Thursday, August 21, 2008

A list of JUNK (this is a BIGGIN)

Before I begin, let me preface...
My camera is filling up with ALL these things I wanna blog about but I just don't have the time or enough days to do it in so I've decided to get rid of ALL these images in ONE HUGE JUNK LIST. Not that they aren't important things, I just need to get caught up so I can start fresh and begin bloggin about the present instead of dwelling on the past.
1. The day before I left for VA my friends and I got together for Boots Burgers and one last swim. It was SO fun, gifts were exchanged, hugs and tears, and many many memories to keep. Being the mashed potato brain that I am, I forgot to get the ENTIRE group picture before friends started leaving. Actually the only friend that left before the picture was Laura and I didn't want her in the picture anyway because I KNEW she was gonna put a rat in my box. These are the kiddos that became pretty good mates this Summer.

These are the girlies that laughed too much about things that were too silly. We took this picture as proof that we CAN be serious.

And then we took this one to show our TRUE selves. Natalie's face is my favorite, the one in the green. She looks like she's in mid vomit. I also like Deanna's lactation stain.

2. Another thing we did before leaving was go to the Texas Ranger game with the family. I know how Aidan gets a little rowdy when he doesn't have something exciting to do or eat so I made him a special "Aidan Trailmix" as I call it to surprise him. It consisted of Cheetos, chocolate graham crackers and fruit loops.

See how the Aidan likes it!

3. We also went swimming with Pops and Kim and while we were there the Scouts from church came by to present Jake with his Twilight Camp badge. They played music really loud and it was really quite embarrassing. I'm glad I wasn't Jake.

4. The kids have made friends here EXTREMELY quickly. There are only about 250 kids in this neighborhood so there's a fair amount of fun to be had and mischief to get into. As mentioned before, we live in a ghetto-ISH neighborhood. It's not Dallas ghetto like I wanna sell you drugs, then kill you and then bury your body under my drive way so no one finds you. It's just..."colorful" ghetto. Everyone is totally friendly and nice and down to earth. I really LOVE our place and how safe it is for the kids to run around with each other in their own little gang. Including Jake, Kora and Miah, there are about 8-10 kids that hang out together all day. For some reason, my house has become home base and everyone seems to clamor here to rest, get a drink, have a popsicle, or play upstairs. Sometimes it drives me nuts but I guess I'd rather the kids be here than in someone else's home which they are forbidden to do. Their favorite friends are a brother and sister combo...
This is Jytiera - but we call her Jy-Tier-REE. She is the sweetest little puff ever. ALWAYS wants to help me out if she sees me working or cleaning or doing pretty much anything. She and her brother really are GOOD GOOD kids. She's the same age as Koko so hopefully they will be in the same class??!?! (fingers crossed)

This is her brother Jyuan but we call him JY. He's the same way, SO sweet and says the most heartfelt things you just wanna hug him. Sexy boys huh? Jy is a little big for that costume wouldnt' you say?

And then there's Daisy. I'm not too fond of Daisy, can't really say why. I don't even know. Something about her just bugs me. First of all she's almost 12. Why does she hang around these guys? Who knows. Secondly, I personally think she is totally hot for Jake. She always tells him how all the other boys in the "gang" wanna be her boyfriend. One night she and Jytiera spent the night and I was in the bathtub on the other side of this wall they are leaning up against so I could hear everything they were saying. She lies SO much and makes up crap that is totally fake. She also told Jake that she hates her Mom and then kept telling him things her Mom does trying to get Jake to be in agreeance (is that a word?) with her and the "hate your mom" attitude. My sweet little Jake was NOT having that and kept trying to change the conversation and then Kora pops in to say, "I LOVE my mom, she's the best mom EVER!" Ahh...I love my kids.

5. This one is for Amanda...or P rather. These light sabers were in storage the last year so they are "new" toys that the kids are addicted to. Do you think we have enough? I mean EIGHT light sabers and he STILL wants more. I personally like the Star Wars underwear strategically placed to add excitement and scandalism to the picture.

6. Playdoh. I hate it. Ya'll know that. I didn't know we had Playdoh packed away all this time but of course the kids found it and had to partake of it.

This is why I hate playdoh. It gets EVERYWHERE. It's like glitter. You see it for weeks and weeks after it's been played with. I think it forms it's own little leggies once it hits the floor and it travels to the carpet, the TV, the ceiling, the bathroom...UGH. Let me just say that I don't do Playdoh. If you give one of my children playdoh for a birthday present, it WILL be re-gifted. If you receive playdoh from my children for a present it's either because we are re-gifting, or I don't like you and I want you to suffer.

7. Our nightly ritual begins at about 8pm when the kids come in from playing and we have "quiet time" so mom can blog. They take turns picking a movie to watch before going to bed. This particular night they looked SO cozy together that I grabbed some more blankets and pillows and we had our first mattress party since being here sleeping all downstairs together. It was so fun.

8. I have recently become obsessed with the color turquoise. It's my new favorite right now. I was in Macy's today and saw the Kitchen Aid stuff all in turquoise and I about peed my pants I was so happy. I wanted to steal it all and take it home and make something yummy and turquoise.

9. Here's a conversation I had with Kora as I was driving through DC about to be killed by all the bad drivers...

Kora: Mom, how do you get a boy?

Me: Huh? You mean a baby? You don't get to pick, remember? Heavenly Father picks out what baby is best for your family.

Kora: NOOOO, I mean GET a boy, like Dad. How did you get Dad? How do you get a boy to marry?

Me: Ohh, right. Uhmmm...well. Okay when you turn SIXTEEN (extremely emphasized) you can go on dates with lots of different boys. You'll find out that some boys are nice, some are mean, some stink, some do sweet things for you all the time, some treat you like a Princess, some fart and burp and be ugly,'ll date different boys and then when you're MUCH MUCH older (again strongly emphasized) you can pick which one you like the best out of all of them and then marry him!

Kora: Oh. Ok.

10. Isaak had his 2 month check up today and it KILLED me to watch him get FOUR big shots in his cute little chubby thighs. My poor lovey baby. The doctor kept calling him "pooh" for some reason. She was like, "Does pooh sleep through the night? How about smiling? Is pooh smiling at you and following you with his eyes? Great...let's put pooh on the table so I can examine him." I couldn't figure out if she had mistaken his name or if she was too lazy to freakin LOOK at his paperwork and call him by his REAL name since she has to see 50 different babies a day. ANNOYING. When she left the room I almost said, "Thanks and nice to meet you POOH" but I refrained because I'm not THAT rude.

So his stats are:

Weight: 12lbs 10oz

Height: 24 inches

Head Circ: 40.5

I think the 5 pounds he's gained since birth have all gone directly to his head. He's such a fat head, I love it. You know when you love something SO much you just wanna HURT it? It's like that. I wanna seriously BITE him or squeeze him like the roll in Tommy Boy. YUM.

Here's a pic of the cute bumbleberry in his bassinet. He loves to lay in it while I make dinner and just watch me as I move around the kitchen. I don't know what I'm gonna do when he grows out of it which is pretty soon.

11. At the mall today Kora found the car that she says, "I'm gonna ask Daddy to buy it for me when I can drive." THEN she saw the lady bug one and couldn't decide.
Notice the plate thing again...ralph...

12. Also at the mall I saw an interesting thing I've never seen before. They don't have these where I'm Texas like living in the past? This is so freakin cool. Vending machines with BIG expensive items in them, just insert your credit card and voila! Given my pregnancy acne past I wasn't drawn to the proactive one. It only brought back bad memories...

But the iPod one I was LOVIN! It had a PSP in it, a Garmin Forerunner watch, iPods, TONS of really cool things. Things I wouldn't normally just run to the mall and purchase, I WANTED to purchase at that moment just to use the stinkin machine. It's a marvelous idea and I bet it makes big bucks!! Am I the only one who has never seen this?!?!

13. Okay this one is a grossey. Ironically on my favorite number. So my mom has always said that she doesn't wanna go get a pedicure at those asian places because she's scared of getting a "fungus". Remember when Kora and I got our toes done? We invited her and she was too scared so she didn't come. I even made fun of her for being so silly about the fungus issue. Before I left to come here, I got one last pedicure that SUCKED. The job was totally poor and I hated it, but I spent $40 on it so I felt like I had to leave it on to justify the money spent. ended up giving me a...FUNGUS!!!! AHHH!!! She was right. First it just started throbbing, then it swelled up, then I pushed on it and puss excreted from it and now it's just rotting away the skin around my toe. It's so hideous. I apologize for the color-less toes but I can't paint the fungus toe and it would look ridiculous to have the others painted. This is TOTALLY one of my pet peeves, remember?! I think I'm being punished for speaking so badly about people with gross toes.

14. Okay so I have this absolutely FABULOUS jean collection. Seriously, not to brag but I LOVE my jeans. I have a couple 7 for all Mankind, a few Citizens of Humanity and then the ever fabulous and my MOST favorite Miss Me's that I have tons of. The only bad thing is...I can't freakin squeeze my fat rear into ANY of them right now. Every morning it's the same ritual. I get up, stare at my closet, and then try on one pair of my jeans hoping that I've slept off a significant amount of weight to allow myself to actually button them. I've actually gotten to the point in the past 3 days that I CAN buttom them but there's no way in freakin HECK that I would go out in public in them. One, because I have to practically become a contortionists with the amount of lunges and squats it takes to make them feel the slightest bit comfortable. And TWO, the muffin top is so bad right now I look like I should be on the cover of the freakin Betty Crocker crumbly crust muffin box. Last night I had the greatest dream ever. I dreamt that when I woke up and tried on my jeans, they fit PERFECTLY and I wore them all day, loving them and my sweet perky butt. It was so awesome. The dream has now become my favorite dream replacing the one I have about long lucious thick full and bouncy perfect hair like the movie stars.
I will admit. I've lost a good amount of weight since being here. I'm only 6lbs away from my "pre-pregnancy weight" but remember...I LIED about that number so even still I've got at LEAST 12 more pounds to go. I know I'll get there but I'm concerned about the flabby extra skin issue. I've been eyeing my "boob job" fund jar and thinking about pouring it into a NEW fund jar called the "tummy tuck". What did we women do to deserve this drama with our bodies? Was it really the stinkin forbidden fruit that caused all this punishment? I mean come on...I am SO freakin over that.
15. Lastly...(which I'm sure you're happy about because this is a long boring one I know) here's a video of the heathens feeding some massive geese next door to the Outback Steakhouse here. They have this great pond that is so fun but these geese are freakin psycho and they HISS at you to give them bread. It's kinda scary. Needless to say we did this ONCE and haven't been back.


Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!!! You are my entertainment! And we probably have more than 8 light sabers for ONE child---YEP--INSANE! Now I will have to have P count them for ya!

Jess said...

You crack me up! And I gotta stand up for my Texas so people don't think we're way behind the times! Girl....those iPod vending machines have been around for SEVERAL years! I think maybe you never went shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

Now you've got me I have a fungus growing too........................AHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHHHHHHHHHH

Valinda said...

I'm with you I've never seen an iPod vending machine, not even at The Fashion Show Mall or the places I've been on The Strip, maybe I need to shop more. :) I love your big ole lists that make me laugh especially when it's Karma come calling to your big toe. LOL

molly said...

thanks for the laugh. totally needed it right now. oh and i love my miss me jeans and my other favorite is MEK.

Marnie said...

Love your post. Totally agree about play dough and your "how to get a boy" talk with Kora!

Anonymous said...

Where do I even begin to comment on this crazy blog?! I know exactly what you mean about the play doh... HATE it! That and moon sand are forbidden in my home.... and, oh you will not freakin' believe this, but you did go to my old Dr! It drove me nuts that she called Em BOOH! ugh! Jacinta Topps is her name! She diagnosed Em with double ear infections and gave her an antibiotic and the next day we were in the ER. Turns out Em is allergic to the antibiotics (not the Docs fault) but she did NOT have an ear infection! Whatever, I changed Dr.s that day!!!
Oh, and I do not paint my toenails... not sure you wanna be my friend anymore. But I just don't do, and I HATE pedicures. They tickle! I am on edge the whole time I get one, because it is so uncomfortable. I guess I could paint my own, but nah, I don't..... look I just gave you a big boring blog to read... how's it feel, loser :-)

raschel said...

I have so much to comment on...this is probably going to be longest comment of all times.
1. I love it that you defined more of what the ghetto was. I was scared for your kids to go outside because I pictured the Dallas ghetto, exactly as you described. I love how puffy the girls hair is. And, how sweet that they just want to be near you and help you! Aww. The supplying food and drinks thing for the neighborhood is going to get quite expensive. But, I hear you about glad they are at your house and not someone elses.
2. I don't like Daisy either. But yay for your kids for not falling into her trap of hating mothers. I'm surprised her parents let her spend the night...isn't she a little old for co-ed sleepovers? Isn't that 5th or 6th grade? (maybe I'm wrong, I have her pictured as a 6th grader, which to me is middle school, which equals a big slut). But, maybe she's lying about her age too? Since lying seems to be an issue.
3. I never realized playdoh was such a hideous mess. YIKES. MAYBE i'll try it ONE time. We used to love making it as kids, my mom must have been crazy.
4. I love the conversation w/ Kora about boys.
5. How annoying about the pediatrician calling Isaak something NOT his name! I mean, ONE time, it might be ok, maybe even cute...but for EVERYTHING!?
6. I've never seen the expensive vending machines either, but what a great idea. Most people hate being bombarded by the people that sit at the little stands in the mall begging you to buy something. I'd LOVE to be able to walk up to the machine to see what they have and not be annoyed by a salesperson!
7. Are you sure it's not an in-grown toenail? They can get puffy and pussy and hurt like heck. It doesnt look fungus-y to me. It looks like they cut the right side at too much of an angle. After you get out of the bath tub (some say to soak the foot in epsom salt), and your skin is nice and pruney, get something long (like the scraper thing on the end of nail clippers) and run it under your nail to try to lift that far right side out. I've also heard...and this looks a little ugly...but it's only for a short time, if you cut a SMALL "v" in the middle of the toenail it will help it 'grow out'. Then, when it's out, you can file that "v" away. And, I think you have cute feet. They don't gross me out.
8. I am incredibley jealous about your jean collection. I did the exact same thing last night, but instead almost cried-looking at all the clothes in my closet I won't be wearing for a LONG time, if ever again. :( I'm all about the tummy tuck too. I just didn't mention that in my post. I'm hoping it'll just have to be the boobs but I'm not ruling anything out.
9. The geese-they scare me. I was traumatized as a young child by geese that RAN after you and basically tackled you to get your food. To this day, they scare me...but I'd probably try to kick them. I hate hissing geese. Did they ever get to your real food? They were awfully close in the video.

raschel said...

lol. holy cow that WAS long. Go ahead lindsay, make fun.

Laura said...

Could you please mail me that kid in the superman suit? So freakin cute. And at least your junk's in the trunk, where it's supposed to be, instead of the front. I've got jeans I'll never fit again. Until the day my mommy makeover jar is full. ALso, Kora could've used the how to get a man speech before she tried her way in the back yard with Nate and her swimsuit "malfunction". And I'm glad you showed that nasty toe--I go to the same place you did--but not anymore. and even teh ghetto macy's by us has the vending machines, you were just too distracted by all the six year olds riding in carseats.

Jess said...

Wow! That was a huge post. Okay--my first comment is about the doctor. Remember what I said about my doc calling me "sweetie"? Now my Mary Kay lady does and other random people as well. It drives me crazy. I understand your annoyance.

How funny about your fungus! You are being punished...

Why didn't you tell me about your fave jeans? I'm in need of a good pair, and I wish we could have gone shopping for some together!

Deanna said...

Are you spreading rumors about my 3rd boob and the fact that it produces milk? Thanks, "friend"! I shared that fact with you in private...geez! LOL

I too have seen the vending machines around here.

You crack me up!!

Lindsay said...

i love these... i especially like how Miah is wearing his batman costume. And that toe fungus is DISGUSTING. i think it IS punishment for being so mean to people with ugly feet. I'm NEVER getting a pedicure. EVER. I'd rather have ratty looking toes than a FUNGUS growing. I wanted to cry before i read your post and now i've spared my face the bad makeup messup. Thank you.

Lindsay said...

oh.. and your "ghetto" is just like mine... completely safe (i think... though the constant cop cars might suggest otherwise) but a good mix of people... mostly white trash but there are some sweet black, asian and mexican people there at least. :)

Lindsay said...

and yes raschel.. your comment was RIDICULOUSLY long... iare you in labor now? ha. :)