Friday, September 5, 2008

Unanswered questions

Many of you have been asking me things in your comments so I feel obligated to dedicate a post to all the unanswered questions.

1. Dena and Amanda - I've never seen the Army wives show, EVER. I don't know what it's about so I'm afraid to say if my life is similar to that or not. Yikes. Maybe I should rent one season?

2. Dad - YES, we will find out THIS MONTH where we will be moving.

3. Amanda - NO, I wouldn't mind going to Japan and living there for a couple years. I put it as 3rd on my list of requests though so it's definitely not my favorite choice.

4. Raschel, Valinda and Dena - Jake was sent to school at 1:15 on the first day. The principal did NOT call me like he said he would, instead, I called THEM. When I did, they said he had a classroom and could come to school. Even though there were only 2 hours left in the day, I took him. The second day of school he skipped! haha. His teacher seems nice. She's like 17 years old (or looks it) and wore open toed sandals and baggy, almost pajama pant, type pants the first day. I guess they don't have a dress code for teachers. She was smiley but maybe she was just trying to be nice because they had warned her of Jakob's mother, the hideous beast who won't tolerate anything. Jake likes his class and although he has some odd stories when he comes home about what the teacher is telling them I'll refrain from doing any more damage and let it go. I will STILL be writing the school board a letter.

5. Bonnie - Yes, I'm blogging right now instead of watching your Emmalyn like I should be. Don't worry though, she's only swallowed two marbles and a lego but I'm sure you'll see them later today. Don't worry about getting those back to us, just keep em!

6. Janae - I don't know why babies are shiny at this age but sometimes I'm shiny too so I don't judge.

7. Redheadsmom - No I didn't tell the principal Mrs. J had been sitting on the paperwork for a week but it will for SURE be in my letter to the school board.

8. Laura - No I would NOT like some of your Manillow instead of the rap, but I'd be more than happy to send YOU some of the rap so you can secretly change Jeremy's ringtone and then he'll be quite surprised with some hard ghetto jams one day when he least expects it. Tell him it's from Austin.

9. Raschel - We will be able to move to the duty station as soon as he gets his orders but we'll probably end up staying here for a bit more until he finishes TBS. Not sure really, it all depends on where we are going and how long the housing wait list is or if we can find off base housing we like.

10. Someone asked about the hearing? Can't remember who. We are being referred to an audiologist and will find out more after that.

11. Kempylulu - I haven't made any solid decisions regarding my "last born" and if he will remain in that birth order but I am leaning towards closing up shop. We'll see how I feel in about a year and probably make a final decision. Yikes.


Lindsay said...

thank you for answering those questions... my brain was full of them.

Anonymous said...

Whew! I feel complete. Deep breath to enjoy all the new information flooding my brain.

raschel said...

phew. finally, i've checked your blog like 20 times a day to see if you'd ever answer any of the questions. I loved this post. It was so informative. :)

Valinda said...

Wow you're all sorts of informational today! Thanks for keeping me posted on all your goings on. I'd love to see a copy of that letter when you write it! OOhhh you should have redheadsmom write the letter for you she's good at chewing people out nicely.

redheadsmom said...

Yay! I love answer question day!

Laura said...

don't call it MY manilow. hehe

Anonymous said...

Ha, I thought she weighed a little heavier when I picked her up. I just assumed it was the flooding diaper that she had on...

Jess said...

You're a hoot!

Can we have another series of Q&A's?
1. Why did J skip the 2nd day of school? :)

Tara said...

Wow, I have been out of the blogging world for so long! I have no idea what all these are about, so I'm going to keep browsing your blog to catch up. Sorry I have missed so much of your life the past few weeks! You sound busy!!!

that was a stupid comment.....what else would you be? :)