu for our Thanksgiving Feast was...

Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham
Potatoes Au Gratin
Green Beans
Candied Yams
White Rolls
Sparkling Cider
Cherry Pie
Apple Pie

Everything came out WONDERFULLY. This may very well have been the best Thanksgiving Dinner EVER.

Our friends next door (who's husband is in Afghanistan right now) brought over these festive cupcakes to share with us and you know what that means. Another plate to fill with something grand before I return it to her.

What a wonderful day this was. We toasted the happiness in our lives and hoped to be able to have another wonderful year as well. I love my family and I'm so thankful for each and every one on them. For our health. For my husband who couldn't be more perfect. For our home. For this country we live in. Living in this city and seeing house after house after house of husband less wives, celebrating this holiday without their loved one because they are sacrificing for all of us, makes me even MORE thankful for my freedom.


David and Teresa said...

Well Jessica looks like you had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Everything on your table looks divine. We missed you guys a lot but we still have you coming for Christmas. How about those Cowboys!!! Love Dad

Valinda said...

I'm glad your day was as fun as mine!

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Sounds like you guys had a fun, relaxing, family day!

Sandra said...

Looks absolutely divine! I'm grateful to have you as a friend!


Camilla said...

I'm so impressed you did the cooking all by your self. I've never done that before. It looks scrumptious! I felt an abundance of "blessings" to be thankful for too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Amy Herfurth said...

Did you love having it in your own house!!! I can't believe you cooked a ham!! I have never needed 2 ovens in my life...I always wondered why some house have that!! I am thankful that your my sister and that you are one of best friends!!

Goodnight moon said...

I'm so thankful that I can send u this comment from my phone as I am sitting on the passanger seat! I'm also thankful that the kids aren't crying at the moment, or that we haven't gotten a speeding ticket, and that the Wiggles music isn't playing at the moment. I'm VERY thankful that when we stopped to eat at Crackel Barrel today that they had my peacan pie:) but most of all, I am MOST thankful that u got to eat an amazing homecooked meal in ur beautiful new house (with no cable... Poor Austin), and I gotbyo spend my turkey daySSSS on the road!

Amanda said...

Hats off to you girl! I could not have cooked that feast while taking care of L let alone 3 other kiddos! You are AWESOME! And it all looks YUM-O!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I'm so glad it all turned out for you!!!!

Goodnight moon said...

I think that is the sweetest most thing anybody has ever said to me:) you really warmed my heart and made it smile:) I'll b home late late late tomorrow night! Look at how I am saving on my texting by sending u comments, my husband will b so proud of me. I wonder what I should do with 350 extra dollars this month since it's not going towards my cell phone bill? Just think about how much ur going to miss me when u head to TX for Xmas! But u'll b all preoccupied with ur whole entire family staying in all their manisons! I'll b living in my brand new house with no frig.... having to live out if a cooler:( okay, so change of Izey sleeping in that crib yet?!? While ur gone I'll just have ur "key holder" let me in and I'll finish putting it together!

Goodnight moon said...

Can u tell how much fun I'm having in my hotel room right now? So after further examing ur Thanksgiving Day pics...I just wanted to know how how much fun did u have washing the pan u cooked the ham on? That looked like one of the pans that when u were a kid and u got stuck HAVING to clean up all the dishes as ur parents were in the living was passed out on the couch snoring with a football game on and mom was yelling into the kitchen "u kids better nock that off in there and clean the dishes or ur all going to ur room after ur done, for the REST of the night and I will MAKE u read a book (reading a book was the worst disciple ever!)"....(okay so maybe
that was my memories of my childhood?) okay...So back to ur pan....GIRL use FOIL!!!!!!!

David and Teresa said...

Amber you can come stay with us too when Jess comes for Christmas. It will be fun...come on.
Jessica's mom

PS I will buy you a fridge for your fridgless house.

Goodnight moon said...

Jessica's Mutha,
I see where Jessica gets her sweetness from! I can't wait till you come to NC to visit me...o...I mean your daughter;) so, I just have one question for you about my frig...will a Nikon D60 be inside of it when I open it? O, and not to be too picky, but I would like stainless steal, doubled doors and and ice maker (the kind that crushes ice). In exchange for that I will take excellent care of Jessica and her 500 kids while Austin is away:) That sounds like a bargin doesn't it? But don't worry....if you don't get me the frig...I will still be bestest friends with Jessica!!! You really have a terrific daughter!!! But I'm sure u already know that:)

Heidi said...

Your dinner looks so delicious and SO BEAUTIFUL!! Sounds like the perfect day - great job Jessica. Thanks for the sweet little 'shout out' about my house. You are too kind!! I live for pretty decorations and creating beautiful things!! I would love to help you decorate that big, gorgeous house of yours!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

David and Teresa said...

How did you know? of course the Nikon D60 WAS going to be inside. I wanted it to be a surprise but you guessed it so I guess since I like surprises SO much and you have ruined it...I will get you a refridgerator magnet instead of the camera.
Jessica's Mutha who thinks you are the sweetest thing

PS I hope this doesnt mean you will not take care of my Jess and the 500 japanese kids who sing indian at her house.
PPSS Jess informed me that you have a blog and that i am not to use her blog as my chat room with you. Tee hee

Jess said...

Way to go on Thanksgiving dinner! Everything looks fabulous...I want a piece of that ham. Those drippings look "especially delicious." (What movie? It seems like we only quote one :)

Okay seriously. Do not try to compete with the neighbor. The turkey cupcakes are cute but she probably just did it as a project with her kiddos. Save your creative skills for your house.

BTW--I love antique shopping. And since Texas is like the antique capital of the world or something (not really) then we'll just have to add this to our shopping list. Sam Moon; TJ Maxx; Antique Stores. Can't wait!

Unknown said...

Go you! That looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica.... found you through Heidi's blog...was thinking of you on Turkey day, looks like everything went great! Amen to 2 ovens in a dream home, I had some problems with that. Our turkey day was uneventful, which was a great thing... I was also grateful that gizzards are now wrapped in paper instead of plastic.... oops I did it again-yup! :) i took the neck out and forgot the other stuff on the other end... and we had all just talked about that at Heidi's.... hope Sunday went better for you, we should all get together again soon! hugs Kristen