Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Throw me a bone...I got NUTHIN

Dude, I am SO dry of blogging information. Here is a list of ALMOST junk for ya!
1. In the car yesterday Miah was sittin by Isaak and said to him, "Izey your the bestest brudder EVER!"
2. Kora was excited about wearing her new Halloween bows (Designs by Marnie!)even though they didn't match her outfit. She told me she's gonna wear her Christmas ones tomorrow. If you wanna be cool like Kora and have these bows email Marnie at and tell her to hook you up!

3. I have morbid children who draw pictures of deathly hands and then BEG me to take pictures of them to put on my blog. Here is Kora's. She said it has teeth stabbed in it all over and a nail in the wrist.

Jake's shows the bones stickin out. It has a nail in the thumb and bite marks.

4. Yesterday Jake got a letter sent home saying that his teacher had nominated him for the Lafayette Super Lion award. The teachers get to pick one student a month who they think has been the most exceptional student. I am SO proud of Jake because this is the first month they did it and that means he's the FIRST kid his teacher has chosen so that makes him EXTRA specially good :) They held a special luncheon for the kids, gave them cupcakes and cookies and the principal came and told them how wonderful they are. I love my baby boy, Jake is great!!

5. Remember how I told you how Amber wouldn't let Izey take a nap at her home? Here's PROOF!! Here she is holding him, looks innocent huh?

Well then everytime he would doze off she would shake him like a freakin etch a sketch so he couldn't sleep. She's mean ppl. But she has nice cheekbones huh?

6. I just got off the phone with Bonnie who has been talkin my ear off since like 12:45 and it's almost 2 now...geez. I guess she thinks I either don't have a life or I DO but nothing is as important as she is. And to think she actually BELIEVED that I was trying to be stationed with her. Little does she know that as soon as I found out she had West Coast as her #1, I put the farthest thing from her....EAST coast baby! Love you Bonnie, but I'm a mean kid and your breath stinks.
7. Yesterday Kora's class talked about voting and the President and stuff like that. I guess Kora has heard me say that I'm not voting so when her teacher told everyone you can't vote unless you're 18, she told her teacher, "My mom isn't voting because she's not old enough." Nice one I had you at like 11?? Good grief. She came home and asked me if I was 18 yet and thats how I found out about this story.
8. You'd think with all the trash I talk about my friends that they wouldn't love me...but they SO do :) I'm gonna miss my Bonnie when she leaves. I'm gonna put together a little package for her I think. But if I get all stressed out because I haven't done it yet and it's almost the last day I see her I might not. So don't get your hopes up Bonnie. Just know I thought about doing it. Atleast when you get sad, you can always slip on your fancy shmancy Mizunos, go for a good long run and think about how I sponsored that run. I'll always be with you, "you'll be in my in heart".


Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

I don't like you anymore because you just announced to the entire world that my breath stinks. LOSER! Mizunos or no Mizunos... we're through!

Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

you know i love ur breath. its like strawberries and cream.

Bonnie said...

What the crap!? Your comment spot is jacked up! Fix it!

Goodnight moon said...

Is this what has been going on in the blog world for the last 3hrs while I was taking a nap...yeah I know, I was suppose to be cleaning my pigsty, and I really wished that I had, because I had gotten woken up by the doorbell. It was the sprinkler guy and he needed to come into my house and turn off the main water line to the sprinklers...that means that he had to walk through my mess! I was so embarrassed!!!

I realized that when you were "taking a picture" of Izey,you were really trying to get a picture of me in my ORANGE sweatshirt. But I was were just cracking on me doing the "shaken" baby dance with Izey! He told me that he loves to be in my arms, that its the sweetest place in the world. I'm his comfort! So back off momma!!!!

And yeah, I have to agree with you, Bon Bon's breathe does stink! Its like you think she would get the hint when she starts talking we start backing away. Bonnie, when we offer you a peice of gym, were not "just" being nice...take it, and insert it in your mouth, chew it for a few minutes so that the mintie flavor can get in your mouth and then you can open it to talk.

And I don't know about your kids and their "art" projects? It is kinda distrubing. I'm not sure I want my kids hanging around your kids anymore.

And I am glad to see that your already using me and my sister, before your big move! Your such a loser!!!

And last, Bon Bon, I am going to miss you!!! I probably should be putting this on your page, and not Jessica's. But I know that you check hers out and see what comments I leave on here. Your such a stalker! If your REALLY lucky, I'll start looking for a very special card for you too!

Laura said...

send a copy of your drivers license with Kora tomorrow along with a note that says "i'm old enough, just civically irresponsible"
And izey never needs to take along a travel pillow, he's got those nice cheeks to rest the rest of his head on.

Froggylady said...

I wish I had known about Bonnies breath before I got all excited about being stationed with her in CA...where it's 90 degrees BTW. Not that I am there, but whatever. I am totally gagging over #8 and I didn't know that Amber got swallowed by a pumpkin.

andi said...

So...are those hand pictures up on your fridge? They're breathtaking, and freaking hilarious as I sit here almost peeing myself. At least their creative minds are at work...somehow :)

Lindsay said...

i love those gory pictures.... your children SO take after me. i'm working on a gory masterpiece myself right now... to be finished on Halloween!! As for your love/hate relationships with these newish friends... those are the best. That's how Janae and i became friends. and look at us now?

David and Teresa said...

Why to go Jakob. Kora you look so pretty with your bows. I love the oatmeal bowl with ice in it. Love Dad

Aymee said...

I love your kiddos' imaginations, they are awesome. Congrats to Jake for being such an exceptional student...and major props to you and Austin for making such a wonderful kid!