Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The house tour

I know I told you all that I'd only take pictures of the house after it's all put together but I'm feeling more and more that it may be months...even YEARS before that actually is the case. SOO instead, I'm giving you a tour of the rooms so you can see the BEFORE. This way you and I both know how things look NOW and we can use our collaborative imaginations to work some magic in these rooms and make them FABULOUS! I can't wait. I know I sound annoyed in these videos but you know how those weight loss pictures people take always have them with greasy unfixed hair, no makeup and big frowns? Well I'm trying to give you that mindset with my voice so when I video the FINISHED rooms, I'll be all happy and excited. Got it?

So first we venture to the boys' room. This is my favorite room in the house, it's every one's favorite room. I think this room has GREAT potential to be Pottery Barn with the slanted ceilings and (fake) wood floors. I want to start on this room FIRST but I feel that in order to make my house presentable for guests I should start downstairs.

(ps...I'm out of breath because me and Izey and Miah just had a dance party downstairs to Womanizer.)

Next is the girly room. I DO love this room, I just wish it was bigger. Kora has such CUTE room furniture and I know if she had more space it could really *sPaRkLe*! Either way though, I love the direction this room is going. Paint would add a lot to this room but I'm not sure I'm ready to delve into that just yet. It needs LOTS of fun stuff on the walls and an idea for the stuffed animals. Oh and don't tell me to get e net and string em across the corner of the room..that's so ghetto and if you're doing that in your house, take it down. Just kidding. No but for real...that's ghetto and she wouldn't be able to play with them if they were up high.

Oh brother, this room makes me wanna puke. It's Izey's room and the poor child really has no hope for improvement in here...at least not for awhile. All the furniture is miss matched because it's from all different places and I can't paint any of it but the dresser because the crib is someone else's and the shelves go to Kora's suite. Amber's sweet sister is letting us borrow her crib but it's taking us quite a long time to get it put together. I keep LOOKING at the crib but actually WORKING on it is not happening. I have to give the current progress credit to Austin...I really didn't do it. But maybe I'll finish it. Or maybe not.

My room. My face is turning red as I show you this room. I really have no comment. I'm hiding my face with my hands. I'm sorry you have to see my "I wanna be a grown up but don't really know where to begin" room.

Here's the living space. It WILL be my first project because I want to have guests over soon and they need a nice place to sit and visit in that's presentable. BUT, this is probably the most overwhelming room too because there is SO much space and it needs SO much decoration.

Kitchen which needs major surgery and the Dining room. Not really much to say but "hello walls!" This room will be worked on simultaneously with the living area. SO basically the entire downstairs will be first so I can invite people over without being embarrassed.

Fun times ahead and lots of creative juices will be needed to fill all these "wide open spaces" which means a lot of time spent at antique malls and Pottery Barn ONLINE for ideas ONLY.

So Amber...I just uploaded 6 videos in less than 30 min. You still workin on yours?


Goodnight moon said...

Okay seriously...Isabel, Ian and myself just sat here watching your tv show. Isabel loved her shout out. She had a huge grin from ear to ear!

Okay, so your house is SUPER cute!!!! I already have a ton of super cute idea's for you...but too much to comment, so I'll just call you instead! I can't wait to help you get creative! You have ALOT to work with, but I know you don't see that since your feeling down and out right now! I'll be there VERY shortly....and we can get started! I have SOOOOOO many fun idea's!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Oh, and FYI, my video NEVER uploaded!!!! I walked away from the computer because I was so ticked off (and it was taking 3hrs already), and took a shower and when I came back down, my screen was blank!!! What the heck! I'm not sure what went wrong?!?

Camilla said...

I love the house tour. Its so frustrating to see all the potential in your head and not be able to translate it into reality.

Vagabond Mother said...

I am moving into an apartment next week and I'm excited because it isn't overwhelming at all to "decorate." That's a lot of house to figure out. I guess just one room at a time. . . like that kitchen. What were they thinking?

Lindsay said...

GOSH i love your place... i'm so jealous. It has SOOO much potential!!! You have so much room... not like us. :/

Valinda said...

Wow, your house looks huge, is it really? Houses definitely have more wall space than apartments, I hate half my house decorations too, maybe your new ideas will give me better ideas. Good luck, let me know if I can help!

Froggylady said...

You have such an awesome space to work with!

For some super cheap decorations for your walls hit a thrift / antique store and get some cheap mirrors that have a great shape /size and paint the frame. Do the same thing with frames and print some your own pictures and hang. You can order from snapfish for pretty cheap. I love big picture collages of families on a big open wall.

OK, so I have a bazillion other ideas. And I know just the thing for Kora to hang her bows on so send me your mailing address. :)

Laura said...

You are now living in the furniture capitol of the US--I think they make most furniture in NC. Take a trip to some of the warehouse or scratch/dent sales and you'll get some awesome stuff for cheap.