Monday, September 29, 2008

Interesting Thoughts and Happenings aka JUNK

1. Yesterday, as I was sitting on the toilet with Izey on my lap trying to produce ANYTHING but being unsuccessful no matter how many Colace pills I took this week, I started thinking about turning 30 in 9 days (now it's 8 though, remember? that was yesterday). I'm deciding that it may not be so bad after all. I'll be joining a new 30's club which is beginning to be quite enticing. It's exclusive, it's "mature" (even though I'm totally not), it's "older". What the freak am I talkin's gonna suck! (sorry Tara, I need to experience it before I can love it as much as you say I will.)

2. Today Kora took Austin's old 1st Lt. bars and pinned them on her panties. Should this be allowed?

3. I went to the Marine Corps museum today with the kids. They skipped school because we took Regina to the airport and because...I wanted them to. I'm so glad I had my own knowledgeable tour guide to lead me through the museum explaining anything and everything Marine (which is just about everything there...okay it IS everything there). His name is Jakob Lowe and he's gonna be the Commandant one day. I'll let you borrow him if you decide to go visit the museum, you'll be glad you did.

4. I'm becoming overly stressed about the housing situation in NC. It's too hard to explain my stresses here because you won't understand, just KNOW that it's stressful. It has to do with on base housing, waiting lists, taking leave, leasing, or not, time in limbo, BAH changing, per diem, TMO, switching schools, NJS, travel pay, etc. etc. acronym after acronym....

5. Austin is turning 32 this week! Wednesday the 1st is his big day. Isn't that old? I really feel sorry for him. Not so much because he's turning 32, it's because he has to forever share the month of October with me and MY birthday and I don't like sharing my birthday month very much. hehe.

6. Ooooh, I like this number. It's my birthday number :)

7. I got Austin some pretty rad Half Jacket Polarized Oakley's in all black for his birthday. He looks hot in them, like he's tough or something. He also got a cozy Under Armor pullover for me to steal and use as my own when he's not looking. I don't know what to do on his actual Bday. I wanted to make him a yummy treat but he doesn't like cake so I'm a little stump'd. He loves peanut butter and chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate. Any suggestions? Email them to me at I wish we had a Cheesecake Factory a little closer, he'd love that!

8. Am I making any money off my AdSense? Uhmm. NO. That's why my ads are GONE. My dorky blog readers won't click on my ads, therefore no money is circulating into my pocket. I guess you guys think that Austin won't make me get a job if I don't start makin mula off this hobby of mine that takes up every spare second I have. That's'll be sorry you didn't click...when I'm gone and you have nothing more to read...OHHH, you'll be sorry.

9. Running out of things to say here. I've been so blah with blogging lately. I need a good story or dramatic experience to kinda kick this blog into 4th gear (is that even a gear? I don't know how to drive a standard) and get everyone all wild and crazy. I LOVE my blog followers by the way. I need more though!! I know you're out there (Bonnie you loser) so you better sign up!!


Valinda said...

#1 Yeah it's soo going to suck, you know what will suck worse? That I get there the day ahead of you.
#2 Hmmm as long as she isn't piercing anything down there :)
#3 He's such a cute little man!
#4 Finding housing is the pits! That's why I've decided to live in this house forever!
#5 This is my birthday number
#6 I don't like sharing much either....
#7 does he like ice cream? I have a easy recipe for an ice cream cake it's yummy
#8 I think I might have clicked an ad once, maybe
#9 Be careful what you wish for! FYI 4th gear is the gear you use when your going like 50/60 MPH

Froggylady said...

Sometimes I think my body knows there is an extra one in the room with me and therefore will not do what I know it needs to do.

Girl, I feel your pain with housing. Please let me know if I can help you in any way, we have a lot of friends down that way so I can totally have somebody check stuff out for you.

Um, I don't know what else is going on the 6th but I know Emma-Kay has a birthday that day.:)

Goodnight moon said...

Yeah, so I guess my daughter can share her day with you...remember you'll be 1yrs old with her! Umm, so about the whole bathroom experience...yeah, everytime I go in there for some "alone time" to "use it"...someone is ALWAYS knocking on my door...lately its been Emma-Kay and she won't stop crying unless I open the door, and of course then she wants on my lap. What a nice mental pic for you right now, me holding my daughter on my lap as I "use" the bathroom! What WE moms do!!!
As for living at Lejuene, we moved from there and I have spent about 8+yrs there, so if you need any help let me know...I'll talk to you about it at the gym tomorrow..which by the lost 10 lbs today by the time I was done working out for you! Your welcome:) And lastly (is that a word, or even how you spell it? Remember, I'm the spelling bee winner!) I so get in a "bloggers block" too! Tomorrow, lets make some "blogger moments" happen...have your camera ready. Hey, that is totally a great idea...bring your camera into the gym and we can take pics of us working out...and then you can blog about it. I'll take the pics as I am sitting down "resting" on the bench:) LOL!!!!

Goodnight moon said...

Oh, and one more thing...we have a Cheesecake Factory in Richmond...its at Shortpump shopping center. I LOVE that takes alittle less then an hour to get there...if you want to go...let me know!

Safire said...

Valinda stole my ice cream cake idea. *pouts in corner*

I find cheesecake factory cheesecakes at Sam's club in the freezer section. SO YUMMY!

Amanda said...

you. crack . me. up.

r. u . on. crack?


i luv ur blog
I never noticed the ads...I'll click them...don't stop:)

I can't imagine the stress with your move:( I can't move ever again----maybe when i am 60 and can't handle stairs anymore. That is the only time I am moving again!

My dad makes the BEST choc. sheet cake all from scratch and best choc icing for it that melts into it...I don't have the recipe b/c I am too lazy to make it (I just beg him to!) If you want the recipe email me and I'll forward it to my mom:)

Amanda said...

u can't drive a stick????

Laura said...

try good and plenties to help #1. (supposedly licorice helps this). #4. It could be worse. You could me moving without Austin---remember?! Remember! Just be glad you're all going this time. #7. I'm sending you a peanut butter dessert recipe. #8. There are worse hobbies to try to make money involves tassles. #9. Being a follower makes me feel like i'm in your cult or something, Oh Wise Leader.

Anonymous said...

Move over chick, this month belonged to me and Austin before you! :) Mailing address please.....?

Lindsay said...

i like your list... but i see what you mean... i can feel your BlAH-ness for blogging right now... that's why you need to take longer breaks between posts like me... ps. lucas is busy right now... i think he's got the hiccups again.

Keyo said...
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andi said...

Out of everything...why I am not surprised that Kora is Bedazzling her pannies.

Happy birthday to you both!

David and Teresa said...

Amber thanks for telling my daughter Jessica where the Cheesecake Factory is. That really is not that far away. KoKo likes to bedazzle her stuff and why not go Koko.

Love Mother and Mawmaw

Anonymous said...
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Vagabond Mother said...

I hereby challenge you to a post about how Miah is adopted and adopted and adopted. I hear someone else is really good at blogging like that.

I also like how you call blogging a 'hobby.' it makes me feel almost, but not quite, legitimate.

Send some of your billions of followers my way, you princess of popularity!

Hope the mothering on the toilet gets better results soon.

Jess said...

I've been out of it! First of all, congrats on the new base. I'm surprised you got your last choice. But it will still be an adventure, although I was planning on visiting if you went to Hawaii.

Okay--now onto your body griping. Keep bustin' butt and you will see results! (You already have.) And btw, you look stunningly beautiful in your pics with Izey. You've got lots of good features, don't forget that!

Austin doesn't like cake? I vote for Laura's pb pie. I've had it before, and it is HEAVENLY!!!

Your video clips are adorable. Izey has grown so much! He is such a cutie. One more reason to consider more children in the future.

I haven't posted as a blog follower yet. I'm still looking for a good pic cause I don't want to be a faceless follower!