Saturday, September 6, 2008

Promo Pics

Here are the pics I promised you from Austin's Promotion. These are my favs but you can go HERE to view all of them (just click "view slideshow" you don't have to sign in or anything). These pics are super duper huge so I'm warning you, if you click on them you may be able to see the boogers in our noses, the earwax in our ears or the sweat dripping down our faces because it was freakin HOT that day (if you can't already tell by my frizzy hair).
Thanks Chris Booker for takin these and gettin 'em to us!
Those Marines are good picture takers aren't they?!

I like how Isaak is rootin around for some teet in this one.
(Oh wait, he doesn't even know what teet is, nevermind.)


Anonymous said...

Ah, what a beautiful family! Those are some sweet pictures, it's almost like you guys are happy family or something... hmm. Crazy. You must be enlisted.
I just wish there were more pics of my Miah! Poor guy got dissed! Tell him to come over to Bunny's and she'll give him some much needed attention! He can walk behind my couch all he wants!

Valinda said...

Well Issak would get as much out of Austin as he would out of you ;)You all look so cute and happy I have to agree with Bonnie.

Jess said...

Cute pics! Y'all are such a cute little family!

Anonymous said...

Okay, it's been since I last saw my 75 yr old granny that I've heard the word teet. :) But, funny that you should post that because Ernie could only see the photo (not the caption) where he was sitting and he said, "What's he trying to get milk from Austin?!"

These pictures were great. I love the ones of the kids with Austin...those are the makins of some great black and whites to display in the house.

Okay, last comment....I just blew up the photo and have to say that Jake is definitely Austin's mini me and Kora is YOUR mini me.

Amanda said...

LOVE that family picture--you can feel the LOVE!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous family. My favorite is the one of Kora lookin' at her daddy. So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Austin's promotion. I saw the slide show pictures. It was so awesome and touching to me, just because I know he had work hard and how the family ahd supported him for all this!!! You look really good and I am glad that you are happy in Virginia and making good friends. It seemed that Bonnie is a really nice gal and you get along very well. I am happy that it make the adjustments goes well, esp. when you have a good friend to look out for each other. Keep me posted or email.

Marie Tan

Vagabond Mother said...

What a sweet family!!!

Tara said...

Yeah, I'm partial to men in uniform myself. :) But dang woman! you look hot too!