Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snow White

You Are Snow White!
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Pure and trusting. You are a gentle soul who can get along with just about anyone. Everyone you meet instantly falls in love with you. How can they resist? You have a pure, lovable nature that's irresistable. Just don't trust everyone who comes across your path.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


Jessica the Jacked LDS said...

Interesting results because i always felt the most beautiful when I did Snow White parties and I wore that costume...she's so gorgeous!

Lindsay said...

really weird... i would take you for someone more feisty like me. Veddddy Ean-ta-vesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I did the quiz and guess what I am ?Jasmine! Can you see me as Jasmine? Anyways, you would have to keep posting on your new abode, pictures and update on the kids, friends, church, school and stuff.I am excited for you. Hope you are doing well and happy!!!
Miss ya.


Vagabond Mother said...

I did the quiz. Andrew made fun of me then he spent an hour commenting.

Unknown said...

I can see this about you. You seem to have some definite SW qualities.

Marian said...

Right then, who the hell is "Mulan"? And, yes, I just crawled out from under a bleedin' rock.
Love You,