Thursday, September 11, 2008


Can you say...


My favorite parts of this video:

1. When Kora asks for a Puma stick?

2. The personalized plates (thanks Raschel).

3. When Kora excitedly says, "It's A FROG!!" and Austin says, "Kora stop." (because we don't allow happiness in our family).

4. When Kora pats the frog and then wipes her hand in her hair to put it behind her ear.

5. When Austin asks ME to get BBQ sauce and I tell Jake to do it (can't he see I'm busy?).

6. The back and forth around the truck that isn't ours but we're touching it with frog hands.

7. The Wendy's nugget box that is now the new home of the frog (where did she get that?).


raschel said...

personalized license plate. awesome. haha. i love frogs and how happy they make kids.

Anonymous said...

my favorite parts:

1. Kora is WAY more excited than the boys. Cool girl #1!

2. Miah kinda clueless, but "since the big kids are excited, I just I should be too". Gotta love 3 year olds who worship their older siblings.

3. Austin's timing to need BBQ sauce....gonna use it on the frog?

4. I'm loving the nugget box too. Kora's either a) McGyver who can make anything out of nothing or b) she has Diego's backpack that turns into anything she needs at the time?

5) Imagining you squatting down with whatever recording device you have to get the under the car shots.

ps. FEEL BETTER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

my favorite is also picturing you filming this all National Geographic style sliding around the parking lot and second place fave is Miah's voice when he says "hey can i touch it?" Do you take these with your digital cam or a video camera? I'm not sure i'm technologically gifted enough to figure out how to get my dig. camera footage on my blog.

Valinda said...

Is the bbq sauce for the frog? I thought Austin was out Marine camping this week? My kids want to come visit there are no frogs in the desert!

David and Teresa said...

What is a Puma stick? Tell me!!
I loved watching that video. It made me feel like I was there.
Love mawmaw

Deanna said...

I immediately noticed the personalized license plate and at first thought it was YOUR vehicle.

What a fun little adventure.

Lindsay said...

oh my bacterium. so much disease in this video.. i can't stop thinking about how dirty everyone is getting... ew. put on shoes children!!! (sweating anxiously)... i know i know.. i'm gonna have to let all of this go when i have one.

Amanda said...

hee, hee

Unknown said...

That is crazy funny!! I am so paranoid about that crap, still! Maybe if I had 4 I would lighten up...

andi said...

Hey Jessica! I found your blog from Kristi's! Congrats (a little late) on your new baby!!! How are you guys?? WHERE are you guys?? We miss y'all!